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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic course:

“Really provides a lot of explanation and examples on the tools and even gives the option to follow along with the examples! Even provides really good questions that are reflected on the exam!!”

Zoe Anne Indigo

“Very nice. Enjoy doing this on my own pace!”


“It helped me a lot getting started on excel”

Pablo Velasco

“Excellent and user friendly ”

Sandra Hope

“Extremely helpful. Lots of formulas to remember”


“program easy to follow, practice tab very helpful to create habit for learning, time increments great for a busy schedule.”

Julia A Gray

“Teaches the fundamentals”

Aidan Heinz

“very good course to learn about excel”


“I learned a lot of new formulas in Microsoft Excel. ”

Marqueda Greene

“I learned a lot of new things even though I thought I already knew the basics.”

Miguel Jose Torres Barrios

“Thank you for providing these instructional videos and blessing me with the knowledge to enhance myself improvement.”

Abraham Daniel Gurley

“Good course!”

Sharon D Ashcom

“Interesting course”

Vanessa Greening

“good information”

Edward Innes

“this course needs one's full attention, but its a great one!!!!”

Raisibe Portia Maisela

“Excellent course to learn excel”


“I enjoyed the course.”

Robynn Serevicz

“Great way to learn!”

Alyssa Page

“Great course with good exercises...”


“This course is very simple and easy to follow for beginners.”


“Great course.”


“Perfect amount of information in each module, and the quizzes are helpful in preparing for the exam.”


“I really enjoyed working on this course, i felt that it explained all the information required to pass each lesson in the best manner. 10/10”

Anthony Joseph Myers

“Very concise and clear information. The course was taught in a very user friendly way. ”


“great course”


“Great beginner course!”


“Very educational. I learned quite a bit. I know with practice, I will master these skills. Thank you!”

Judith C Lambert

“Amazing!!!! So detailed and awesome little tips!!!! Can't wait to continue learning :) I would recommend this course to everyone!!!”


“Very informative !”

lisa rigge

“Easy to learn and follow the steps. It is very helpful to take the quizzes at the end of each video and to do the steps on your own excel spreadsheet while watching the videos. ”

Kaila Weider

“Great course, Full of information, Easy to learn!”

Jayson Torres

“A lot of really great information!”


“Really enjoyed this”


“This was Great!”

Debra Naugle

“Excellent delivery of the information. Ken really is THE EXCEL GURU!!!”

Christopher V. Rodriguez



“Very understandable. ”


“Makes Excel simple to use!”

Anna Donovan

“This was great. Thank you.”


“i knew nothing about excel but now i feel as if i can say i have a better understanding of how to use it. ”

Heather LaBarge-Washburn

“Very Helpful”

Jason Sutton

“Great info with tools you can use with nearly any excel sheet you put together whether its for personal or business purposes. ”

Adolpho Toddy Barrera

“It's clear, simple building blocks. It makes getting familiar with Excel not so daunting.”


“Great course, easy to follow with good teacher training. The videos and practice sheets are direct and easy to follow. 5*.”

Billy Devine

“Really enjoyed this course, and learned many new useful tips about something I've used for decades!”

Debbie C. Ngo



“A very good course which help us to improve our excel skills.”

Midhun Mohan

“Good training course”

Mahida Jayvantsinh

“Good Training”

Francis Mano M

“Great way of learning.”


“Felt very supportive”


“Excellent course. This will be very useful in my work.”


“Its good training”

Nilakantha Samantaray

“Useful one!!!”


“Outstanding. Really enjoyed that. Onto the advanced now.”

Jeffrey Glenn

“Informative with refreshing of techniques & improvements with program.”


“Great course. Was a nice introduction to excel, and has given me great tools to navigate and utilize the excel program. ”

Jessica Jones

“Very good”


“It was a great interactive class. It kept you motivated as well as informed on the skills that one needs to excel in Excel. ”

Samuel Bowerman

“This lesson has given me a lot of tools that I will be able to use in my job.”

Gigi P. HaNguyen

“Great basic overview of Excel. I have used Excel for many years and I learnt some valuable new tools and shortcuts that I will be using in the future!”


“Great course loved it and have told my work mates about your site ”

Philip Thompson

“This is really helpful.”

Jaworski Dimacali

“Excellently presented, easy to follow & even as a long time Excel user I learnt a lot.”

Jillian Wright

“Passed associates test easily with this course”


“The course really exceeded my expectations in terms of content. I'm very pleased with the quality of the teaching and the simple, yet detailed curation of the course units. ”

Hanish Daryanani

“Wonderful refresher of Excel. ”

Eric Phillips


Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Great course”

Christy Drawn

“I thought Ken did an excellent job.”


“very informative!”

King, Tiana

“The video presentation is very attentive and conducive. Thank you for helping me getting familiarized with the functions of Excel.”

Diana Rose Zulita Sajol

“Great material and teacher.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Lots of good information”

Teresa Joy


Ven Shi

“Great course and well explained!”

Howie Coriano

“Very good instructions and easy to understand and follow. ”

Kevin Moore

“Great Course. I really learned a lot. ”

Phillip Covarrubia


Hamilton Feijó Augusto Cesar

“very helpful”

Ashanti Dorsey

“Good start to Excel knowledge”

Chase Gamble

“Great course!”

