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GoSkills reviews – Scrum for Managers

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Scrum for Managers course:

“Brilliant! Short and easy to compartmentalize the learning curve, clear information and explanations. Oh, and the page works really fast and error free which makes it stand out. ”

Bogdan Gaspar

“Very informative, and built perfectly on the previous course!”

Dan Kuriluk

“Loved it. Very informative and easy to follow. Really breaks it down from a layman's perspective.”

Melissa Lopez

“Great course, very well explained.”

Austin Parker

“Very well put together course that makes a complex subject easier to understand”

Imran Mandani

“Great refresher course for me as I last used Scrum 15 years ago.”

Anonymous user

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“GOSKILLS.COM is the best”

Fernan N. Torreno

“I am enjoying learning about Scrum for all the different levels. It's informative and pretty understandable for any level.”

James Dyke

“Very Good!”

Ying Zhou

“Great course!”

Ana Lino

“Great user ineterface.”

Dhruv Mandhyan