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GoSkills reviews – Photoshop for Beginners

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Photoshop for Beginners course:

“Awesome course and I will tell anyone I can about it”

Robert A. Spencer Jr

“Very interesting, and so helpfull! Will recommend it to anyone!!!”

Este Pieters Photography

“Great course, would suggest this to others!!”

Lida Badenhorst

“great course”

gayle murphy



“The Photoshop Beginners program provides an insightful introduction to the realm of imaging and design principles. The explanatory tutorials and practical application instructions for layering, masking, filtering, colouring and text graphics are key fundamentals and create a vibrant syllabus for learners. Thank you also, for the compact and concise program style.”

Fleur Pepper, Office Assistant

“I have just completed the 'Photoshop for Beginners' course. Having not used Photoshop before, I was expecting it to be a daunting task, but was really surprised by how easy it was to follow the video tutorials and the other course content. Now I feel quite comfortable using Photoshop and can't wait to complete the advanced course. Thank you very much GoSkills Team!”

Jason Potts