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GoSkills reviews – Excel in an Hour

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Excel in an Hour course:

“great refresher course covering all the basics!”

Mishayla Selby

“Awesome! ”


“Very easy to comprehend. Gives clear direction. ”


“Great introduction to excel. Very engaging with illustrative examples that are easy to follow.”

Martina Manfrin

“Had a lot of fun”


“thank you!”


“Fantastic! Knew absolutely 0 about Excel before this, now I feel pretty good!”


“Very informative and relatively easy to follow.”

Stephanie Speers

“Very clear and practical course. I like the simplicity of each module. Many thanks to the tutor. ”

Abibat Olukemi Oki

“Helpful. Thanks!”

Catherine B. Gutierrez

“Learned lots of new things”

Vanessa Greening