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GoSkills reviews – Time Management & Productivity

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Time Management & Productivity course:

“Great well laid out course. Contains very helpful knowledge that is practical in the job place ”

Trent Bates

“I definitely learned some new techniques that I will incorporate into my day to day routine.”

Regina Wortham

“I enjoyed this course”

Aiste Glinskaite

“Clear and concise. Great strategies to implement. ”

Mildred LoBuglio

“Gr8 course”

Anju Dewat

“It was very clear and easy to apply day by day.”




“I've learnt a lot of strategies to use at work to better manage my time and improve on my productivity ”

Gendaline Obi Agbor

“Thanks bud!”


“This time management course is an excellent source of tips for anyone who struggles with prioritizing tasks and find themselves getting overwhelmed with their work-load!”

Sam Stein

“Very interesting course. I liked the fact this was also oriented towards personal and work life.”

Jean-François Bégin

“quick easy and effective course”

Laura Adams

“Needed course for all ”

Justin Haynes

“This course was very insightful and I look forward to applying what I learned in this course into my work-life balance habits.”

Joshua Joy

“An excellent course on time management and productivity.”


“Some of the techniques in this video I intend to use in my work life. This course has revitalized my need to learn more!”

Aure Harrow

“Very helpful. Looking forward to making some changes.”

Jennell Schroeder

“The time management course was a quick and easy way to improve my time management skills.”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“This is a great course - it is concise and informative. It is also great that it brought out how to say no... ”


“Very knowledgeable course, gave me a few tips to use that I didn’t previously know about! I’m excited to start implementing these time management skills in my daily life! ”

Crystal Renae Golladay