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GoSkills reviews – Time Management & Productivity

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Time Management & Productivity course:

“Excellent course!”

Rekeisha George

“Another great and informative course from GoSkills”

Christian Sampson

“Very helpful. Looking forward to making some changes.”

Jennell Schroeder

“Great course on Time Management. Application of knowledge ought to be interesting. ”

Nan Je Ye

“This course was awesome, it put setting goals in perspective for me. ”

Daniel Trams

“Awesome course!”

Svitlana Vazhenina

“Enjoyable and Informative !!”

Ansen Moore

“Very inspiring and could be used on all levels of life. ”

Vincent Charles

“Great Course. Very insightful.”

Lelia James-Henry

“It was very insightful”

Julitta Sharon James-Stephen

“It was informative, helpful and entertaining at the same time. It provided lots of tips on how to improve time management and productivity, and achieve adequate work-life balance.”

Edgar Miguel Carías Santamaría

“Great material and easy to understand.”

Debbie Kay Smartt

“Nice tips Communication advises are really useful in workplace I like to try them”


“Really useful content.”

Wilson Salvi

“Very interesting course. I liked the fact this was also oriented towards personal and work life.”

Jean-François Bégin

“quick easy and effective course”

Laura Adams

“Needed course for all ”

Justin Haynes

“This course was very insightful and I look forward to applying what I learned in this course into my work-life balance habits.”

Joshua Joy

“An excellent course on time management and productivity.”


“Some of the techniques in this video I intend to use in my work life. This course has revitalized my need to learn more!”

Aure Harrow