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GoSkills reviews – Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt courses:

“Great instructions how to conduct SPC!”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Great examples, clear explanations and the test was appropriate.”

Patrick C. Clancy

“This course is great. I am quite clear about how to use FMEA now. Although I am a recent graduate and a newbie, this course has given me a stepping stone to get started. Thanks for precise and clear instructions. At first, it seemed confusing, but as I took time to understand with the exercises, I felt pretty confident. Thank you for the awesome course. ”

Chirag Paladiya

“A great way to learn”

Ira Schwartz

“Great! This was hard to do but I enjoy it. Wow! Go Skills has impacted my life in a short period of time. ”

Fernando Escobar

“Very comprehensive course about SPC, I really like the formulas to create SPC charts and also the addition of Minitab examples.”


“Great on line training for beginners. Ray Sheen is a rock star at simplification. He explains the lessons with clarity and precision. He really wants you to get it and use it. Thank you Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“I would highly recommend this training course! Having a number of years of experience on the subject matter I still learned a great deal from participating in this course. I found the balance between the video presentations and supporting course materials was excellent. The activities and quizzes in support of each of the learning outcomes were a great way to recap and challenge your learning.”

Derek McLurg

“Good course, understand DOE much better ”


“Good content regarding FMEA.”


“Excellent, intuitive, widespread in content, can't wait to do the next course!”

Axel Nussbaum

“Just perfect ! Exactly what I wanted”

Englebert Anye Che

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time! Loved the examples and visual learning used throughout the lessons.”

Christian Grundman

“Thanks so much, this was a very informative course ”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“The host very efficiently delivered the material and described things briefly and concisely allowing it to be taken in easily.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Ray Sheen is an extremely experienced master in this field. He analyzed everything in this course and I have actually enjoyed all his courses that I have taken. Thank you Goskills for providing this opportunity on this platform.”

Ibrahim Koleosho

“This course led me through the introduction I needed to understand the different SPC Charts and why and when to use them.”


“Great training with awesome materials, great explanation. Thanks a lot. ”


“Exceptional course delivery approach”


“Excellent course! Classes are the perfect length, lessons are accurate and well presented. Very satisfied!”


“Clear instruction, outline of principles, and practical wisdom from an expert in the field. Recommended as a great, thorough introduction to the field material. ”

Stephen Leckvold

“One of the best courses I have ever come across. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Nadeem Salim Khan

“Really superb”

Jayaprasath Navan

“The course is well-structured and really interesting :) I have learned a lot of new things, and I am pretty sure it will help me in my project planning for all my new initiatives”

Aleksandra Jastrzębska

“Educational and informative course. It explains all aspects of conducting a FMEA and includes the criticality of a FMECA. Highly recommend this course.”


“Very informational, well taught”

Kim Sapia

“Well crafted!”

Vishwajeetsinh Rahevar

“A course with a large dose of detailed information along with a set of solutions and methods to improve team work.”

Tomasz Fir


Shervon Jn Baptiste

“This course is great training that you can use to enhance your knowledge when using Minitab. I really like the way it's designed to help you to understand the theoretical and practical side of using Minitab.”


“A lot of data and measures to absorb but Ray made as simple as possible by using his expertise in breaking down each category of hypothesis testing and simplifying it. Thanks Ray!”

Ronny Rice

“Great course!”

Sarah Heller

“There was nothing easy about this course. I am more than satisfy about the quality of this course.”

Fernando Escobar

“Excel and Minitab applications are useful.”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Good review of hypothesis testing”


“Great teaching skills from Ray”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“In depth but Ray made it a phenomenal experience, great instructor!”

Justin Shake

“Useful course”

Muvhumbi Muabve


Joseph W Spampinato


Audrey Griffin

“Fantastic and took away so much from this. Very well done ”

Justin Haynes

“Great modules. For the first time, I feel I finally understand the logic behind this body of knowledge. I recommend this course to any professionals intending to be Blackbelt certified.”


“Amazing concise and effective course explaining the ground skills for MSA!”

Renato De Castello

“Concise, clear and concepts are very well-explained. ”

Renato De Castello

“I learned a lot from this course. Because the instructor covers in detail the different topics of Team Leadership.”

Jose F Martinez

“great course. Very clear and straight forward”

Jia Wang

“Love it”

Jia Wang

“Ray has been a phenomenal mentor!”

