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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 365 - Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 365 - Advanced course:

“It is really helpful and easy to understand.”

lidia peinado- Navarro

“Extremely helpful!”

Rekeisha George

“This course was very educational and easy to follow. I've learned a lot more about Microsoft Excel and plan to put my knowledge into practice.”

Leana Singh

“Awesome Course on Microsoft Excel. Short clips, easy to digest. Recommended for everyone.”

Kazi Abed Al Muktadir

“loved the course. very useful information and good presentation”


“Learned a lot that I hope I can use to create better documents in the future.”

May Hall

“I learned a lot I didn't know. Well done course.”

Jolee Faison

“Course with excellent teaching that covers topics ranging from simple tools, formatting, dynamic tables, formulas, macros, graphics, security, among others.”

Francisco Ferreira da Silva Junior

“really enjoyed the course. ”

Craig Rushton

“nice content and easy explanation of advance concepts”


“Ken explains the techniques and tricks in a very clear and concise manner. ”

Jeremy Wakeford

“Great material and teacher.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Very well explained!”

Adriana Correa

“Great and worth it”


“Easy to follow and complete - thank you!”

Laura Evans

“Covers a great range of advanced Excel features and presented in easily digestible classes.”

Sarah A. Smith

“Well organized and easy to follow”

Dorothy Lilley

“Great course”

Christy Drawn

“Very detailed and interesting, would highly recommend”

Jessen Nullathemby


Manmohan Pillai