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“Enjoyed this course with the newly added sections which are a great refresher to the PMBOK. Also the continuation of placing real life scenarios is a plus to application of our PMBOK. ”

Brandon Wong

“Very comprehensive program. I liked the short span of the modules. This made it easy to digest the more complex aspects of project management.”

Michelle J. Burnett


Emmanuel Olusegun Arannilewa

“Interesting and useful.”


“Very comprehensive and inclusive course. I really like the content, depth, and quality.”

Rhonda Thompson

“I found this course to be very informative and helpful. It really focuses on the key topics needed for the PMP Exam. ”

Jordan McCormack

“This was a very good course. Great lay out and great instructor. ”

Robert De Gale

“I was able to completely understand the presenter. He was extremely good. It was easy to understand the concepts in the PMBOK Guide.”

Chris Mathis

“Perfect, all the information needed is available. Very helpful and easy to understand.”

Georges Najem

“Great explanation of material by the instructor. ”

Guillermo E. Paniagua

“This is the 2nd Project Management course I've taken and I have learned so much. The course is very informative and detailed. I totally recommend this course.”

Kala Brown

“Well explained metrics and formulas. Great Job!”

Michael Simpson

“Thank you for the well put together and well-presented course. It was a joy to do the course with GoSkills. The presenter is very inspiring and a real leader in the field. ”

Dewald Jozua Smit

“I enjoyed the short punchy presentations coupled with the summaries and script. ”

Nick Turner

“The best online coursework!”

Jaggabathy Rao Krishnan

“Excellent course! This is the most comprehensive course that I have taken so far for project management. The instructor did a really great job. I would be more than happy to take other courses in the future. ”

Zulaika Gonzalez

“I've completed five of the PM courses and each has been excellent, formalized, well planned and perfectly timed to fit into my schedule. My goal is PMP certification and these courses are providing me with the confidence and knowledge to achieve that goal. ”

Wallace Parker

“Great course. Well organized and taught at a good pace. Well worth the cost.”

Glen Sirakavit

“I did this course parallel to a Project Management course at one of our local Universities & I have to say I found the course content, quality and presentation of this course to be far superior - thank you for that! I am extremely grateful that I decided to take this course as well. The presenter Ray Sheen was excellent and very clear with great practical examples that we all can relate to. I will most definitely be doing more courses through GoSkills!”

Cornelia Ferreira

“I liked the detailed and visual explanations of some of the more challenging concepts. The speaker spoke clearly and at a nice pace. I was able to take note. Easy to pause and rewind. Would recommend to a friend.”

Adajean Bedwell

“Thank you! The course was informative and details were well explained. The short videos helped me progress during the short periods of free time I have.”

Tony Bozzi

“As expected this was a much more difficult course, but it did a great job of pulling together many of the topics I thought I understood and brought them to a point I did understand them.”

Benjamin T Stickney

“Short video session on very specific topics are really usefull”

Anonymous user

“Instructor methodologies for delivery are quite excellent. Enjoyed the format and the outcome.”

Chad David Seiber

“Very useful and interesting.”

Leyla Olivo

“Great course to review!”

Oliver Stutz

“It was very nice ;)”

Andrejs Antonovs

“Very concise and great refresher course for PMP exam.”

Syed Yasir Hussain

“Good course and good instruction.”

Guillermo E. Paniagua

“Very informative with clear explanations.”

Darren Atuegbu


Michael Simpson

“Among other course providers I have experience with, GoSkills is my number one, thus far. My journey with GoSkills was nothing but pleasant. The portal is easy to navigate and to use, course content is relevant, easy to follow and understand. Ray Sheen did a superb job running this course. I absolutely love it. Now, it's PMI's turn to tell if they love what they hear from me :)”

Ilya Ivanov

“Ray Sheen has managed to condense all the material in very simple and clear slides. The exercises are perfect case studies to consolidate the information. The charts he drew up for ITTO questions are excellent to summarize and memorize. Thank you!! ”

Marilise Michele Kassouf

“Excellent material, I will recommend it to all the persons that are looking for an online course for PMP.”

Diana Cristina Franco Gómez

“It was awesome, a very complete course with quizzes and downloadable exercises. I highly recommend to try this course.”

Matthew Ramirez

“Very good training!”

Travis May

“Very useful and articulate course.”

V. Costa

“Loved the course! ”


“The course is set up very well. The videos teach or review the concept, the exercises provide a real-life example to work and/or to practice the skill, and the quizzes check your understanding. It definitely makes the PMBOK Guide more approachable!”

Annalisa M. Molina

“Good overview of the certification process - thanks for offering the programme”

Ian Robert John Bishop

“I am using this to prepare for my CAPM and PMP exam. I think its a great review to assess your strengths/weaknesses when preparing for the exam. ”

Joanne K Ansolis

“It was an Excellent course .”

Anonymous user

“The short videos were great for retaining information”

Anonymous user

“Very good prep for taking the PMP Certification test.”

Hanns Schweis

“Very thorough with excellent supporting material!”

Gabriel Gray

“Great end to the PM course series.”

Kristian Clements

“Very informative and well put together”

Odia Pollard

“Well presented and organized information”

Victor Birch

“The GoSkills online program Project Management Professional Prep course is an excellent alternative to an off-site course because it provides the same level of training with the convenience of completing the course at one's own pace and time schedule. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in preparing for the PMP exam.”

Mariahm Stephenson

“It was great, and a good value for PMP continuing ed - thank you so much!”

Laurie Prem

“I am a retired 70-year old who had a career in management, some of it including being the project manager for some substantial projects. I wish I would have known a lot of the content of this course when I was project manager. Ray Sheen has laid out a well organized course that covers each subject in just enough depth to leave one on his appetite to dig into the PMBOK and learn more.”

Gilles Langlois