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GoSkills reviews – GoSkills Unlimited

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the GoSkills Unlimited courses:

“Worth every penny!”

David Roberts

“It was great! Very easy to follow and understand.”

Ann Mikkelson

“Very informative, easy to understand and well presented. ”

Shafaq Hussain

“It is really handy and I love it. I'll definitely use it again. ”

Liwen Tang

“Brilliant, well balanced and informative modules.”

Andy Turner

“Quick and efficient. Great tutorial. ”

Yolanda Dace

“Great access and coverage. Easy to learn from modules.”

Nicholas Bullock

“Very informative and easy to understand and follow.”

Cindy Quijada

“I learned a lot that I did not know.”


“Very good!”

Fu (Nick) Zhang

“Delivered what it promised!”


“An easy to comprehend and affordable program. ”

Devin Lofton


Kory N Mueller

“Very helpful! Thanks. ”

Matthew La Corte

“The instructor did a great job of breaking complex items down!”

“Awesome and efficient classes with very well explained small videos.”

Josh Coley

“Good and clear instructions. Keep it up😃”

Michael R. Hallare

“Very logical and easy to learn from this web tool.”

Alan HU

“This course is awesome both for users who are starting to get acquainted with Excel and for those who already are proficient with it. Highly recommended!”


“Very helpful! Lots of additional tips that other courses do not offer!”

Christa Riley

“This was absolutely awesome!!”

Kgosietsile Mogorosi

“Well laid out, clear course. Each lesson was circa 5 minutes, with a small quiz to check understanding. Great course. Learnt a lot. Would recommend.”

Maria Guerin

“Very informative about features of PowerPoint I wasn't aware of before.”

Charles Karmel

“Excellent course of material. Never expected it to be so simple and elaborative.”


“VERY HELPFUL....loved the videos and how interactive it kept me the whole time =) Thanks for the insight into PowerPoint. ”

Kayla Douthitt

“I really liked the narrator's tone and explanations. I liked that I could pause a video and rewatch a section if I was confused. ”

Rob Zorio

“Learned new skills and shortcuts that I will be able to apply to future presentations. ”

Tim Albert

“Perfect explanation, simple and clean”

Eeshwar Rupakula

“Very informative and easy to understand...”

Victor Dell Aquila

“Very thorough and very concentrated! Excellent.”

Andy Larkin

“The instructor was great and I learned a lot. ”

Daniela Class

“Great information and practical training included to help with the instruction.”

Anthony Wright

“Great to see to see what is available within Powerpoint to enhance future presentations.”

Bob King

“I enjoyed watching the tutorials and I will reference the course frequently as I continue to work with PowerPoint.”


“The notes printing was exceptionally useful to learn about!”

Jonathan Coupe

“Fantastic course”

Ryan Ocera

“Honestly, I never knew you could do so much with PowerPoint and how you can transform a basic, lifeless slideshow into a jaw dropping, attention grabbing masterpiece. After completing this course my slides have been more interactive and engaging, enabling me to get my points across clearer and my presentations more successful. ”

Jason Julien

“Loved the course. The ~5 minute video concept is just right. The individual subject areas were broken down nicely and gave excellent insight and skills when using PowerPoint. ”

Chuck Hunter

“Very helpful and a huge refresher for me. I look forward to using animation in my future powerpoint presentations.”

Jason Humes

“I loved this course, it is the perfect foundation for everyone, and I would highly recommend for anyone!”

Sameha Hussain Abu Shawish

“Course was fast and I learned so much more than just basic PPT skills! ”

Kimberly Shrum

“Concise and clear!”

Deepak Haran

“Easy to use. Nice and short videos which explain each concept clearly. ”

Nichola Johnson

“High recommend! It is useful in my work.”

Fan MinLi

“I have no experience of using PPT, the course has taught me the fundamentals and now I have a good idea of what PPT can do, great course! ”

Jeff Yat Ping Lau

“Very well presented. I enjoyed the course.”

James Arwa

“Simple to follow and the quizzes are a big help.”


“Great detailed course! The exercise files are good to practice with. Recommended!!”

Airrion Mike

“This course is AMAZiNG! I was a severe novice and terrified of PowerPoint for years, and this course helped me learn so much at my own pace. The instructor and video tutorials were clear and concise, and never left me confused. Excellent training course!”

