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“My new knowledge of key components including Pivot Tables and Charting ensure added confidence for resume and professional development. The lessons covering Outlining, Lookup Methods, Macros, Name Ranges along with the skills of custom number formats, also enable highly valuable skills. Thanks GoSkills for another excellent educational program. ”

Fleur Pepper

“Really enjoyed it, I've been using Excel at work for years without problems, but still learned so much! Thank you.”

Dawn Murphy

“I absolutely love the video speed up options. 1.5X normal speed is perfect for new learning, and 2.0 is a great speed for reviewing the material. Thank you for making these courses so user friendly!”

Justin Larkins

“A great course for the people who want to excel in their business. Its not complicated. you have to be self driven to succeed in it like everything else in life. ”

Sami Al Kouatlli

“Excellent course - really well presented and informative. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their intermediate Excel skills.”

Bridget Goddard-Birkett

“Great course. Some really good hints and tips, and really clear rationale for best solution when there is potentially more than one available.”

Dave Mitchell

“I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to my friends.”

Shawn Visser

“I have been using excel for years but this course offers so many new tricks and techniques to do my job a lot better and easier. ”

Rafael Borges

“Even though I believe my Excel skill level is advanced, this course proved to me that there is always something to learn. I can't wait for new excel courses that take things further to expert level. I love the user interface and the graphics because they are engaging, that's Goskills advantage over regular online courses.”

Charbel Ghossan

“Very helpful to summarise all of the Excel fundamentals.”

Harry Ramsay

“Great course, I learned a lot.”

Adam Sommer

“Very detailed and interesting, would highly recommend”

Jessen Nullathemby

“Great course. The lessons being showed in this course give you a good look at some advanced features in Excel. Of course, for experienced users, there are some nice tips that could make you say "ah ha."”

Thái An Lê

“Feel like this gives me a good base to go on and take a college course if I want to become more specialized. Very comprehensive for such a short course. Great instructor. ”

Sarah Levis

“A quick and effective way to learn things that will be useful on a daily basis.”

Anna-marie Van Staden

“Course was excellent being to the point, well presented and having had the knowledge tested consistently throughout the lessons I feel that I have retained a lot of information. I love Excel and am proficient in it already but managed to pick up some new tips and tricks.”

Jonathan Aspeling

“I found this course very useful when working in Excel. I used the topic headings when I wanted to try something new that looked as though it might be useful for what I was working on. The duration of each topic (around five minutes) also made it easy to learn a new skill when I had a few spare minutes. I did find though that I would do a few at a time to keep my progress moving along! Really useful feature is the certification that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.”

Theresa Forbes

“Really nice course. I have been working with Excel for over 8 years and I still learned quite a few tricks.”

Radu Meghes

“Awesome course and easy to understand!”

Liandran Moodley

“Well organized and easy to follow”

Dorothy Lilley

“This was an interesting course and really helped me a lot. I am now able to use my excel more efficiently and gather data quicker and more accurately. This will come highly recommended. ”

Badrah Hendricks

“I loved the option to read along with the video, download a lesson and then take a quiz to ensure that the main idea was communicated in a variety of ways.”

Karen Schultz

“Outstanding amount of info plus great way of giving presentation.”

Falah Fatah

“Loved the course. Very interactive and follows one lesson on the next well. Easy to understand. I enjoyed the Quiz part and the fact that I could revisit the training videos.”

Dean van Jaarsveld

“I found the Advanced Excel course to be insightful. Best of all, it was easy to pace myself.”


“The training was very organized and the videos were amazingly helpful. I really appreciate this course, I have learned a lot. Thank you.”

Farah Bouyacoub

“This course was highly informative, did a good job of introducing features and capabilities and the narrator was exceptionally easy to hear.”

Janet Edwards

“Easy to follow and complete - thank you!”

Laura Evans

“Good information, makes me want to play with it on my job spreadsheets.”

Jeffrey K. Burton, MD

“It has taken my understanding of Excel to a whole new level and i am now less intimidated and can now move and manipulate my worksheets with ease...”

Colonel Andrew Nage Magoro

“Despite being a regular user of Excel, there are still new things to learn through the lessons such as short cut keys and other functions which I was barely in touch with. Very useful course and highly recommended at an affordable price.”

MingYang Wang

“It is really helpful and easy to understand.”

lidia peinado- Navarro

“This was a great course and I really enjoyed learning the tricks for page layout.”

Cindy Holt

“Really enjoyable. I took the Beginner and Intermediate Excel course with a different company and although they had some merits, the Advanced course with Goskills was far superior. I especially appreciated the ability to take notes within each module as the video was playing. I have already signed up to do the Word course and I am really looking forward to it. I have already been able to provide my Manager with Excel reports that I couldn't hoped to have created before taking the course. I am really glad I took the time to sign up and improve my skills.”

