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GoSkills reviews – Remote Work Communication Skills

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Remote Work Communication Skills course:

“I am grateful.”

SPC Ernest Kofi Antwi Jr., B.S.

“Loved this course”


“Clear and helpful. Well-presented themes. ”

Jennifer Hall

“I really enjoyed this course. ”

Juliette Rochelle Halse

“Lot's of great reminders and refreshers now that we are in a virtual work world.”


“This course was very informative for me. It gave me some necessary tools regarding the Customer Service industry. I have already begun utilizing them, I would love to do another course.”

Lorraine Spencer

“An excellent course to help with remote communication skills..”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“This course offered a lot of common sense and best practices. I appreciate the instructor's candor and clarity. This is a great course for anyone planning to perform any form of remote work.”

David M. Harper

“Great course!”

Anita Rickwood

“Great information! With so many employees working remote the advice is spot on.”

Dorothy Deveraux