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GoSkills reviews – Excel in an Hour

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Excel in an Hour course:

“Simple course with great and understandable examples!”

Nomonde S.

“The course was amazing, and the content was well structured, the teacher was very well versed and highly conceptual.”

Nadeem Ashraf

“super helpful! all of the information was direct and simple to understand. ”

Jenna Walsh

“Great review, easy to follow.”


“It was a great way of learning and all the segments were very helpful. ”

Pathirajage Don Appuhamy Gayan Thisara

“A great course to refresh your memory! Thank you!!!”

Yasmin Campos Morales

“Questions were precise and to the point.”


“Really awesome course, thanks so much!”

Brian Beltrame

“Very easy to understand instructor. Learned a lot in this course.”

Vanessa Phillips

“Excellent course, and fun to do!”

Shane Crossan

“Learning is fun! Lessons were explained and demonstrated so well that a beginner can understand fully. ”

Bely Wilma

“best course of basic Excel”

Alpana Upadhyay

“Great start for a long time user. I learned so many cool things that were there the whole time and didn't know what they were. ”

John Mann

“Amazing, the classes were totally fluid and over-explained, I loved it!”

David Brian Luiz Vital

“Excel in a hour, a nice crash course. ”

Chase Gamble

“Very Insightful”

Esmeralda Bekono Hongla

“Inspiring. learn a lot. So informative ”


“Excellent - clear and concise”

Jacqueline Robinson

“So educational and easy to follow. I learned so much and feel confident about basic Excel functions now!”


“Awesome videos and educational information. Not boring to the point you don’t want to continue the course. An eye opener for what you don’t use on an everyday basis! ”