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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables course:

“Much more useful for dealing with and solving real problems than any other excel course I have taken.”


“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Excellent refresher of the Pivot Table feature within MS Excel. Thank you Ken Puls and GoSkills Team.”


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this great course, I feel much better approaching excel than ever before. In all the courses I've tried online this one is by far the absolute best!! ”

Moncef Slaoui Andaloussi

“Excellent course! It will help me with the new requirements of my job. Highly recommend it!”


“Great content. Pivot tables rule!! ”

Charles Uknes

“Wow! This was a great course. Appreciated the clear manor of each lesson. Very good way to gain exposure to pivot tables and how they work. Thank you!”

Pauline Copello

“Great course to learn everything of Pivot Tables ”

Pablo María Velasco Garrido-Lestache

“Very good Learning website,love this and the Course was very good”


“Great Course ”

Raymond L White Jr

“I learned so much about pivot tables. It was broken down into easy to learn modules.”

Pammy Ann Patton

“Excellent course. Course content is very thorough. I learned a lot.”


“Easy to understand with great user interface. The instructions are clear for users to follow.”

Mohd Shahril

“great course!”

Alister Yarde

“Very nice!”


“Great insight into a very valuable Excel skill! ”

Varun Perera

“it was easy to understand. ”

Jagruti Shah

“I just finished another great Excel course. Thank you Go Skills!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Very helpful. ”

Tanya Mekeal

“I have used the information I learned in this course multiple time. It was very helpful”