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GoSkills reviews – Business Writing Skills

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Business Writing Skills course:

“Claudia presented the material very clearly and in a way that's easy to understand.”

Leon Lorenzo Espenilla

“I have learnt about reports, memorandums and official letters. It was extremely informative! ”

Jewaine H. Frederick

“ A great lesson, very informative and interesting.”

Kristy Hall


Silvana Martinez

“This course was full of great information that can be used every day ,”

Silvia Blue

“Short Videos help to maintain the focus”

Wilson Salvi

“Great course!. Very informative”


“Nice One!”

Currier, Dawn

“This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!”


“Super easy to follow, and the short burst lessons are great!”

Nikki L Weiner

“I LOVED her voice. very informative. she did not talk to too much”


“I enjoyed the course.”

Amanda Shortway

“Love this course really gives you a understanding of does and don't of writing. ”

Yvonne Ramirez

“Absolutely loved this course! very easy to use and quizzes were extremely helpful. ”

Hannah Polar

“great course!”

Daniela Louise Williams

“This course was able to teach me the basics of business writing through bite-sized, no-fuss, and informative lessons!”


“This was a useful course. Detailed.”

Melisa Dion Johnson



“informational and easy to follow! ”

Mercedes Solano

“Very useful”

Neema Bunsee-Gooding

“Great layout and techniques”

Evelyn Bautista

“Amazing course!!!”

Kuldeep Bhadouria

“this course was way more effective than expected, I am now more equipped with these business writing skills to get me 1 step closer at achieving my goals. thank you, go skills”


“I m a professional writer, but I never think of most of these aspects of writing. It has become so automatic that the refresher was good and make me more aware of my choices and possible results.”


“Great course”

James H Clark Pasco

“Excellent course!”

Zibidah Ash

“Hello! Information was well paced throughout the course. Bests regards”

Lisa Gabriel


Vlad Rau



“I enjoyed this course. I'm quite enlightened and would now pay attention to things I may have taken for granted”

Gershelle Walters

“Very informative and precise videos. Love that I can follow along or simply read what is being said ”

Travis Bishop

“I really enjoyed this course!”

Ashley Salyers

“Easy to follow and examples are great”


“I appreciated the layout of this business writing skills course. The reference materials and the information provided give me a good base for improving my business writing skills. Well done. ”

Patricia Debassige

“This course is very helpful to everyone. Its will be improve your writing skills ”


“Very nice ....:)”

Ankita Keshav Pawar

“loved this course very accurate and precise”


“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“This was actually extremely helpful, I suggest this to college students who are trying to get away from low-skill jobs and enter a different career path. ”

Phillip Fonseca

“excellent, thanks for all the info”

Jose Ricardo Ayala Ayala

“Super easy to put into practice. So glad I took this course, I didn't think I would need it yet it's definitely knowledge I could use. ”

Heather Lynn Alarcon

“This course is very important and interesting. I learned how to communicate with clients with reports, memorandums, and official letters.”

Karla Edith Novela Iniguez

“The business writing course was very informative.”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“A lot of good information you can use every day. ”