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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Publisher

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Publisher course:

“Very educational and informative. ”

Trina Carson

“I enjoyed the learning process and the ability to go at my own pace. ”

Chanda Wilkins

“Was very easy to navigate and explained well.”

Deborah Senft

“Great, great course.”

James Leary

“Very interesting. Highly recommended. ”

Koffi Nougloze

“Great ”

Coby M. Griffin

“Easy fun ”


“A good Course detailing different capabilities of the program!”

Jonathan Coupe

“Awesome course, and well explained. The instructor was very professional and thorough, not only in this Publisher 2019/365 course, but she also was just as good in the Microsoft Word 2019 course. Excellent.”

Ricardo Ted Waterman

“Very helpful course. I learned even more by taking the exam.”

Donna Jean Reinsel


Anonymous user