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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic & Advanced course:

“Really good, gained so much knowledge ”

Samantha Thompson

“I love the fact that every lesson video is concise, straightforward, and very short, giving enough time to practice through every lesson.”

Patrick Levi Trinh

“Very informative.”

Devon Dvorak

“I love Excel!!!”

Marqueda Greene

“Great class. Learned a lot and looking forward to taking the Macro class next. Thank you!!!”

Michael Armon

“I like how the lesson a few minutes long then you take a quiz. This keeps your attention. ”

Mario Delgadillo

“I enjoyed the course content and very proud to say that I am now certified and showing a positive gain in my daily work output.”

Johnny Riddell

“easy to learn”

Lindsey M.

“Phenomenal learning tool. It helped me advance in my job. I can't thank you enough. ”

William M Ruffin

“Well worth it.”

Jeff Eaton

“Amazing course! Loved it! ”

Dana Bakhytzhanova

“It was a very effective program that gave me a broad range of practical excel knowledge.”


“Good teaching tool to learn a wide variety of Excel functions.”

Edward Simmonds

“Amazing courses, very useful”

Shahad Alseedi

“very good”


“Incredibly well walked through, provides great intuition for all functions and demonstrates pragmatic use-cases in easy to follow manner. ”

Stanley Pont

“Super helpful - Thank you :)”

Maia Flenley

“Fantastic teacher! Engaging, able to make things easily understandable. Highly recommend.”

Nadia Dubeau

“excellent ”

Subodh M Simha

“Great Course ”

Coby M. Griffin