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“I took a Word class in college.... in 1992. So much has changed. This course was an excellent way to bring me up to the newest features and how to effectively use them. For the past 25 years, my skills were limited to bold, italics, underline and print. So glad to have taken this course!”

James Leary

“I have been using Word for years, but I learned more in the few hours of taking this course than I did in all the years of actual usage. Excellent course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone using Word, either occasionally or constantly. ”

Terry Horne

“An awesome instructor, wonderful course. Brief, concise and to the point makes for an easy learning process. Thank you for developing your wonderful courses.”

Lydia Rozenberg

“I enjoyed it. I especially like the mini lessons so you don't get overwhelmed with any one concept.”


“Excellent course!!! Makes drafting of tedious documents much easier.”

Haseenah Pansary

“I found the course very informative and helpful! There were many tips that I never knew or used that would have saved me lots of time and frustration!!!”

Cathy Huebner

“I have worked with Microsoft Word for many many years and I really found a lot of little tips that in the long run will help me be more efficient. I also must say because each class was broken into videos no longer than 5 minutes it helped my attention span. I recommend it.”

Blasovia Monique Erinna

“Great way to learn this subject or just for a refresher. ”


“Very informative, thank you.”

Christina McCall

“Excellent course, very easy to understand and love the fact you can download everything, I have printed off most of the course and have put it in a file so its great to go back to if there is something I am doing and need to check to make sure I have it right.”

Raewyn McKenzie

“Very good course teaches you the basics of using Word and a refresher as I am very familiar with MS Word but found some useful tips. Definitely a course you want to get your hands on can't wait for the advance stuff.”

Akil Brown

“This was a great basic class. I thought I was pretty experienced but about 1/2 of the content I didn't know. It was also a good reminder of all that Word offers. The tutorial videos were very easy to follow and very well taught. The speaker did an excellent job of keeping it simple and not over teaching or under explaining. Highly recommend if you have never used Word or need a good refresher for 2013 Word and beyond. ”

Stephanie Wright

“An amazingly well made course with such useful information and efficient techniques even for people who have been using Microsoft Word for years.”

Holly Hanson

“Very informative. It's a great refresher for the new version.”

Barbara Kerns

“It was very informative and helped me a lot. Thank you”

Bronwynne Thomson

“Another excellently-paced course that explains concepts in a clear manner.”

Tracie L. Brown

“Brilliant, thank you. Learnt heaps.”

Lynda Hare

“I just finished the Microsoft Word Basic course and I learned a ton! Most of the material I learned I did not know about and it was easy to focus and navigate through the course. I really learned a lot from this course and have already started to use the things I have learned!”

Jazmine Bennett

“I found this course very useful. The instructor was positive and made the tutorials go by faster.”

Kari Stephanishin

“Very helpful and great instructor!”

Rachel Lynch

“I love how it's broken down in bite size lessons with a small quiz at the end. I like having the option to play it again.”

Edie Phillips

“Excellent instructor. Coursework was very detailed and intuitive. Glad I made the decision to take this course. I am now more confident in my abilities in the workplace.”

Andrew Nandlal

“Thank you for a professional and detailed course. 😀”

Lisa Clark

“A very well put together course to introduce me (or anyone) to MS Word.”

Thomas Bates

“The teacher for this course was very clear and easy to understand. The extra work materials were very helpful as well. I'm already editing a small book. Thank you”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Good instructions and tips. The instructor seems very knowledgeable in the subject and she does a good job of breaking the features down.”

Sandra Krtek

“Loved the short and to the point lessons. Loved the question choices, made me laugh. Great course, I would recommend it. Thanks!”

H Arnold

“Very informative. I learned about Word and how to use the program with all the great tools. ”

Nicky Lutsky

“Fantastic, helped me polish up my skills!”

C. Terry

“Excellent course; very detailed and easy to understand. I like that it is broken up into small modules that only takes about 5 minutes per module.”


“Very understanding and easy tutorials.”

Alvaro Ibarra

“This course is fast and easy to work with. awesome as a quick refresher!!!”

“I really enjoyed the lessons in this course. I learned lots of new information and new little tricks to use. It was very informative. ”

Paula Smith

“A few minutes spent on many of the buttons on the ribbon is a good way to learn. The teacher was precise and easy to understand. I enjoyed learning!”

Carolyn H

“I enjoyed the format and ease of use of the course material. The videos were short and sweet and very straight forward. As I am a beginner it helped me quite a bit.”

Mary Pressman

“This was very helpful. Great instructor!”

Leslie Uelmen

“Excellent! The teacher does a wonderful job explaining and the end quiz at each video is helpful. ”

Anonymous user

“Very clear instruction! So many new tricks to use to improve performance and perform these tasks much more quickly! ”

Anonymous user

“Even though I have some knowledge of Microsoft Word, this course taught some shortcuts and tips I never knew existed. Very helpful and informative.”

Christy Melton

“Very easy to follow along, and the instructor's voice was engaging enough for me to listen to for numerous hours without becoming bored. I like that there were downloadable pages for each lesson as well. Would definitely recommend.”

Melissa Sandoval-Olivares

“This course was laid out in a simple and easy to learn method.”

