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GoSkills reviews – Excel in an Hour

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Excel in an Hour course:

“I actually learned and remembered the material and tested higher than expected! Lessons focus on important factors of the program, leading to the practice of elements that you're more likely to use when in the program. Great way to take in information if you're a repeat learner that needs access to lessons in this way. ”


“Excel in a hour, a nice crash course. ”

Chase Gamble

“As an Excel user completing this course provided me with basic information that I was unaware of! For a person who needs to understand the 'why' these courses are perfect. The lessons are easy to follow and the quizzes help reinforce the information learnt. ”

Sam Reid

“Very useful and easy to follow and understand ”


“Great start for a long time user. I learned so many cool things that were there the whole time and didn't know what they were. ”

John Mann

“It was clear and very easy to follow.”


“So educational and easy to follow. I learned so much and feel confident about basic Excel functions now!”


“This course teaches specific, frequently used skills from navigating a spreadsheet, to quick keys. It is concise and all of the information is very applicable. ”

Anonymous user

“I would recommend this program to anyone. Excellent teachers... ”

Erin Flemington

“Perfect basis/beginner course”

Michele D. Rodriguez

“Even though I have a background in excel there were some shortcuts/alternatives I was able to discover.”

Bob Jess B. Castillo Jr.

“Excellent - clear and concise”

Jacqueline Robinson

“The instructor was quite thorough..well spoken...and made hard things simple.......excellent Thank you”

Tawney Leigh McQueen

“This course is excellent for people who only need the very basics of Excel, and it's not a bad intro for easing in people who are going to need to learn the more robust functions of it.”

Jessica Murray

“Great material and teacher.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“I really loved the experience, after a long day at work. It encompasses everything you want to learn about Excel and reporting in a quick and informative way. It even gave me the confidence to complete a quiz and pass. Thank you for making this available!”

Tarita Hall Nelms


Kavi Siewdial

“Great summarized version. I learned so much with this course. I will be taking the basic and Advanced courses to get more in depth!”

Stacy Lezama

“Awesome videos and educational information. Not boring to the point you don’t want to continue the course. An eye opener for what you don’t use on an everyday basis! ”


“Enjoyed the course. Explanations were fun and clear ”