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“Great course. Progressively builds your knowledge base on Project Management. Each lesson builds and expands on core concepts to completion.”

Mark Banks

“Thank you so much. I have learned all that I need through easy slide shows and helpful notes. ”

melissa kuzmanovska

“Essential for all developers and project leaders. Many new charting tools that i never knew about.”

Michael Simpson

“Good and informative course, clear and concise instructions and easy to navigate”

David Robertson

“Excellent. Gave me meaningful insight on how to run successful projects.”

Hamadziripi Makiwa

“Great course - highly recommend it! Will continue to take additional courses. Great knowledge achieved from these courses, thank you.”

Eloy Duque

“I found the game version an excellent way to go about the course. It forced me to not lose focus and every lesson felt like a mini win.”

Archie Alexander Curtis

“Been doing project management for my current job, there was almost no training and very little guidance. This course has been great to show me tips, and also highlight some things which I hadn't even considered. ”

Kyle Johnstone

“Very good concise lessons. Instructor was knowledgeable and effectively communicates.”

Raymond Maggiore

“This was an excellent course! Thank you! ”

Barry Lanier

“So good! I actually retained knowledge. Very useful. Good way to learn. ”

Sofie Gunnersø Gürtler

“Very good explanations, liked the examples and excercises”

Nicolás González Franco

“I love how these modules are short and to the point. Note taking and processing are easy.”

Pamela J. Templin

“As expected, this was yet again a well structured, easy to follow course.”

Chris Bangs

“An excellent program with a clear and methodical approach.”

Anonymous user

“Interesting course to develop my project management skills. I recommend this training course for those who aim to follow a career path in project management.”

Joana Sofia Dias Oliveira

“Great course, learnt lots within the course.”

Dwayne Neblett

“Every minute spent on this course was truly worth it. Real-world scenario exercises along with the quizzes ensured that i understand each and every portion of the lesson. Thanks goskills.”

Rahul Babu

“After finishing the Project Management for Team Members, I purchased and took the GoSkills On Line Course of Project Management for Engineers. It is fabulous! I recommend it to any technical person regardless their line of business or position.”

Jim Bilgin