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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Project Fundamentals

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Project Fundamentals course:

“The fundamentals of the course provide an excellent base for developing Project skills.”

Fleur Pepper

“It is the best start up course. I enjoyed it, I recommend this course for all project team and schedule planners. ”

Riyadh Salih

“I thought the course was excellent thank you. I would be very interested in doing both the intermediate and advanced MS Project courses if you can offer them. Would be great if William Raymond presents these courses as well as I thought he was very good.”

Wendy Goodricke

“Excellent program. I liked it.”

Sylvain Bouliane

“Awesome course. Would like to see an intermediate and advanced Microsoft Project course.”

Miguel D Martinez

“This course was excellent! The presenter was clear, the instruction was in plain and understandable language, and I'll be able to start using Project now right away. It was well worth the time, and worth every penny!”

SrMary Brigid Callan

“Really good and totally at the right beginners level. I followed the lessons and built my own project at the same time and the speed was perfect. Thanks!”

Lindsay Durham

“Nice basic course - easy to follow.”

Rob Holmes

“This course was a great place to start. Segments were short and sweet, the instructor slow enough so that a lab was not really a requirement, but not too slow as to bore, and best practices were also taught. This was my second Project course and I found this to be more helpful. ”

Jennifer Addington

“The course is very informative and I could easily complete it within my busy schedule. The instructor is great and don't waste any time.”

Shayesteh Haghdan

“Short videos are very informative and easy to follow.”

Davone Banky

“Excellent course. Very thorough and easy to understand.”


“Very clear and precise. Excellent starter course”

Troy W Blair

“I liked the 5-6 minute lessons and the course was good. I recommend to anyone who wishes to learn about the basic features in Microsoft Project in a much relaxed way. Thanks Bill for your advice on not getting too carried away about the various features or tools (aka KYS - Keep Your Sanity, as said by Bill) and use what is needed to focus more with the team. ”


“Very informative. ”

Deion Warren

“I was very pleased with this course and found it very useful. I recommend that you create an MS Project Advanced course as that too would be of interest to me and others I know.”

Anonymous user

“Very Helpful !”

Veronica Hopkins

“Great course.”

Santiago Cruz-Roveda

“Very informative and easy to follow instruction. ”


“I really enjoyed this course. The first few presentations are perhaps a little too simplistic i.e. opening and closing project, but even these had little tips that were beneficial. The rest of the course is very well laid out with each lesson flowing nicely into the next. It teaches in a manner that I think benefits all users of Project, keeping it focused on a practical application as opposed to focusing on the full utility of the software. KYS and don't let Project manage you! Great work”

Anonymous user

“Thank You so much!! This course was amazing and very Helpful :)”

Anonymous user

“Excellent presentation by the teacher. Appreciated the added perspective value as a seasoned user and project manager.”

Christopher R Kuhns

“This is a fantastic course, I gained knowledge of the fundamentals and able to jumpstart on using the MS Project confidently!”


“Great course. Has given me more elements to perform better as a PM.”

Arturo Paredes

“Very educational. Step by step, yet clear and concise. ”

Anonymous user

“I had use the older version of Microsoft Project in the past. This course was great for me to refresh my memories on the basic and essential setup and input to create my own project plan. The structure framework and organised flow of the lessons are in good ways. Thank you.”


“Very good explanation on how to use Microsoft Project Tool. ”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“Very Informative. I learned a lot of new techniques to use for Microsoft Project.”

Anonymous user

“Excellent Course explaining exactly what I needed to know. I used Microsoft Project 98 and this helped bring me up to date. ”

Anonymous user

“Great course with solid learning materials and a fantastic instructor.”


“An excellent knowledge resource for those starting out with MS Project.”


“Really good course. Gave me the basics that I needed to start using Microsoft project. ”

Patrick Peja

“Lots of great tips and tricks to make using Microsoft Project more efficient.”


“This was a great introductory, and probably refresher course to Microsoft Project. I feel very confident in being able to use MP after taking this course.”

Charles A. Strawberry, Jr.

“- Study at my own pace - Very clear instructions, easy to understand - Notes available for download - Not boring at all :) Thank you very much, I highly recommend this course to anyone.”

WU, Kin Ling (Amy)