Customer reviews

Check out what others are saying about the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010-2019 course.

“Very helpful! Lots of additional tips that other courses do not offer!”

Christa Riley

“This was absolutely awesome!!”

Kgosietsile Mogorosi

“Well laid out, clear course. Each lesson was circa 5 minutes, with a small quiz to check understanding. Great course. Learnt a lot. Would recommend.”

Maria Guerin

“Very informative about features of PowerPoint I wasn't aware of before.”

Charles Karmel

“Excellent course of material. Never expected it to be so simple and elaborative.”


“VERY HELPFUL....loved the videos and how interactive it kept me the whole time =) Thanks for the insight into PowerPoint. ”

Kayla Douthitt

“I really liked the narrator's tone and explanations. I liked that I could pause a video and rewatch a section if I was confused. ”

Rob Zorio

“Learned new skills and shortcuts that I will be able to apply to future presentations. ”

Tim Albert

“Perfect explanation, simple and clean”

Eeshwar Rupakula

“Very informative and easy to understand...”

Victor Dell Aquila

“Very thorough and very concentrated! Excellent.”

Andy Larkin

“The instructor was great and I learned a lot. ”

Daniela Class

“Great information and practical training included to help with the instruction.”

Anthony Wright

“Great to see to see what is available within Powerpoint to enhance future presentations.”

Bob King

“I enjoyed watching the tutorials and I will reference the course frequently as I continue to work with PowerPoint.”


“The notes printing was exceptionally useful to learn about!”

Jonathan Coupe

“Fantastic course”

Ryan Ocera

“Honestly, I never knew you could do so much with PowerPoint and how you can transform a basic, lifeless slideshow into a jaw dropping, attention grabbing masterpiece. After completing this course my slides have been more interactive and engaging, enabling me to get my points across clearer and my presentations more successful. ”

Jason Julien

“Loved the course. The ~5 minute video concept is just right. The individual subject areas were broken down nicely and gave excellent insight and skills when using PowerPoint. ”

Chuck Hunter

“Very helpful and a huge refresher for me. I look forward to using animation in my future powerpoint presentations.”

Jason Humes

“I loved this course, it is the perfect foundation for everyone, and I would highly recommend for anyone!”

Sameha Hussain Abu Shawish

“Course was fast and I learned so much more than just basic PPT skills! ”

Kimberly Shrum

“Concise and clear!”

Deepak Haran

“Easy to use. Nice and short videos which explain each concept clearly. ”

Nichola Johnson

“High recommend! It is useful in my work.”

Fan MinLi

“I have no experience of using PPT, the course has taught me the fundamentals and now I have a good idea of what PPT can do, great course! ”

Jeff Yat Ping Lau

“Very well presented. I enjoyed the course.”

James Arwa

“Simple to follow and the quizzes are a big help.”


“Great detailed course! The exercise files are good to practice with. Recommended!!”

Airrion Mike

“This course is AMAZiNG! I was a severe novice and terrified of PowerPoint for years, and this course helped me learn so much at my own pace. The instructor and video tutorials were clear and concise, and never left me confused. Excellent training course!”

Erica Hussaini

“The course allows the novice to grasp the required knowledge and skill to prepare presentation. The course contents were short and precise.”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Pretty good course”

Aaron T. Burnham

“Fun and easy to follow. ”



Liza Johnson

“Great course, shows the true potential of PowerPoint!”

Krystle Bowen

“The course was short and interesting. I loved it very much!”

Agnieszka (Aga) Sikora - Samowedziuk

“The course was a great refresher and very helpful.”

Michele Swanson

“Very helpful!”

Lydia Betty Augustine

“GoSkills has helped me gain a deeper understanding of PowerPoint, and is a great addition to my CV. Thanks!”

Tamara Hill, Student, Otago University

“I really enjoyed the PowerPoint course: I learnt features I didn't even know existed, and I'm confident my future presentations will be a roaring success. I found particularly helpful the lessons about the Presenter View: such a powerful tool to have at your disposal!”

Pietro Ferrario, Electronics Engineer, DiaSorin S.p.A.

“Excellent PowerPoint course: It has greatly improved my knowledge and confidence in the use of PowerPoint. I found the instruction superb and enjoyable to complete.”

Mike Eade, Western Australia

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was an excellent way to refresh existing knowledge of PowerPoint and filled in some gaps.”

Shannon O'Malley, PA/Administrator, McArthur Management Services

“Just wanted to say thanks for the PowerPoint course - so informative and really interesting. I learnt so much and am thrilled that I undertook it.”

Angie Fowler