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GoSkills reviews – Project Management Bootcamp

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Project Management Bootcamp course:

“Very informative.”

Deloris L Covington

“It has great content and worth my time.”


“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“In Ray Sheen, PMP, we trust <3”



Gratnie Haskins

“Ray Sheen is great”


“I most definitely learnd a lot out of this course, it was easy to follow and understand......”

Jovel Durham

“Project Management Bootcamp course was very informative and well lead. The presenter was easy to understand and explained topics with authority.”


“I learned sooo much from this Project Management Bootcamp course!! I'm looking forward learning more and developing my project management skills further in the future!”

Joshua Joy

“Excellent course.”

Natalie Binette

“Great course”

Michelle Keel