Paul Hunter

“Narrator/teacher is excellent, easy to understand.”

Louis Richards

“I've already identified spreadsheets I use on a regular basis that I can implement some of the items I've learned in this tutorial. Presentation was very good (screen shots and audio).”

Cindy McNally

“I just love these courses! I really wish I would have taken these courses years ago. I would be so much further along in my career. The classes are so well laid out that I'm able to learn at a rapid pace with a full understanding of the subject area. Cant say enough good things about the courses.”

Erika Lovelady

“Excellent. Very detailed.”

David Dunsmuir

“This course was very helpful and I learned a lot of new things to help with my daily workload.”

Kenya Augustine

“Concepts have been explained with a lot of clarity. Instructions are crisp and to the point. ”

Tosh Kothari

“Lovely and very interesting to watch in short videos.”

nitesh gurnani

“Lots of very good information presented in small chunks to make it easy to understand and complete over time.”

Carrie Marvin

“Thought the course was great. Short, concise tutorials. Keeps you engaged and interested. ”


“Very clear and easy to follow. I feel like I came away with many tips and tricks I can immediately put to use, as well as keep in mind for future applications.”

Emily Dreibelbis

“Great course! I am learning so much, well worth the money. ”

Sam Borrow

“The course had downloadable files to practice, notes and concise, easy to follow videos for each lesson. Highly recommended. ”

Melody Lau


Alvaro Ibarra

“I love Go Skills!!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Very helpful! I'm happy I decided to do this.”

Anonymous user

“Very helpful information that I wasn't aware of before! Thank you so much.”

Taylor Cooke

“Excellent course, it explored the most important features of Excel. The instructor also provided some personal recommendations, which added a value to the course.”

Juan Gabriel

“There are a lot of helpful features that are useful that are not in the basic course. I would highly recommend taking the advanced course if you have taken the beginner course, and have a good understanding of the basics.”

Andrew Smeja


Sabrina Marie Gubik

“This course is very helpful and productive , It will be very helpful for me to apply these methods. ”

Sameer Singh

“I love how the curriculum in this course was broken down and easy to take in.”

Stefania Hughes

“Amazing course”

Rafael Costa Gurgel

“Simple explanation which the student needs. Thank you!”

Anonymous user

“I found this course to be easy to follow and very informative and have gained many skills I can utilize in the future.”

Steve Amato

“This was an awesome course just as the basic. I feel empowered in my position as cost analyst.”

Craig T Larkins

“Very helpful. ”

Anonymous user

“Simply AMAZING ”


“Great course, user-friendly and very practical!”


“The information was useful and easy to follow. Being able to complete the lessons at my own pace was very convenient.”

Chris Sibert

“I have been able to pick up several tricks to help me as well as a better understanding of some formulas and will continue to take courses. Thank you”

Anonymous user

“I Love this .”

Melissa Bivins

“Great courses with easy to follow information and great interactive worksheets”

Julie Cannon

“Instructor was thorough and easy to follow. ”

Jessica Martinez

“The class was very informative and interactive. I have a wonderful array of Excel knowledge now. I would recommend anyone to learn with Goskills. ”

Samuel Bowerman

“Love the lesson and learned a lot”



Ruzanna Elchyan

“Very well laid out and great visuals and explanations!”

Lindsay McGarvey

“Course was straightforward, easy to navigate, and follow.”

Daniel Bolwyn

“I really enjoyed the course. Congratulations on your wonderfull platfrom !!!! ”

juan garcia

“This Advance Excel Course has exceeded my Expectation. Highly Recommended. ”

Muhammad Arslan Riaz

“Wow! Learned a lot in this course. I thought I was beyond Advanced, boy was I wrong. Great training and a lot of information.”

Jennifer Nicole Jensen

“This course was concise yet detailed and very engaging; I learned a lot! I really liked the modules about Dynamic Arrays, Data Validation, and XLOOKUP functions. I've already started implementing some of the learnings into my spreadsheets for work. Can't wait to take more courses with GoSkills. “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” - Socrates”

Trevon Harris

“Amazing program!!”

Indira Tricia Seow

“I am very appreciative and satisfied with the opportunity to train via the GoSkills platform. I've been using Excel for years and considered myself an average skilled user but these courses revealed a lot of new & useful features in the Excel program. GoSkills is as they state "an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals.," and Caribbean Airlines Limited has made this accessible to over two hundred employees, which is commendable, and I think the few selected should take full advantage of the opportunity provided. I must admit having a busy day to day schedule, it can be challenging to approach the courses but once you get into it GoSkills makes up for that. It is broken up into concise modules that is on average 5 mins per module, which is extremely easy to learn and follow without overburdening me." ”

Surendra Udairam

“This course really was inspirational-- while i thought I was versed in excel, this opened my eyes to new possibilities. I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you :)”

Beckie Felicien