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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel for Mac - Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel for Mac - Advanced course:

“Individual video lengths are well planned to keep students focused and practice exercises help master the skills fast.”

Okyay Nalcaoglu

“Very helpful course with good introductions to some of the advanced courses. Well executed lectures and tips to keep one on the right track with each tool.”

Stephen Leckvold

“Awesome course! I learned a lot of helpful things!”


“Great teacher. Good lesson notes to save for later.”

Mike Cooper

“Course does a great job of cutting to the important stuff and going at the right speed. ”

Anonymous user

“As a heavy user of excel and many functions and filtering, this was both a nice refresher course. As well as I learned about a few features I was not using or aware of (i.e. Data Validation, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, Trace Precedents, Trace Dependents, Combining Chart Types to name a few). The course was well done with great examples and I would highly recommend it to others. ”

Stephanie Beeker


Xiaolong Lu