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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic & Advanced course:

“Great course. Very detailed”


“Very Thorough!”

Shane Gazaway


Lexi Parkhurst

“Very Good Course to learning excel 2019”


“Great ”

Benoni Mellse

“Very informative. Videos were not too long which made them super easy to follow along while getting all the important information simultaneously.”

Pradevi Haroop

“Awesome course! Super informational, tons of relevant info, well presented and lots of good challenges to learn on. 10/10!”

Aaron Dass

“Very fluid and easy to understand method of teaching. The narrator does an excellent job of engaging.”


“Excellent training videos and this course teaches you a lot of excel functions and formulas. This was a fantastic learning experience! ”

Abraham Daniel Gurley

“Very educational. My confidence in Excel has multiplied exponentially. ”

Jacob Wood


Michael David Wiley

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Great course ”

Ericka Gent

“excellent course. ”

Sabrina Lynda Pignalosa

“The course is very useful as I'm working at accounts, I have learned a lot of different new things. thank you so much for preparing me for the best future.”

Bridget Phulula

“i really liked the videos they were easy to understand”

Devern Seales

“Comprehensive course covering many features of Excel in a clear and engaging way. Recommended for anyone wanting to take their basic knowledge to the next level.”

Nicholas Addy

“Great Course ”

Coby M. Griffin

“grreat course!”

Dee McDowall

“the pace was easy to follow and I learned a lot of new processes in excel. Thank you!”

Robin Schimmel

“Fantastic teacher! Engaging, able to make things easily understandable. Highly recommend.”

Nadia Dubeau


Clive Valley

“excellent ”

Subodh M Simha

“Amazing courses, very useful”

Shahad Alseedi

“Great information ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Amazing course! Loved it! ”

Dana Bakhytzhanova

“Super helpful - Thank you :)”

Maia Flenley

“It was a very effective program that gave me a broad range of practical excel knowledge.”


“Course was explained in detail for the specific area worked on. Great explanation of Excel. Thank you!”

Linda Zimmerman

“Excellent course, 10/10, would recommend. Learned a lot of new stuff I didn't know even existed in Excel. Looking forward to show off to my friends and colleagues.”

Shaarif Hamdule

“Very helpful and great author who explained every course in a detailed explanation and the practice sheets are very helpful to examine ourselves.”

Rahul Sharma Tiwari

“I really enjoyed learning at my own pace, specially with the short videos and the attached example. All in all a great experience and will continue learning through other courses!”

Faisal Wahbeh

“Perfect speed. Very Informative. Glad I signed up.”


“Excellent course! Highly recommend”

James L Moss

“good ”

Atul Kuamr Rajput

“Valuable course! Great job.”

Chris Russell

“The course was very helpful and in-depth when explaining the hows and whats of Microsoft Excel. The activities given after every lesson also supplemented the videos which put learning into practice. ”


“Great information shared in this course.”

Yapo, Michael



“Great course!”

Alexander Zverev

“Very helpful. Thanks”

Anonymous user

“Having the practice form was Great!”

Doralis Hernandez

“Good teaching tool to learn a wide variety of Excel functions.”

Edward Simmonds

“Extremely useful and beneficial for my day to day working. The instructor is amazing and his skills to teach individuals from scratch with easy language is fantastic. Special thanks to him. ”

Susanta Kumar Mishra

“Very informative and beneficial”

Randy Michael Johnson

“very good”


“This course was taught very well, could understand everything. it was also well-paced. Thank you!”

Anonymous user

“Great course - easy learning style, great instructor, learned a lot of new tricks and tips. Highly recommend!”

Cherie Thiell

“it was very informative ”

Tara Barnett

“Excellent course.”

Mariana Stancu

“Awesome :-)”


“For a true beginner, I found it easy to follow and comprehend.”

Rita McElfresh

“This is very good. It was easy to go back and re-watch the short lessons over again when practicing and after a quiz.”


“Very informative”


“easy to follow courses with great information”

Julie Cannon

“Very user friendly. Great that you could see how much time is needed for each lesson. Fantastic that you could watch and then do the practice of what was just covered. Very clear and concise.”



Christy Drawn

“Love the package that the goskills is offer specially this one. With just one course you get basic and advance and still cover everything that you need.”

Pebhe Xarhisma Utami

“I feel so accomplished. Thank you so much.”

Christopher Whiting

“Great manageable video lengths. ”

Justin D.

“great course ”


“I rate the course a five star”



Liza Johnson

“Very helpful and useful course. Thank You for your effort. God Bless”

Diyana Berhane Ghebrekidan


Hamilton Feijó Augusto Cesar

“Great course, didn't realize how convenient a tool was to automate tasks. ”

Chase Gamble


Sabatino, Katelynn D.



“It was easy to understand, very good experience!”

Oluwatunmise J. Alabi

“very good information, learned a lot of good tools”

Rob Powell

“Helpful practical knowledge and examples”

Blake Newson

“The excel training is very easy to understand lesson by lesson. Challenges are intellectual:)”

Sheetal Amin

“I thought this was an excellent course for learning Excel. I enjoyed having quizzes after each video that required me to critically think about what I just watched. ”

Joseph Ramsey

“Excel is an exceptional programme and this course covered practically every aspect of the functions and features. ”

Tennille Narinesingh

“Very informative and straightforward!”