Erica Hussaini

“The course allows the novice to grasp the required knowledge and skill to prepare presentation. The course contents were short and precise.”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Pretty good course”

Aaron T. Burnham

“Fun and easy to follow. ”



Liza Johnson

“Great course, shows the true potential of PowerPoint!”

Krystle Bowen

“The course was short and interesting. I loved it very much!”

Agnieszka (Aga) Sikora - Samowedziuk



“great course”

gayle murphy

“Great course, would suggest this to others!!”

Lida Badenhorst

“Very interesting, and so helpfull! Will recommend it to anyone!!!”

Este Pieters Photography

“Awesome course and I will tell anyone I can about it”

Robert A. Spencer Jr


Deepak Haran

“Very Informative and straight to the point.”

Lavetta Brewster

“Really straight forward and easy to use. ”


“Very straightforward and digestible lessons!”

Jeremy Solomons

“Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend it!”

Cathy Huebner

“Absolutely great.”

Stefan Kaps

“Super impressed with the presentation and instruction. ”

Comptess Hammond

“Great direction, very brief and direct but also powerful. Thank you. ”

Erik Jorgensen

“Great informative tutorials.”

Ernst Kleynhans

“Very easy to follow and good instructions.”

lyle atherton

“Really fun and understandable, can be done in own free time and the length of the videos are short and simple.”

Loshani Gounden

“Very good and informative.”

Craig Govender

“Very helpful! Easy to learn!”

Baris Safoglu

“Very helpful.”

Patrick Matala

“Great learning experience! ”


“So easy to follow, very well thought out website.”

Aiden James

“I learned so much!”

Shannon Long

“I've learned a lot of new techniques and expanded my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I greatly enjoyed this course and found it very educational and easy to follow.”

Leana Singh

“Very detailed and interesting, would highly recommend”

Jessen Nullathemby

“Well organized and easy to follow”

Dorothy Lilley

“Easy to follow and complete - thank you!”

Laura Evans

“It is really helpful and easy to understand.”

lidia peinado- Navarro

“Extremely helpful!”

Rekeisha George



“Easy to follow. Videos are interesting and exciting so that I didn't easily get bored. Would recommend this course to everybody.”

Jason Potts

“It was very nice to learn Photoshop. Thanks for such good videos.”

Hiren Thakkar



“Learning all these new skills were amazing. Thank you so much!”

Dante' Bagattini

“Excellent course. Thank you so much, I learned SO much!”

Susette Kruger

“Thank you very much! It was very helpful! ”

Ionut Daniel Tatomir

“Howard is amazing!”

A Shavandi

“Easy to follow, very informative, lessons not too long so you don't get bored.”

Karen Rolph


Dušan Mišjak

“A great course that has shown me things I didn't know I could do in Photoshop. New tools available and different ways of achieving what I want. This type of online course fits nicely into my crazy work shift pattern and home life. Where I can learn in my free time. I also like the way I can reference back to the course videos when I need to.”

Andrew Howell

“Thanks GoSkills! The Microsoft Access Basics course has enabled my ability to identify and operate database functions. I found the detail of the program user friendly and am now confident to take instructions for Access workplace use.”

Fleur Pepper

“Very easy to understand, I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

Alvin Swift

“I have done several different tutorials for excel and VBA on this website. I have seen in different job descriptions you need to have some access experience, so I thought I would learn. This series is good for building a basic understanding of many of the tools access has to offer. Crystal is an instructor who shows you how to do everything and explains it in a very logical way. It is good that she repeats different shortcuts a lot so that you can memorize them easier. Thank you GoSkills for making this course available. I now have a working practical foundation for Access!”

W Eckhoff

“It's very intuitive and gave me all the the credentials I needed to get ready to start my business. Thanks GoSkills you all are the best”


“Just like other Goskills courses, it was well organized. Exercises were very helpful. ”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Informational and helpful course!”

Emily Pearl Shine

“GoSkills Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja course, provides an excellent program. The skills I have gained definitely enable my confident use of data, pivot management and pivot tables of interest. This course has provided a valued skill to my work skills in an efficient amount of training time. Thanks GoSkills for another professional program of study.”

Fleur Pepper

“Course was well laid out, easy to follow with excellent practical examples. I use the skills learnt every day and it has made my daily use of spreadsheets so much better.”

Erick van der Merwe

“Very informative. I learned a lot about pivot tables that I had not previously.”

