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GoSkills reviews – Team Leadership

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Team Leadership course:

“Very informative and well laid out. ”


“Great information given and received.”

Jerome George

“Very good and interesting course.”

Esemoto Raphael Ndoh

“wonderful experience”

Travis Bishop

“informative ”

Lauren King

“course was great and the presenter had my attention with all the ggod ideas.”

GAIL Denise Thomas

“I enjoyed this course and I think this is going to help me be a better Manager/Leader”

Joshua Collier

“Very practical information!”

Gisellyn Simon

“love it”

Rosa Madrid

“Excellent course”

David Sealey

“This course sets the ground work for those who want to understand how the role of a leader helps to build a great team and support great work ethic.”

Stacy Lezama

“Great help!”


“Very informative and well laid out. ”


“well-thought, concise and practical at the same time!”

Daniel-Marian Vilceanu

“Love this course! ”

Ashley Tipton

“i found this course very informative and educational. The areas discussed were very enlightening, and i have gained a lot of knowledge. ”


“great content ”

Locky Smith

“Always great instruction from Ray!”

Edubijen V Garcia III

“Great overview into leadership.”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Great course”