Mark Samolis

“Honestly, I was surprised at how much I learned. I've been using Microsoft Word since high school, yet there were still a lot of useful, and time saving features I was unaware of. I'm actually quite astonished at how much I've learned.”

Andrew Smeja

“It was very informative and easy to understand. I appreciate being able to see everything step by step and having the option to try it using the exercise document. ”

Anonymous user

“This was a fantastic course and really well explained!”

Perianna Brown

“Great course”

Elizabeth Klinke

“Great and fun course”

Anonymous user

“I liked the course very much! It was easy to follow!”


“Great Word refresher.”

Bob King

“I love the short videos, they help with memory and practice is easier with less to remember.”


“Useful Online Course for Improving Knowledge.”


“Excellent course for learning MS Word 2016, with videos, and practice files. The user interface is very well designed for easy learning, and motivation in finishing this course. Just when you think that you have mastered MS Word, you will soon find out how much more that can be learned from this GoSkills version of MS Word Basic. I am more than half way finished with the Expert course, and I can't wait to start, and finish all the Microsoft Courses because they are simplified by GoSkills. The courses are created and made for easy learning, finishing, and completing. ”

Ricardo Ted Waterman

“i gained a lot knowledge doing this course. Very informative!”


“This course is an outstanding way of learning Word. I have already recommended it to others.”

Anonymous user

“I found this course easy to follow, even though I've used Microsoft Word for years, this gave me a good brush up on my skills and I learned a lot of new tricks!”


“Great introductory course. Excellent teacher! She's a pro!”


“I have never been given the opportunity to really learn all of the tips and tricks behind Microsoft word. However, being a writer and performer i think is very valuable to learn how to navigate the system. So thank you guys for creating this platform it was quick and easy.”


“This course was a really great breakdown and walkthrough of Microsoft word and has broadened my knowledge on this particular application”


“Excellent teacher, learnt something new in every lesson, although I have been using Word already for many years. Looking forward to the advanced course now.”

Susanne Zedler

“Great videos to improve my understanding of Microsoft Word!”

Anonymous user

“Great Teacher!”

Ashley Tipton

“Great instructor. I appreciated that I could listen, watch and then read to teach myself and brush up on my skills.”


“Absolutely helpful to me in the format the course was presented and taught - highly recommended!”


“Excellent, the short tutorials made learning so much easier. The mini-quizzes throughout helped me remember most of the information for the final exam. Loved that I could access GoSkills "on the go!"”


“Super easy to use and straight to the point. ”

Anonymous user

“Easy to follow, understandable explanations. Highly recommended!”


“My first time using GoSkills and found it really good. Can do at your own pace.”

Anonymous user

“I learned a lot. Love it!!!”


“Amazing how much you can learn in these quick, 3-5 minute courses. Thank you so much!”


“Enjoyable course and the instructor was very helpful. ”

Trevor Holmes

“Great course. I am going to continue to up skill ”

Julie Anne Bishop

“I have used Word since MS first released it many years ago. Taking this course, I learned many new tricks to navigating through Word.”

Amy Weber

“Outstanding, educational, and awesome course! Thank you!”

Martha C Ramirez

“Great course with a very upbeat and positive instructor!”

Kylie Nelson

“I can't say enough good things about the instructor. Every course I have taken from her is exceptional.”

Jeffrey M Cusick

“I have learned new features for Microsoft Word.”

Koffi Nougloze

“Very insightful!”

Megan McKinney

“This was a wonderful refresher course for this. A great lead into the advanced class that follows. This had great information and was extremely easy to follow. ”

Shannon L Nolan

“Loved this training!!”


“This was great, I feel it hit on every option Word had to offer.”

Katelynn Thomas

“These courses are the best. The best instructors and very informative.”

Elaine Carla Cook

“Fantastic lessons and certificates for all the hard work after.”

Paul Zakrjevsky

“Teaching was clear. Instructor was cheerful and precise. Added plenty of detail to lessons but did not ramble.”

Jessica Berry

“Love Andy and the way she teaches. Her voice is calm and she does insert some humor from time to time. ”

Karen J. Woodall

“Very informational and easy to follow!”

Erik Thoren

“I enjoyed both basic and advanced courses. I use Microsoft Word everyday and was surprised at how many features I did not use or could use to make my tasks easier. ”

Dale Scantlebury

“I have really enjoyed this course. The lady giving the instructions through each part of the course delivers the training with a lovely manner making the learning a lot of good fun. I had no idea Word processing could be so creative.”

Rowena Gay

“I enjoyed learning.”

Brenda Budai

“Easy to follow, I learned a lot more than I ever thought possible. Great refresher for everyone. ”

Patricia Wolf

“Very engaging and easy to follow the instructor”

Bill Rodgers

“The short lesson format and exercise and quiz following directly after really helped me retain the information. This has given me a refresher and deeper understanding of what I can do with Basic. I am looking forward to the advanced lessons now.”

Chris Forster

“Great instructor! Thank you.”


“I really like this style of course training. Very easy.”

Anna Cardenas

“Awesome training. Nice and easy. ”

Orlando Luis Negron Arroyo

“Very informative educational content for the beginner. Thank-you ”

Atuhaire Eric Jonadab

“ It was extremely fun. For a budding writer, it was also very helpful. Thanks!!!”


“This was a great refresher for me! The pace of the course was exactly right! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia