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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables course:

“it was easy to understand. ”

Jagruti Shah

“I just finished another great Excel course. Thank you Go Skills!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Very helpful. ”

Tanya Mekeal

“Absolutely loved the class. Extremely valuable and taught in bite size easy to follow lessons. These classes will help me take my pivot table skills to the next level. Great job! I can’t wait to start applying what I just learned and start my next class.”

Kip Kipila

“Met my expectations in terms of content, level of complexity and teaching approach (using real-life examples).”

Jean-Guy Zakrevsky

“This taught me many valuable pieces to creating and customizing pivot tables, and getting them ready for others to utilize.”

Debbie Kline

“Very helpful followed with tough questions to test you on skills delivered.”

Nitesh Gurnani

“Excellent, it is very useful! I'll put into practice all the knowledge that I've taken here.”

Jesus Flores

“This is an excellent course, very useful and very clear.”

Maria Smirnova

“Fantastic videos. Great length and commentary and explanations are outstanding.”

Peter Hunt

“I find the course very practical and useful to top up my skill sets for day-to-day business environment.”

Jing Zhao


Man Loong Chong

“Very good course and great trainer.”

Radu Meghes

“Love this course. It lays down all the basics I need to move on with this application. You can feel the dedication of instructor, Ken, through the way he taught which always never forget to mention about little details that matter. The quiz on each topic does really test understanding of each topic. I hope Ken will come up with more topics to cover on the advance level.”

Patinya Pinyoboon

“I found the Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja online course very helpful. I received a refresher on some aspects that I already knew and learned some great new things to take my data reporting to new depths. I really liked the fact that everything was online and I could go at my own pace. The instructor is informative and pleasant to listen to, while the lessons are broken down into quick lesson segments.”

Lisa Hoffer

“Really easy to use and and informative.”

Amy Beard

“I really enjoyed this class - love the instructor he is very good.”

Deborah Davey

“Love this instructor. Always provides clear, succinct videos. Very easy to follow. I've been using pivot tables for a few years, and I still learned new tricks from this course. I wish the instructor would have covered more information about pivot charts, so I'm hoping the Excel Dashboard course will do this. ”

Brittaney Benson-Townsend

“Very informative. I learned a lot about pivot tables that I had not previously.”

Steve Stegman

“Course was well laid out, easy to follow with excellent practical examples. I use the skills learnt every day and it has made my daily use of spreadsheets so much better.”

Erick van der Merwe