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GoSkills reviews – Deliver Effective Criticism

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Deliver Effective Criticism course:

“Brief but covered all important points in an easy to understand manner.”

Leon Lorenzo Espenilla

“It's helpful ”

Mudassar Rahmat

“An excellent course how to give criticism.”


“Lots of great tips.”

Natalie Powers

“Easy and Essential course! ”

Christian Reed

“Great course, a lot of good information”

Carlos Castro P

“I like how this reframes the compliment sandwich in a way that makes much more practical sense. ”

Casey Campbell

“A great way to put the Sandwich technique on display, I very much enjoyed the course.”

Kristiyan Buzarski

“Quick and effective course!”

Jean-François Bégin

“Short yet insightful and practical. Thanks, TJ.”

Maranatha Benedict Sitompul

“Great course”

Tyson Richard

“Very clear and precise! ”

Shakera Pascal

“This course is short and straight to the point. All the content was spot on.”

Kao Akana

“This course helps reinforce some of the practices that cultivate a positive and productive workplace environment ”


“Great bite size course that's quick and easy to follow ”


“Very good and concise.”

Paul Teigeler

“Short but useful course with practical advice.”

Stacey McNutt

“Fantastic ”


“I found this very helpful! I enjoyed this course and will be referring this to a co-worker as well!”

Jenny Fais

“Thank you - a very short, sharp and useful course with good supporting material.”