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“Fantastic course, very relevant information.”

Fernando Powell

“This course provided excellent tips and guides from a well presented tutor. It was great listening to him and getting a better understanding of what was required in order to gain confidence in public speaking. ”

Stephen Gilman

“This course has given me a great start to be successful in my new career as a public speaker”

Renee Smith

“Nice course, very focused on the real improvement!”

Vladimir Mendoza

“I liked this class. It was easy to understand, made sense and the teacher is engaging. I'm pretty sure I'll be more confident in public speaking after what I learned in this class! ”

Rae Bruno

“Excellent! There are so many mediocre to bad presentations, everyone should review this before making a presentation.”


“Great course. Very helpful.”

Christian Niederst

“Informative! TJ, you're the best! I will watch your speech and practice the way you speak”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“TJ had some very useful tips that I can incorporate right away. I got a lot out of this course.”

Anonymous user

“i found his course very interesting. i have gained a lot of knowledge and more confidence how i can prepare a speech when speaking to my team”


“Excellent learning skills, simplified!”

Brandon Moore



“Great advice and easy understandable and applicable. ”


“Great points made by TJ that are common sense but are important to realize.”

Anonymous user

“Easy to follow and learn”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Fantastic! Easy to follow.”

Kavi Siewdial

“TJ is a great teacher, I love the direct style! Extremely helpful and will refer back to this over time.”

David Schlesinger

“Excellent presentation with great Key points to take away. Will definitely assist me in my next presentation. thanks”

Gloria Yawn

“I really appreciated the course and valuable tools in public speaking!”

Patricia Pudwill

“Amazing course. TJ was a great presenter.”

Moore, Breylinn L.

“Excellent presentation. Course was easy to follow, information was relevant and points were concise.”

Donna Macintyre


Ying Zhou

“This course gave a lot of great tips for being a great public speaker. I specifically liked how it mentioned not to be afraid of your own voice, as you hear it differently from everyone else and it doesn't mean you have a bad voice. This is something I have struggled with for a while and it gave me some peace of mind.”

John Maye


Ruzanna Elchyan

“Great timely speaking, calm actions, and good lively examples. ”

Andrew Deane

“The speaker was very engaging.”

Donna Yu

“Very informative and extensively explained. ”


“Great instructor and his message gets across loud and clear.”

Beatriz Cabellos

“Really enjoyed the presentation. The tips and tricks to improving myself in public speaking will give me a lot more confidence.”

Sheryl Olsson

“This was really a very good course. I do a lot of public speaking for my job, I've always felt I did well and I've received a lot of favorable feedback. However, I got a lot of information to help ensure that in the future my presentations are even better. I rarely use PowerPoint but in the upcoming months I'll be using it even more for my presentations. All of the information about using PowerPoint will better prepare me, so I'm very, VERY appreciative to have learned this information sooner rather than later.”

James Leary

“Excellent course. Extremely simple. Very clear to the point. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Samuel Priest

“I'm very happy to follow this course. I have learned a lot: how to tell stories, how to better maintain your audience, one slide, one idea. Now I'm more confident in public speaking. Thanks to GOSKILLS ”

CISSE Bakari

“It is such a great and useful public speech course! I am so appreciated for your help and advice. I will use all of the tips and tricks in my next group presentation. Good luck. Thanks again.”

Wenjing Tang

“Feel great and confident.....I just loved it..Thanks😄”

Shilpi Nath

“I loved the fact you could move at your own pace. I have taken public speaking before so it was nice to just quiz out of the lessons!”

Brianna Tozer

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank you so much TJ :)”

Carole Besson

“Great! We are inclined to deliver awful presentations, but TJ's tips are a savior to savor!”

Amit Manubhai Kheradia

“Hi TJ, Thank you ever so much for all your advice. It was a great course and I learned a lot!”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes