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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Project Fundamentals

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Project Fundamentals course:

“Short videos are very informative and easy to follow.”

Davone Banky

“- Study at my own pace - Very clear instructions, easy to understand - Notes available for download - Not boring at all :) Thank you very much, I highly recommend this course to anyone.”

WU, Kin Ling (Amy)

“Great content, examples are efficient and easy to understand. ”

Martina Manfrin

“I've taken Project training before, but this was by far the clearest, most practical course I've taken. Thank you so much!”


“Good Training. ”


“Great course. The instructor was very clear.”

Camille A Jones

“Easy to follow along and I'm much more confident in my ability to use MS Project.”

Jeffrey S Price

“I really enjoyed this course and found the information very helpful.”

Tyler Banschbach

“Easy to follow very informative ”


“This was a great introductory, and probably refresher course to Microsoft Project. I feel very confident in being able to use MP after taking this course.”

Charles A. Strawberry, Jr.

“Lots of great tips and tricks to make using Microsoft Project more efficient.”


“Really good course. Gave me the basics that I needed to start using Microsoft project. ”

Patrick Peja

“An excellent knowledge resource for those starting out with MS Project.”