Steve Stegman

“Love this instructor. Always provides clear, succinct videos. Very easy to follow. I've been using pivot tables for a few years, and I still learned new tricks from this course. I wish the instructor would have covered more information about pivot charts, so I'm hoping the Excel Dashboard course will do this. ”

Brittaney Benson-Townsend

“I really enjoyed this class - love the instructor he is very good.”

Deborah Davey

“Really easy to use and and informative.”

Amy Beard

“I found the Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja online course very helpful. I received a refresher on some aspects that I already knew and learned some great new things to take my data reporting to new depths. I really liked the fact that everything was online and I could go at my own pace. The instructor is informative and pleasant to listen to, while the lessons are broken down into quick lesson segments.”

Lisa Hoffer

“Love this course. It lays down all the basics I need to move on with this application. You can feel the dedication of instructor, Ken, through the way he taught which always never forget to mention about little details that matter. The quiz on each topic does really test understanding of each topic. I hope Ken will come up with more topics to cover on the advance level.”

Patinya Pinyoboon

“Very good course and great trainer.”

Radu Meghes


Man Loong Chong

“I find the course very practical and useful to top up my skill sets for day-to-day business environment.”

Jing Zhao

“Fantastic videos. Great length and commentary and explanations are outstanding.”

Peter Hunt

“This is an excellent course, very useful and very clear.”

Maria Smirnova

“Excellent, it is very useful! I'll put into practice all the knowledge that I've taken here.”

Jesus Flores

“Very helpful followed with tough questions to test you on skills delivered.”

Nitesh Gurnani

“This taught me many valuable pieces to creating and customizing pivot tables, and getting them ready for others to utilize.”

Debbie Kline

“Met my expectations in terms of content, level of complexity and teaching approach (using real-life examples).”

Jean-Guy Zakrevsky

“Absolutely loved the class. Extremely valuable and taught in bite size easy to follow lessons. These classes will help me take my pivot table skills to the next level. Great job! I can’t wait to start applying what I just learned and start my next class.”

Kip Kipila

“Very helpful. ”

Tanya Mekeal

“I just finished another great Excel course. Thank you Go Skills!”

Chelsea Seiller

“it was easy to understand. ”

Jagruti Shah

“Great insight into a very valuable Excel skill! ”

Varun Perera

“great course!”

Alister Yarde

“Easy to understand with great user interface. The instructions are clear for users to follow.”

Mohd Shahril

“Excellent course. Course content is very thorough. I learned a lot.”


“I learned so much about pivot tables. It was broken down into easy to learn modules.”

Pammy Ann Patton

“Exceptional teaching skills Mr. Puls!”

H. Heidemann

“The courses were absolutely amazing. Each course was just the right amount of time, so it wasn't too much information to absorb at once. Having the practice sheets really helped me out since I am a hands on learner. I could use the practice sheet to mirror what the instructor was teaching. I also really liked that there was a short quiz at the end of each section, so I could test the skills i just learned. Prior to taking this course I was really unsure about everything related to Pivot Tables. Now I am confident enough that I use it on a daily basis at work. I highly recommend!!”

Christopher Mound

“Clear and useful course. A good reminder of basic functions and some really useful tips for making the end reports more useful to management. ”

Emily Harris

“Great examples and use/application discussions. Love the course, thank you.”

Stephanie A Zuck

“This course is very helpful.”


“Great course. Easy to follow.”

Joseph McCauley

“Content thoroughly explains pivot tables ”

Jessica Martinez

“It is a great tool to learn in-depth about Pivot Tables in a short time.”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Simply Exceptional. thank you!!!”


“I enjoyed it. I especially like the mini lessons so you don't get overwhelmed with any one concept.”


“Very informative, thank you.”

Christina McCall

“It was very informative and helped me a lot. Thank you”

Bronwynne Thomson

“Another excellently-paced course that explains concepts in a clear manner.”

Tracie L. Brown

“The GoSkills Microsoft Advanced Word program certainly increased my confidence in document management. I now think of mail merge as a process of logic. My ability to include Table of Contents and referencing has benefitted greatly, also. The opportunity to create and Index another valuable tool. The Styles feature also thoroughly highlighted for streamlined formatting options. I recommend the program as a refreshing insight into the topics of advanced document presentation.”

Fleur Pepper

“Love Andy, she's always concise and clear!”

Lydia Rozenberg

“Very informative! I am excited to use these skills both in the workplace and in my home office. Andy makes the steps clear and easy to follow.”

