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“This course was invaluable. There was so much GOOD information. I wish I had taken this sooner!”

James Leary

“Great overview into leadership.”

Jen Hribar-Wala


Chad C. Treadaway

“I like the short lessons and quiz at the end of each one. The concepts are explained well and easy to remember. ”

Anonymous user

“This course helped me reach a deeper understanding of what is required to become a leader, to successfully communicate and how to act in a conflict. Overall, I found it very interesting and helpful.”

Anonymous user

“Great work!”

Althea Baptiste

“i found this course very informative and educational. The areas discussed were very enlightening, and i have gained a lot of knowledge. ”


“Well structured. Lessons build on those preceeding them.”

Ira Schwartz

“Great course for applying leadership skills as part of LSS Black Belt course!”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“This course sets the ground work for those who want to understand how the role of a leader helps to build a great team and support great work ethic.”

Stacy Lezama

“Great course! Nice voice from the lecturer. Significant material. Thanks.”


“Very helpful. I've noticed some of the issues he brought up in my own teams. This helps me to focus on ways to improve team performance.”

Jeremy Hicks

“I enjoyed the additional leadership perspectives that were shared in this course. It gave me a lot to consider in my future opportunities. Thank you GoSkills Team! ”

Michael Harrison

“Very comprehensive and concise. ”


“Excellent content and well presented. Easy to understand and follow along. ”

Donna Macintyre

“this class was great, I highly recommend. ”

Bilinda Chamberlain

“The Team Leadership training was very relevant to my position primarily as a Functional Team Member, occasional Leader. It helped identify best practices, common mistakes, and solutions to any team operation. I walked away with a clearer understanding of how my team operates well and areas for improvement. The section relating to Resolving Team Problems and the subsequent modules addressing symptoms of poorly functioning teams really brought clarity to how to identify and address team dysfunction.”

Brian Uhr

“Very Good and Useful.”

Binesh Ross Samuel Raj

“Very enlightening content. Would definitely refer back often”


“VERY INFORMATIVE - Great Presentation”


“I really learnt quite a lot which is definitely going to help me be a better leader and also make better decisions as a Team Leader. Team Leaders play a vital role and the many tools provided will help me fulfill those roles as needed.”

Carmileta Joseph-Ferrette

“Excellent course! Well written and covers all leadership skills needed to excel.”

Jack Chapple

“Great course and always love Ray's lectures”

James Dyke

“This course is packed with useful information! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia