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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic course:

“Really provides a lot of explanation and examples on the tools and even gives the option to follow along with the examples! Even provides really good questions that are reflected on the exam!!”

Zoe Anne Indigo

“Very nice. Enjoy doing this on my own pace!”


“Such a wonderful experience thank you”

Mauricio Huebner-Mendoza

“I learned a lot of new formulas in Microsoft Excel. ”

Marqueda Greene

“i enjoyed this course thanks ”

Silvia Blue

“I learned a lot of new things even though I thought I already knew the basics.”

Miguel Jose Torres Barrios

“This course is good for anyone trying to brush up or learn new skills for Excel.”

Adriana Irizarry

“This course was excellent and helpful. Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn some computer skills. ”

Gul Hussain Ahmadi

“I found this course extremely helpful.”


“Very helpful and easy to follow”


“Great info with tools you can use with nearly any excel sheet you put together whether its for personal or business purposes. ”

Adolpho Toddy Barrera

“Very Helpful”

Jason Sutton

“i knew nothing about excel but now i feel as if i can say i have a better understanding of how to use it. ”

Heather LaBarge-Washburn

“This was great. Thank you.”


“Makes Excel simple to use!”

Anna Donovan

“Very understandable. ”




“Excellent delivery of the information. Ken really is THE EXCEL GURU!!!”

Christopher V. Rodriguez

“This was Great!”

Debra Naugle

“Really enjoyed this”