Chantel Forsberg

“I have learned so much from this course. I would advise everyone to take it, even if they think they know it all. What a great teaching tool! I was able to refresh skills I needed to be reminded of.”

Eileen Alek

“Very useful.”

Patricia Motta

“It was very good. I enjoyed it very much and I gained extreme knowledge of advanced Word. I am glad I learnt this course. It will help me in my university assignments.”

Sivasharmini Jayatheesan

“I enjoyed the course, found it to be clear and well presented. Andy is a good teacher, thank you to her.”

Alexia Lawson

“I enjoyed this Advanced course very much. I didn't realize there was so much on Word that I wasn't using. Andy is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. ”

Barbara Kerns

“Absolutely loved Andy and how clear and interactive she was. I have learned so much through this short course. ”

Shanon Ramdaw

“Goskills presents a professional and detailed way of learning. 😀”

Lisa Clark

“Excellent course and excellent instructor!”


“Well done and easy to follow.”

M Opper

“Extremely helpful and easy to understand.”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Very useful and helpful!”

Juan Pablo Cortes Campos

“I enjoy the teaching style Andy presents the class. She is very thorough and goes through the steps to help you have a clear and concise understanding.”

LaRanne English-Lawrence

“Very very detailed and learned new ways to make the job easy.”

Alvaro Ibarra

“I find the courses all very informative and helpful. They're all well setup and explained.”

Terence V. Davis

“Pretty humorous. Made the review of the course fun.”

Angela Buckman

“Easy to follow and very detailed.”

Dana Donaldson

“This was hard and challenging but the information was great, I was able to follow along and do the exercises. At the end I learned a lot and I am glad to pass it and take it! On to the next!”

Perianna Brown

“Great class and very informative! ”

Melissa Zuniga

“I really enjoyed these classes. And I learned a lot!”

Linda A. Branch

“I love learning new functions in Word and this course made this possible. thank you!”

Katia Tonnini

“I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher's voice while learning new skills. Thanks GoSkills!”


“Very helpful and easy to understand!”

Michele Hart

“I loved it ”

Sharon Sussman

“Lots of things, handy tips.”

Karen Peiffer

“I learned many items I never knew existed. It was very informative. I really like the teacher - very calm voice”

Cheryl Young

“I wish I had taken it in my university years! It is really useful!”

Anonymous user

“Fantastic. Great refresher. ”

Shannon L Nolan

“Great content. Course was informative and easy to comprehend.”

Donna Macintyre

“Just what I was looking for and needed!!”

Desiree Williams

“Thanks GoSkills, the Finance for Non-Financial Professionals course has improved my business sense and I have gained valuable insight of the practices and a new vocabulary to interpret accounting data management. To assist other student, I can comment : The program covers the strategies of following the impact business development and its subsequent tracking using financial/accounting principles. Topics of: structure, analysis, development, options and measurement are highlighted as key guiding components . I definitely learnt from the professional insight of using a business model and financial plan. Following on: background is given to the practices of effective costing and the business strategies to uphold a successful projection for operational management of projects and annual budgets. The theme of the overall study enabled my better understanding of recording and developing business planning for profit/loss analysis. ”

Fleur Pepper

“I really enjoyed this course. Some of the modules were easier, and some were really in-depth especially for someone with no Finance background. Overall, this gave me a much better insight to Finance than I previously had.”

Jim Leary

“Clear and concise material and presentation. Well thought-out and valuable. I was engaged from the start to the end. Great for Managers who need to understand the basics of accounting! ”

Errol Taitt

“It was a good overview of finance. ”

Karen Shelley

“Great course and the presenter, Ray Sheen! ”

Lee Kheng Yew

“It provides a decent overview of the topic. The instructor presents the material well, and the practice exercises are helpful.”

Erin K Tobin

“Easy to learn by watching the short videos, found them really helpful.”

Noeline Ohlson

“Value for money and suitable for beginner”

Eunice Tan

“Great teaching and learned very quick!”

Joella Lockette

“This was an excellent course. I'm not typically a fan of computer based training but the content, presentation and materials were excellent.”

Matt Deutsch

“I was a complete beginner and didn't know almost any financial terms. But the explanations made sense to me and now I can understand basic finance for businesses.”

Janet Hilts

“Thank you! Ray Sheen makes this so understandable!!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Great, digestible bits of information that are put into terms a non-finance manager can understand.”

