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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced course:

“Extremely helpful!”

Rekeisha George

“This course was very educational and easy to follow. I've learned a lot more about Microsoft Excel and plan to put my knowledge into practice.”

Leana Singh

“learned a lot, I feel confident about my Excel skills and I can't wait to put them into practice.”

Miguel Torres Barrios


Bhuvaneswari Sigamani

“I loved all of the challenges throughout the classes! this is definitely a class I have been recommending to anyone trying to succeed in their careers!! ”

Crystal Renae Golladay

“Awesome Course on Microsoft Excel. Short clips, easy to digest. Recommended for everyone.”

Kazi Abed Al Muktadir

“Very helpful”


“Ken explains the techniques and tricks in a very clear and concise manner. ”

Jeremy Wakeford

“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Great content. Easy to follow along. Instructor had a great tone and explained the tasks in a simple straightforward way. ”


“Really Very Good & helpful Courses I enjoyed it. ”

Mohammad Hakim

“No words to express how satisfied i am. thank you is the minimum”


“love this program explained very well and you can go at your own pace”

Stacy Gosselin

“Everything was systematic and very informative. I learnt so many new things that I did not get in the many courses I learnt elsewhere”


“Thanks, goskills team, for this course. I learned lots of advanced things, which made me advance.”

Md. Tanvir Bin Elias



“Great course”

Christy Drawn

“Love the lesson and learned a lot”


“Very well laid out and great visuals and explanations!”

Lindsay McGarvey


Qianchang (Claire) Chen

“Great material and teacher.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Best course for advance excel on online platform good job go skill team.”


“Great course!”

Barbara Blake-Chapman

“very helpful ”

Ashanti Dorsey

“Definitely no regrets going with GoSkills”

Chase Gamble


Sabatino, Katelynn D.

“Nice course. Loved it.”

Javier Torre de Silva Fuentes

“I really enjoyed the course. Congratulations on your wonderfull platfrom !!!! ”

juan garcia

“This Advance Excel Course has exceeded my Expectation. Highly Recommended. ”

Muhammad Arslan Riaz

“Very helpful! This course will benefit me in my college courses and at work. Highly recommend as a refresher or opportunity to learn new advances in Excel.”

Lauren Dodd

“Wow! Learned a lot in this course. I thought I was beyond Advanced, boy was I wrong. Great training and a lot of information.”

Jennifer Nicole Jensen


Jaworski Dimacali



“Very interesting course!”

Ignacio Elorza Elices

“Great course with countless resources ”

Jorge Roger

“Great pace, great examples and very helpful!”

Savannah Hauck

“will recommend go skills ”

Gabriel T Mendoza


Ricardo Martins


Sarah N. Cannon

“The course was very informative! I've learned a lot!”

Tram Thi Bich Miller

“Great overview of advanced excel features that I will actually use in my daily life.”

Peyton Johnigan

“easy to comprehend”

Mmathapelo Mothupi

“Great instructor. ”

Drew Martine


Matthew Leblanc

“learned a lot of new things with this course. ”


“Very helpful, not too complicated.”


“This is an awesome course! 😍 If you haven't taken this course already, what are you waiting for? I will highly recommend it. The skills you will gain at last will outscore your expectations.”

Olusola Timothy Ogundepo

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“Very detailed and interesting, would highly recommend”

Jessen Nullathemby

“Well organized and easy to follow”

Dorothy Lilley

“Easy to follow and complete - thank you!”

Laura Evans

“It is really helpful and easy to understand.”

lidia peinado- Navarro

“Very well explained!”

Adriana Correa

“great Course”

Coby M. Griffin

“this course is very good.”


“Well designed and paced. Instruction is clear and concise.”

“I have debated for 10 years about learning excel. I mean really learning it and this course is exactly what I am looking for.”

Todd Belanger

“Was a very informative course!”

Thomas Adkins

“I like the short modules with quizzes and examples”

Marshall Smith

“Covers a great range of advanced Excel features and presented in easily digestible classes.”

Sarah A. Smith

“I enjoyed learning really useful tools that I can now apply to my work. It was easy to follow and very clear.”

Gina Llanas

“Great and worth it”


“very helpful, and love the teaching style”

Janice Parkin

“very knowledgeable ”

Atul Kuamr Rajput

“Good ”


“Good one”

Midhun Mohan

“Love this course! A perfect complement to the Basics course which expands knowledge and skills.”

Debbie C. Ngo

“This course was AMAZING!!!! great voice over”




“The content was easy to follow and the activities were very useful.”

Remone Cunningham


Sukumar K


Manmohan Pillai


Nilakantha Samantaray

“Awesome explanation ”


“Great course!”

Alexander Zverev

“Excellent. Thankyou”

Jeffrey Glenn

“Quick and to the point material package. Thanks”


“Fantastic course! ”


“The class was very informative and interactive. I have a wonderful array of Excel knowledge now. I would recommend anyone to learn with Goskills. ”

Samuel Bowerman

“Interesting course where I could learn a lot more about Excel. I recommend this course!”

Joana Sofia Dias Oliveira

“Thank you so much. That was great.”

Masoumeh Shahla - Aslani

“Instructor was thorough and easy to follow. ”

Jessica Martinez


Ying Zhou

“nice refresh!”

Victor Manuel Godoy Contreras

“Awesome learning videos 👌”


“Good Course”


“It's useful course for learning of excel. Thank you to offered such an informative course for us”


“It is very nice to learn more things of excel.... :)”

Ankita Keshav Pawar

“Really good ”


“Thank you for providing these instructional videos and blessing me with the knowledge to enhance myself improvement.”

Abraham Daniel Gurley

“Very interesting course”

Vanessa Greening

“A good course and he teaches well, thank you!”

Sharon D Ashcom

“Added some much needed skills and tips for productivity.”

Anthony Lenbach



“I took an Excel course in my back country but when I got this training I felt like I didn't have any idea about excel. It is more detailed and clear.”

Zeinaba Kedir Salah

“Complex excell explained perfectly.”

Pablo Velasco

“excellent course!”

Nabila binti Basir

“Course was straightforward, easy to navigate, and follow.”

Daniel Bolwyn

“The classes are broken down perfectly. It made it easier to understand and retain the information.”

Christie Wilkins

“Excellent, relevant and concise content. The 5-10 min videos were perfect to keep interest and not get bored or confused”

Marissa Mohammed


Ruzanna Elchyan

“Very informative, easy to follow”

Justyna Ciagwa

“Great courses with easy to follow information and great interactive worksheets”

Julie Cannon