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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Basic & Advanced course:

“A neccesary and cost effective course for anyone who regularly uses excel for work!”

Joshua L. Sudbury

“Great and thorough course on Excel basic and advanced as well, great that it has the quizzes straight after. ”

Jamie Park

“Program was laid out very well.”

Cameron Lujan

“I found the course to be very useful. I have already recommended it to others.”

Shenese Quinn

“It was user friendly and informative.”

Wanda Walker

“This course was very helpful and easy to learn.”

Abha Shah

“Worth every penny!”

David Roberts

“Thank you for such a comprehensive course.”

Brian Davidson

“I love the new website format. The smaller modules are fantastic. The option to extend access to the course is really great as well, so that I can go back and review certain aspects of the course. I found it very helpful to have the exercise excel worksheet open while listening to the video so I can try what was being taught right away on the exercise worksheet. All in all, I am glad I chose this method of learning this material, I can do it on my own time, anytime and anywhere. Thanks, Ute”

Ute Jacobs

“Excellent tutor and very clear explanations of each lesson.”

Christina Belfour

“Have found course very easy to follow, tutorials are excellent. Being able to learn at my own pace and reviewing my learning as and when needed has also been very useful.”

David McFarlane

“This was a very good course with a short but useful training video to start each module - I could learn at my own pace and this was a great selling point for me.”

John Power

“Great training course that covered everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel! I have learned a lot of new things about Excel and will apply these courses to my current job.”

Kesha Thomas

“Most concepts were explained thoroughly. I liked some of the best practices introduced for some topics. This not only helps with how to do something, but also why.”

Paul Selby

“I learnt a lot and the course was excellent.”

Melanie De Beer

“I found the course very informative and easy to understand”

Georgina Peel

“It was great! Very easy to follow and understand.”

Ann Mikkelson

“I love that you learn one task at a time and you can go at your own pace. Plus I can review and rewatch the videos several times and practice along with the spreadsheets.”

Kathy Connor


Anthony L. Jenkins Jr.

“Knowledgeable tutor, great for brushing up on some handy every day skills.”

Kyle Roberts