John Boy Whitaker

“Great course. Very clear explanations and easy to follow. I enjoyed very much. ”

Samuel Eyassu

“Easy to understand and very informative!”

Anonymous user

“Great Course. I learned a lot”



Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Sometimes we think we know something, then you do a course like this and you find out how much you really did know. Then you find yourself learning a lot more. Really great.”

Michele Eleanor Hall

“Very well executed learning!”

Brandon Moore

“Excellent. Clear, concise and very helpful.”

Terry Bratfish

“Interesting. I am always looking for more ways to expand my knowledge in this subject. ”

Ashley Tipton

“Well structured course with great fundamentals”

Kristian Clements

“Informative ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Great course. Very clear and understandable. Recommended!”

Airrion Mike

“This was a very informative and educational course. I actually enjoyed it!”

Gregory Bridgewater

“Great course ”

Coby M. Griffin

“Very clear and precise explanations which made it simple to understand.”

Miriam Jessop

“Very straightforward clear and concise. Ray Sheen is an excellent teacher. ”

Theron Bart

“I have enjoyed these lessons with Mr. Sheen. I believe that these courses have given me a competitive edge in my undergraduate studies, as well as in my current full time job. I am very thankful to be able to study on this platform! Best regards, KC”

Kimberly L. Carter

“Very informative and comprehensive, especially if you’re a newbie.”

Donna Macintyre

“This is a great course for anyone to take that's looking to get some insight into financial statements.”


“Detailed and informative course”

Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Amazing course. Helped me understand everything related to finance.”

Stuti Awasthi

“Loved the short sections, broken into simple chunks.”

Natasha Tucker

“Very informative & easy to understand!”

Simon Reedman

“Good to Great :)”


“This was a great course. ”

Matt Robb

“very good, easy to understand”

David Sealey

“Very detailed and well explained ”

Harry Lafferty

“I enjoy this course and it is very much informative.”

Ava Johnson-Anthony

“This course has taught me how important my role and function as a District Manager is to my company. I got a better understanding of the different reports submitted on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. ”

Carmileta Joseph-Ferrette

“Very helpful in understanding the basics of project management from the finance side.”

Michael Tirrell

“I found the content of value, and challenging enough to feel that I learnt something new that I can apply in the industry. ”

Esté Booysen

“This was a good course and I managed to grasp skills in project finance.”

Monde Lincoln Brian Salaze

“Very usefull! ”

Jesus Flores

“An excellent course, really enjoyed it. Will re-cap the content before my subscription expires to ensure it sticks in my head!!”


“Difficult but worth it.”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Simple and enjoyable! Great Course!”

Gabriel E. Mejia Polanco

“This course is highly interactive and educating”


“Lots of depth to the knowledge and fairly challenging.”

Kristian Clements

“Practical and useful.”

Anonymous user

“Excellent course. Feeling like moving toward PMP certification :-)”


“Interesting course for a better understanding of Finance across project management. Lessons are clear with practical examples. I highly recommend this training course.”

Joana Sofia Dias Oliveira

“Very good and insightful”

Paul Götz Strauß

“5 Stars ”


Anil Sagar

“Great course. Thank you!!!”


“Really enjoyed the presentation. The tips and tricks to improving myself in public speaking will give me a lot more confidence.”

Sheryl Olsson

“This was really a very good course. I do a lot of public speaking for my job, I've always felt I did well and I've received a lot of favorable feedback. However, I got a lot of information to help ensure that in the future my presentations are even better. I rarely use PowerPoint but in the upcoming months I'll be using it even more for my presentations. All of the information about using PowerPoint will better prepare me, so I'm very, VERY appreciative to have learned this information sooner rather than later.”

James Leary

“Excellent course. Extremely simple. Very clear to the point. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Samuel Priest

“I'm very happy to follow this course. I have learned a lot: how to tell stories, how to better maintain your audience, one slide, one idea. Now I'm more confident in public speaking. Thanks to GOSKILLS ”

CISSE Bakari

“It is such a great and useful public speech course! I am so appreciated for your help and advice. I will use all of the tips and tricks in my next group presentation. Good luck. Thanks again.”

Wenjing Tang

“Feel great and confident.....I just loved it..Thanks😄”

Shilpi Nath

“I loved the fact you could move at your own pace. I have taken public speaking before so it was nice to just quiz out of the lessons!”