Johann Salas

“Great and helpful explanations, really easy to follow and understand”


“I've used Excel extensively for years and didn't know I still had so much to learn! This has taught me invaluable skills that are already making my life easier. Very easy to learn and prioritize!”

Savannah Hauck

“It was very useful. Thank you very much!”


“Nice course. Loved it. ”

Javier Torre de Silva Fuentes

“great course was a lot of help”


“Awesome course!”

Brittany Wessels


Melissa M Olson

“A very complete excel course ”

José Aparicio Cocho

“Good refresher”

Ava Johnson-Anthony

“The entire course was very good.”

Kelsen Williams

“Ken Puls is a wonderful teacher and guide that helped me developed deeper knowledge in Excel.”


“Very helpful! This course will benefit me in my college courses and at work. Highly recommend as a refresher or opportunity to learn new advances in Excel.”

Lauren Dodd

“This was an awesome course!!!”


“Learned so many different things. I have improved in many ways.”

Rosio Meza

“I've learned so much from this course. I found myself amazed for learning something new. ”

Theng Khoun

“it was great”


“Very informative course.”

Stuti Awasthi

“it was helpful ”


“Awesome and easy to understand course”

Orlando L Negron

“Took this course to improve my use of excel at work. Very helpful. Thank you.”

Wayne Hale

“Individual video lengths are well planned to keep students focused and practice exercises help master the skills fast.”

Okyay Nalcaoglu



“Really enjoy it!!”


“It really teached me something”

Jaime Álvarez Arochena

“A well-designed course! Great refresher and learned some new content too!! Thank you!”

Shahla Pirnia


Ricardo Martins

“fast and helpful”


“Easy to follow, great worksheets to practice on.”

Bradley Burnell

“Very good courses, easy to follow along and the instructor simplifies excel spreadsheets when excel can be difficult to learn for some.”


“its easy to understand the teachings.its very helpful to understand the excel”


“Each lesson was easy to follow and made it easy to understand.”

Christie Wilkins

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn! This has been very helpful.”


“This course was well done, I learned a lot, they explain things clearly. ”


“Very detailed and easy to follow along”

Sharmane Maharaj-Khan

“Lots to learn. Liked that it was presented in small pieces.”

Desiree Stepaniuk

“Well taught and easy to understand.”

Laken Elizabeth Viola

“great course!”

Morgan Rexroat-Hett

“Very insightful, user friendly and refreshed my memory with the basics. Thank you very much Go Skills. I am very excited to continue with the rest of the courses you have to offer. ”

Arlene Gerber

“so easy to learn with these videos, thank you!”

Chelsey Delbart

“A great review!! ”

Lisa Anne Majeski

“Easy to understand and follow the example. Really enjoy it!”

Nelson Rafael Marroquín Marroquín



“The videos was so easy to comprehend, and it made it easy for me to learn. ”

Mmathapelo Mothupi

“Instructor is very good at explaining the excel concepts. ”

Drew Martine

“Very good, learned a lot”

Joseph Staples

“Easy to follow, and keep up with. ”


“Amazing! It helped me to refresh my mind and learn new things! ”


“very clear and educational ”

becca burke



“Great course!”


“Loved the course”

Wendy Towgood

“This is very nice and one thing i like about it is the quiz and the video because you can understand better when you watch something than read it and you can also remember it quickly.”


“Great courses.... Very relevant to today's job market needs ”


“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“Was very helpful. Great course!”


“Very helpful to learn of basic Excel”


“This taught me basics of excel”

Ebonye Jackson

“Pretty detailed and easy to follow.”


“a good start!”


“Great Course”

Sorita Lucky-Samaroo

“great learning tool”

Matthew Alfaro

“great way to learn ”

Jaime Lepe Jimenez



“One of the most exciting classes I've taken in years!! ”

Crystal Renae Golladay

“Awesome quick course to reinforce the skills that you might have or to help you improve your basic knowledge”

Ricardo Chacon

“Easy to follow and understand! ”

Armani Alonzo-Young

“I enjoyed this course. I learned so much!”

Jasmin Casares

“Great and very informative! ”

Keesha Kearns

“Great learning”

Jyoti Gurnani

“Good succinct overview.”


“Nice refreshing course.”

Victor Manuel Godoy Contreras

“Great Modules. Easy to learn terms and concepts, delivered in common sense way.”


“Great course with easy language ”

Zubeir mohamud mohamed

“Thank you very much, it was very useful and good”

Sameer Markabawi

“This course is great for accounting jobs as well as market research and data analysis.”

Jing Liu

“Very easy to follow and having multiple short videos made it easier to complete.”


“I've learned a lot of new techniques and expanded my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I greatly enjoyed this course and found it very educational and easy to follow.”

Leana Singh

“Excellent Resources”


“I learn the basic excel from here, so i can be more confident to learn advanced ”


“the instructor was very detailed in explaining the course, it was very easy to follow and to understand”

Janice Hudson

“easy to understand”

Michael David Wiley

“Such a wonderful experience thank you”

Mauricio Huebner-Mendoza

“i enjoyed this course thanks ”

Silvia Blue

“This course is good for anyone trying to brush up or learn new skills for Excel.”

Adriana Irizarry


Luke Babwah

“This course was excellent and helpful. Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn some computer skills. ”

Gul Hussain Ahmadi

“I found this course extremely helpful.”


“Very helpful and easy to follow”


“I really enjoyed the short video format and review process to help me retain the information. ”

Sean Murphy