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GoSkills reviews – Introduction to Marketing

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Introduction to Marketing course:

“David’s an excellent tutor and I got good value from the program”

Marc Harris

“Got to know much about marketing, helped me to get the clear understanding of how it works. Usage of examples in between helped me understand it with more clarity. ”

Himanshu Gupta

“This course was informative! I learned current, useful information and terminology. Thank you!”

Shahla Pirnia

“The instructor is very relatable and the lessons are easy to follow and understand. This made virtual learning interesting and fun.”

Monique R Lynch

“It was so easy to understand. I understood each segment clearly. Thank you for this lovely course. The content was understandable and straightforward.”

Nehal Magdy Mohamed Rifaat

“Very clear and effective information. David is an enjoyable trainer and made this course smooth.”

Marie Dominique Andre

“I've learnt a lot from this course!”

Usha Persad

“very educational”

Roger Caliste

“Great value indeed!”


“Great value ”


“Explanation was on point ”


“This course is very informative. I enjoyed it!”


“Fantastic coach / teacher”

Andrea Grace

“Excellent course with simplified explanation of course material. Thoroughly enjoyed the material. Made the learning process quite easy.”

Xia Russell

“Extremely helpful and information! I will definitely be applying these tips in an effort to improve my marketing skills.”

Giselle Rodney

“Great course work layout and very informative”

Stacy Lezama

“This course was very useful and easy to follow along and understand.”


“Great coach with great presentation skills of great information.”

Helen Chay-Nelson

“Good material and great presenter.”

Wanda Sims

“I found this marketing course very interesting and has given me a lot of insights into pursuing marketing”