Brianna Tozer

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank you so much TJ :)”

Carole Besson

“Great! We are inclined to deliver awful presentations, but TJ's tips are a savior to savor!”

Amit Manubhai Kheradia

“These courses are the best. The best instructors and very informative.”

Elaine Carla Cook

“Really like GoSkills. The instructions are easy to understand.”

Sharon Walker

“Thank you so much it was amazing.”

Sameer Markabawi

“Short videos are very informative and easy to follow.”

Davone Banky

“Fantastic course, very relevant information.”

Fernando Powell

“This course provided excellent tips and guides from a well presented tutor. It was great listening to him and getting a better understanding of what was required in order to gain confidence in public speaking. ”

Stephen Gilman

“This course has given me a great start to be successful in my new career as a public speaker”

Renee Smith

“Nice course, very focused on the real improvement!”

Vladimir Mendoza

“I liked this class. It was easy to understand, made sense and the teacher is engaging. I'm pretty sure I'll be more confident in public speaking after what I learned in this class! ”

Rae Bruno

“Excellent! There are so many mediocre to bad presentations, everyone should review this before making a presentation.”


“Great course. Very helpful.”

Christian Niederst

“Informative! TJ, you're the best! I will watch your speech and practice the way you speak”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“TJ had some very useful tips that I can incorporate right away. I got a lot out of this course.”

Anonymous user

“i found his course very interesting. i have gained a lot of knowledge and more confidence how i can prepare a speech when speaking to my team”


“Excellent learning skills, simplified!”

Brandon Moore



“Great advice and easy understandable and applicable. ”


“Great points made by TJ that are common sense but are important to realize.”

Anonymous user

“Easy to follow and learn”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Fantastic! Easy to follow.”

Kavi Siewdial

“TJ is a great teacher, I love the direct style! Extremely helpful and will refer back to this over time.”

David Schlesinger

“Excellent presentation with great Key points to take away. Will definitely assist me in my next presentation. thanks”

Gloria Yawn

“I really appreciated the course and valuable tools in public speaking!”

Patricia Pudwill

“Amazing course. TJ was a great presenter.”

Moore, Breylinn L.

“Excellent presentation. Course was easy to follow, information was relevant and points were concise.”

Donna Macintyre


Ying Zhou

“This course gave a lot of great tips for being a great public speaker. I specifically liked how it mentioned not to be afraid of your own voice, as you hear it differently from everyone else and it doesn't mean you have a bad voice. This is something I have struggled with for a while and it gave me some peace of mind.”

John Maye


Ruzanna Elchyan

“Great timely speaking, calm actions, and good lively examples. ”

Andrew Deane

“The speaker was very engaging.”

Donna Yu

“Very informative and extensively explained. ”


“Great instructor and his message gets across loud and clear.”

Beatriz Cabellos

“Liked the style of the speaker MR. TJWalker. Content given here are very relevant and informative. I will definitely implement the strategies given by Mr. Walker. Thank you sir ”


“Very helpful, thank you so much.”

Armineh Almary

“Learned some cool tricks within MS Outlook. Thanks, GoSkills and Andy Lanning for this fantastic course.”


“I loved the complete ease of taking this course. Having the information readily available to me and able to go over with the tutorials helped ease me into areas I have been completely oblivious to for lack of knowing. Now that is not the case. I am excited to take on the advanced course and tackle it and become even more knowledgable. The sky's the limit. Or is it the bandwidth is the limit? lol ”

Matthew Upton

“Very good structure, really easy to understand, overall very good for beginners!”

Max R

“Well presented. Surprisingly enjoyable. ”

Nick Stewart

“I thought this course was excellent. I will definitely purchase the advanced version as well.”

Shana Pollack

“I found each lesson to be short enough to remember most of what was taught, but long enough to highlight all the important aspects.”

B. R. Rip

“Very easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn and master Excel.”

Nick Donaldson

“I started to skip the "basic" lessons, since I have used excel for years. I'm glad I didn't. I learned a lot of new and faster ways.”

Richard Tarrillion

“Excellent and informative! Highly recommend it!”

Juan Cortes

“good very explanitory and had good detail”

Teagan Price

“Very practical. The orator has a very clear accent easy to understand for non natives. A great discovery. Thanks Goskills.”