Justin Shake

“I enjoyed this course and I think this is going to help me be a better Manager/Leader”

Joshua Collier

“Great course.”

Esemoto Raphael Ndoh

“Very good and interesting course.”

Esemoto Raphael Ndoh

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“Excellent 👌”

Xolani Caleni

“Great information given and received.”

Jerome George

“Well explained courses, transcript if you miss something, quizes and probing tests after each lesson and a resume of the lessons as well. What else can be required? Fantastic job!”

Valeri Evgeniev Davidkov



“I found the use of data in the variable and attribute GRR examples to be helpful in understanding the formulas. Seeing actual result data as opposed to variable names made it clearer.”

George Thurrott

“Great course explaining Measurement System Analysis in the context of Six Sigma. Straightforward and covers all topics. ”


“I've enjoyed this course. With the included practice lessons, I feel more and more confident I'll be able to put into practice what I learn. The GoSkills staff are also helpful when I have questions during a lesson. ”

Cyndl K Hale

“The videos are clear and easy to understand, great complement to the Lean Six Sigma material.”


“Very good course on Measurement Systems Analysis.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“Great course, if we apply to our real work in measuring present process, then we can understand it perfectly ”


“Excellent Course”

Eslam Ahmed Gouda

“Very Good and Useful.”

Binesh Ross Samuel Raj

“I enjoyed the additional leadership perspectives that were shared in this course. It gave me a lot to consider in my future opportunities. Thank you GoSkills Team! ”

Michael Harrison

“Excellent content and well presented. Easy to understand and follow along. ”

Donna Macintyre

“Very comprehensive and concise. ”


“Great course with easy to digest modules.”

Jessica Chai

“Excellent class. Very informative and I can see how to use this in many different ways in my organization.”

Hanns Schweis

“well-thought, concise and practical at the same time!”

Daniel-Marian Vilceanu

“Great overview into leadership.”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Great course! Nice voice from the lecturer. Significant material. Thanks.”


“Great help!”


“i found this course very informative and educational. The areas discussed were very enlightening, and i have gained a lot of knowledge. ”


“good instructor”

Michael Lanehart

“Very informative”

Patrick Glenney

“Great information! Thank you.”

Jacob Steiner

“Great concepts and guidelines to fulfill team leadership. Thanks!”

Linda Zimmerman

“Very useful for leadership skills”

Sukumar K

“informative one”

Nithin Joseph

“Nice videos ”

Atul Kuamr Rajput


Ramesh Chilaka

“Good training course.”

Mahida Jayvantsinh

“most important”


“great ”

Manmohan Pillai

“Love this course! ”

Ashley Tipton

“enjoyed the course and got to learn so many things from the course.”

Amit Kumar Sharma

“great content ”

Locky Smith

“Excellent course”

David Sealey

“Great course and always love Ray's lectures”

James Dyke

“Excellent course! Well written and covers all leadership skills needed to excel.”

Jack Chapple

“this class was great, I highly recommend. ”

Bilinda Chamberlain

“Great course”

Dee Brown

“Excellent course on Lean Six Sigma principles and helps to get ready for Black Belt certification by IASSC.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“Very enlightening content. Would definitely refer back often”


“Great course”


“VERY INFORMATIVE - Great Presentation”


“This course sets the ground work for those who want to understand how the role of a leader helps to build a great team and support great work ethic.”

Stacy Lezama

“Good to know this”

Alpana Upadhyay

“great course”

Peter M Barron

“great course”


“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni



“Informative, and great ideas !”

Ansen Moore

“Very informative and well laid out. ”


“informative ”

Lauren King

“This information is very useful, especially for me when I need to improve my leadership skills.”

Kacey Crum

“Always great instruction from Ray!”

Edubijen V Garcia III

“Excellent course.”

Sarah Newton

“Good information and a good refresher. Can always pick up new information.”

Paul Teigeler

“loved it!”

Olga Holm

“Great training ”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“What a powerful course”

Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Great information especially for those who are new to leadership positions. Helpful organization tips for teams and projects. ”

Hannah Brock

“Very informative!”

Natasha Mumbua Olaba

“This course is packed with useful information! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“I really like the addition of Minitab during the examples!”


“Training was great!”


“really insightful and helpful in creating and working with teams”

Salena Debysingh