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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel for Mac - Basic

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel for Mac - Basic course:

“I love the course the person that was teaching. It was very excellent in teaching this class.”


“An excellent and effective platform for learning. The material is well presented and easily understood.I highly recommend Go Skills!”

Bryant V. McIver

“it was effective for learning”


“Very helpful for someone who is switching from Windows to Mac! Would recommend 100%”

Yanxia Zhang

“This taught me everything about Excel for mac”

Ebonye Jackson

“Good for visual learners”

Chi Bashangi

“Well structured course, content useful ”

Jason Govender

“Thank simple, concise teaching and examples make concepts easy to grasp and apply. Already using what I’ve learned!”

Stephen Leckvold

“Really loved this course! Super helpful!”


“I absolutely loved this course. Easy to understand the person who was teaching it, lessons were short. Learned A LOT. Highly recommend this course to friends and family. ”


“great course”


“Very good course overall. Excited to continue learning.”


“Easy to understand and in short bite-sized pieces”

Leroy Pearce

“Good course for a beginner. ”

Abhinav Jha

“Excellent and informative! Highly recommend it!”

Juan Cortes

“I started to skip the "basic" lessons, since I have used excel for years. I'm glad I didn't. I learned a lot of new and faster ways.”

Richard Tarrillion

“Very easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn and master Excel.”

Nick Donaldson

“I found each lesson to be short enough to remember most of what was taught, but long enough to highlight all the important aspects.”

B. R. Rip

“Well presented. Surprisingly enjoyable. ”

Nick Stewart

“Very good structure, really easy to understand, overall very good for beginners!”

Max R