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“This course was invaluable. There was so much GOOD information. I wish I had taken this sooner!”

James Leary


Chad C. Treadaway

“This course helped me reach a deeper understanding of what is required to become a leader, to successfully communicate and how to act in a conflict. Overall, I found it very interesting and helpful.”

Anonymous user

“Great work!”

Althea Baptiste

“I like the short lessons and quiz at the end of each one. The concepts are explained well and easy to remember. ”

Anonymous user

“Well structured. Lessons build on those preceeding them.”

Ira Schwartz

“Great overview into leadership.”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Great course for applying leadership skills as part of LSS Black Belt course!”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Great course! Nice voice from the lecturer. Significant material. Thanks.”