Phan Thi Hong Hanh

“This course was extremely easy to follow along with, had bite-sized lessons so that you could choose the pace of learning. ”

Sanya Rai Khuller

“Contents, demos and challenges enable to refresh and learn new skills. Awesome! Great Support!”


“Very high quality videos and teaching.”

Noah Vieira

“Love the short lessons that get right to the point! Thank you for making Excel so accessible :-)”

Karen Stevenson

“Great course - good presentations and easy to follow exercises. ”

Theresa Walker

“This was a great refresher course. Asked my employees to include this one in their training. Great training. ”

Jennifer Nicole Jensen

“those bite learning lessons are such an effective way to learn, I had a blast!”

Milton Velez

“Great training!”


“Good Course for Good People.”

Mohammad Abdolmaleki

“nice and thorough easy to follow along and appreciate how casual the instructor is ”

Matthew Ryan Kerr

“This is a good course for those wanting to familiarise themselves with Excel. Highly recommended!”

Veronica Cueva Peralta

“Great courses. very useful training videos!”


“very good step by step guide on everything related to excel”

Emad Omar Shan


Ricardo Martins

“Great course Teacher did a great job of explaining what he was doing. ”

Albert C Armenta

“Thank you very much for the information!”


“Very concise and clear explanation from basic building blocks to Advance understanding. Thank You GoSkills ”

Bhawani Shankar Singh

“Exceptional content and very thorough course. The video walk throughs and exercise worksheets enhanced learning and will undoubtedly serve as a great reference when needed.”


“Great content, easy to learn”

Alexander Coury

“Wow! I've learned a lot with this course. The instructor was great! The class is very easy to follow. Love it!”

Tram Thi Bich Miller

“Very good course on Excel. Good pace and clear instruction.”


“Very well-done course: easy to understand and practice! A pleasure taking it and it really helped in my career! ”


“Great Course! ”

Christophe Pierre-Emile

“Very well built course. It was intuitive and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone hoping to improve their Excel skills!”

Hilary Ross

“Very good instructor and well-done course. Easy to learn and retain”


“Great course! Ken Puls is easy to follow, gives clear instruction, and makes learning a pleasure. ”

Ann Judge

“good course”

Gabisile Mayimele

“Great course, easy to learn.”


“excellent method of teaching simple yet very informative ”


“Awesome course, easy to apply to real life work. ”

Shawner Powell

“Loved the course!! Very easy to understand. ”

Katherine Scarlet Ortiz Hernandez

“Good class”

Michael Hasten

“great! ”

Matthew Leblanc


Taylor McTeer

“It was challenging, yet I learned exactly what I needed and then some. Will definitely use this course as a refresher in the future.”

Desiree Williams

“Great course to learn additional skills. I've used excel a lot for lists and spreadsheets. This has opened up another level to making these things easier.”

Kyle Reid

“It's always good to go back to the basics. My memory was refreshed with this one. ”


“Easy to follow and interactive learning experience”


“Great course! I learned so much!”

Ian Jesse

“easy to follow and understand. The quizzes were helpful in mastering the material. ”

Sarah Benni

“Very nice course. The best thing which was very useful to me that you are providing worksheets to practice and it is very easy to download.”

Harib Oliyil

“Absolutely wonderful. Very detailed.”


“Great course! Learned a ton!”

Megan Hudson

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling


Surbhi Jain

“very educational”

Moriya Endow

“well made course”


“So easy to understand. I have watched hours and hours of webinars. Nothing made as much sense and simplified it like the Excel course here!!!”

Angela L. Gray

“This course gave a very broad overview of excel and its functions the instructor truly made this course enjoyable to take.”

Emily Chavez

“Wow! So much information. What a wonderful course to make certain you turn out the very best product!”


“Very fun short videos that really helped expand my knowledge of excel.”

Colman Mansworth

“Engaging and super informative.”


“Easy to follow and makes something most would consider dull interesting.”

KL Anderson

“This is an excellent course. I have now done it twice and loved it both times”


“Easy to follow, short simple classes that can be done with limited time. Great tips from someone very knowledgeable. Highly Recommend. ”

Sheena Hutchinson

“A neccesary and cost effective course for anyone who regularly uses excel for work!”

Joshua L. Sudbury

“Great course! so helpful”


“This course was nicely paced, well thought out, and informative, easy to understand.”

John McCain

“Very informational, well taught”

Kim Sapia



“Very easily explained. It was a great help to me as i had to do accounts. Excited to start the next one. ”

Rohan Jacob Ambat

“Kevin was a great teacher, very easy to understand lessons!”

Meagan Rumberger

“Thank you, Ken Puls and GoSkills team for this course. Particularly for the xlookup function, dynamic arrays and the wildcard match for xlookup.”


“Great course! Loved the pace and overall structure.”

Tim Luehrssen

“Easy to understand, simple, quick and to the point.”

Owen Mathew

“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Easy to follow, clear learning videos.”


“Instructor was thorough and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning excel!”

Ryan McConnell

“Detailed and enjoyable to complete”

Erik Moberly

“Great Course ”


“the best ”

Monique B. Ahern

“awesome course”

Luke Babwah

“great course, easy to follow and sectioned well ”

Laura Adams

“Really good overview course of Excel - including new fundamentals for those who haven't been in school for a while - Thank you very much!”


“This course is awesome both for users who are starting to get acquainted with Excel and for those who already are proficient with it. Highly recommended!”