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“The GoSkills Microsoft Advanced Word program certainly increased my confidence in document management. I now think of mail merge as a process of logic. My ability to include Table of Contents and referencing has benefitted greatly, also. The opportunity to create and Index another valuable tool. The Styles feature also thoroughly highlighted for streamlined formatting options. I recommend the program as a refreshing insight into the topics of advanced document presentation.”

Fleur Pepper

“Love Andy, she's always concise and clear!”

Lydia Rozenberg

“Very informative! I am excited to use these skills both in the workplace and in my home office. Andy makes the steps clear and easy to follow.”

Chantel Forsberg

“I have learned so much from this course. I would advise everyone to take it, even if they think they know it all. What a great teaching tool! I was able to refresh skills I needed to be reminded of.”

Eileen Alek

“Very useful.”

Patricia Motta

“It was very good. I enjoyed it very much and I gained extreme knowledge of advanced Word. I am glad I learnt this course. It will help me in my university assignments.”

Sivasharmini Jayatheesan

“I enjoyed the course, found it to be clear and well presented. Andy is a good teacher, thank you to her.”

Alexia Lawson

“I enjoyed this Advanced course very much. I didn't realize there was so much on Word that I wasn't using. Andy is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. ”

Barbara Kerns

“Absolutely loved Andy and how clear and interactive she was. I have learned so much through this short course. ”

Shanon Ramdaw

“Goskills presents a professional and detailed way of learning. 😀”

Lisa Clark

“Excellent course and excellent instructor!”


“Well done and easy to follow.”

M Opper

“Extremely helpful and easy to understand.”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Very useful and helpful!”

Juan Pablo Cortes Campos

“I enjoy the teaching style Andy presents the class. She is very thorough and goes through the steps to help you have a clear and concise understanding.”

LaRanne English-Lawrence

“Very very detailed and learned new ways to make the job easy.”

Alvaro Ibarra

“I find the courses all very informative and helpful. They're all well setup and explained.”

Terence V. Davis

“Pretty humorous. Made the review of the course fun.”

Angela Buckman

“Easy to follow and very detailed.”

Dana Donaldson

“This was hard and challenging but the information was great, I was able to follow along and do the exercises. At the end I learned a lot and I am glad to pass it and take it! On to the next!”

Perianna Brown

“Great class and very informative! ”

Melissa Zuniga

“I really enjoyed these classes. And I learned a lot!”

Linda A. Branch

“I love learning new functions in Word and this course made this possible. thank you!”

Katia Tonnini

“I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher's voice while learning new skills. Thanks GoSkills!”


“Very helpful and easy to understand!”

Michele Hart

“I loved it ”

Sharon Sussman

“Lots of things, handy tips.”

Karen Peiffer

“I learned many items I never knew existed. It was very informative. I really like the teacher - very calm voice”

Cheryl Young

“I wish I had taken it in my university years! It is really useful!”

Anonymous user

“Fantastic. Great refresher. ”

Shannon L Nolan

“Great content. Course was informative and easy to comprehend.”

Donna Macintyre

“I enjoyed the Advanced Word course so much that I wish there was even more to learn. Andy made it enjoyable to follow along. ”

Kimberly Purcell