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GoSkills reviews – Team Leadership

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Team Leadership course:


Shervon Jn Baptiste

“This information is very useful, especially for me when I need to improve my leadership skills.”

Kacey Crum

“A course with a large dose of detailed information along with a set of solutions and methods to improve team work.”

Tomasz Fir

“Fantastic and took away so much from this. Very well done ”

Justin Haynes


Audrey Griffin

“Well explained courses, transcript if you miss something, quizes and probing tests after each lesson and a resume of the lessons as well. What else can be required? Fantastic job!”

Valeri Evgeniev Davidkov

“Good information and a good refresher. Can always pick up new information.”

Paul Teigeler

“What a powerful course”

Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Great information especially for those who are new to leadership positions. Helpful organization tips for teams and projects. ”

Hannah Brock

“This course is packed with useful information! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Nice videos ”

Atul Kuamr Rajput

“Very useful for leadership skills”

Sukumar K

“great ”

Manmohan Pillai


Ramesh Chilaka

“most important”


“informative one”

Nithin Joseph

“Great concepts and guidelines to fulfill team leadership. Thanks!”

Linda Zimmerman

“Very informative”

Patrick Glenney

“I enjoyed the additional leadership perspectives that were shared in this course. It gave me a lot to consider in my future opportunities. Thank you GoSkills Team! ”

Michael Harrison

“good instructor”

Michael Lanehart