Ricardo Burgos

“Good course for a beginner. ”

Abhinav Jha

“Easy to understand and in short bite-sized pieces”

Leroy Pearce

“Really good - being able to do the exercise, then practice and test meant that I was really pleased (and surprised) with my retention by the time it came to the last test.”

Anonymous user

“Great course to understand the basics of excel. There are a lot of pieces of information that I would suggest someone taking the course to go through the videos more than once. ”

Anonymous user

“Very good course overall. Excited to continue learning.”


“Simple to understand and follow along. Thanks!”

Anonymous user

“Excellent, will definitely continue with other courses. Highly recommend. ”

Anonymous user

“The videos are short and easy to understand. Then, there's the downloadable practice which helps solidify the learning/understanding. ”


“Great way to learn Excel tricks for Mac”

Francisco Hernandez Olaya

“Really loved this course! Super helpful!”


“I absolutely loved this course. Easy to understand the person who was teaching it, lessons were short. Learned A LOT. Highly recommend this course to friends and family. ”


“Good for visual learners”

Chi Bashangi

“This taught me everything about Excel for mac”

Ebonye Jackson


Xiaolong Lu

“As a heavy user of excel and many functions and filtering, this was both a nice refresher course. As well as I learned about a few features I was not using or aware of (i.e. Data Validation, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, Trace Precedents, Trace Dependents, Combining Chart Types to name a few). The course was well done with great examples and I would highly recommend it to others. ”

Stephanie Beeker

“Course does a great job of cutting to the important stuff and going at the right speed. ”

Anonymous user

“Great teacher. Good lesson notes to save for later.”

Mike Cooper

“Awesome course! I learned a lot of helpful things!”


“Very helpful course with good introductions to some of the advanced courses. Well executed lectures and tips to keep one on the right track with each tool.”

Stephen Leckvold

“Individual video lengths are well planned to keep students focused and practice exercises help master the skills fast.”

Okyay Nalcaoglu

“Clear and concise.”

Hannah L. Stokes

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“I really enjoyed the format and the host of this course. The instruction style was simple and easy to follow, and the sequencing of the course was great, starting with more basic functions and building to more advanced features.”

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“Excellent course! Helped me to understand more about what the SCRUM team do and what my role will be as a product owner. Would definitely recommend!”

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“Very well detailed and planned course that gives you great beginner knowledge of Agile/Scrum. ”

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“Great introduction into the world of Agile/Scrum and understanding of each member's role on a Scrum Team!”


“Thank you for the great experience, I really enjoy taking this class. It is not my first Scrum training, but this is better than the previous one that I have taken!”


“I enjoyed learning about Agile Scrum methodology and can’t wait to apply the principles to my work environment.”

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“Good course and thoughtful presentation.”

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“Very useful”

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“Excellent course, good content and good questions.”

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“A good overview of Scrum/Agile concepts.”



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“Professional tutor and practical composition of lessons. ”

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“Very happy with this course.”

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“A well-delivered course with an excellent pace. I particularly liked the use of practical examples and honest, clear reasons why sometimes Agile/Scrum is an inappropriate project management methodology.”

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“Great ”

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“I found this course to be fairly easy to use and follow. I want to obtain more eduction to add to my resume as I continue to grow in my profession and GoSkills has allowed me the opportunity to increase my knowledge at my pace. ”

Matt Robb


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“Very clear and engaging! ”

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“Really helpful for someone who is not in sales, but is in a position to still "sell" to clients. As a consultant, this was very informative and the examples were really effective. I enjoyed the host too. He was passionate and friendly. I'm looking forward to more courses taught by him. ”

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“Great instructor. Loved his energy.”

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“Excellent sales training course!!”

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“great speaker”

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“Loved this course! I would highly recommend taking Introduction to Marketing first-a lot of the concepts overlap. Very engaging!”

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“Phenomenal course, will recommend David Brownlee to others.”


“Got a lot of great techniques from this training, really enjoyed the excitement in all the videos, it kept me wanting to see more.”

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“This was a valuable course! I liked the pointers provided and the explanations as to why the prescribed steps would be helpful. Thank you!!”

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“Great course. The instructor was very clear.”

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“- Study at my own pace - Very clear instructions, easy to understand - Notes available for download - Not boring at all :) Thank you very much, I highly recommend this course to anyone.”

WU, Kin Ling (Amy)

“Short videos to keep your attention and great detail!”

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“Easy, fun and fast! Can not wait to start the other courses! Thanks guys!!”

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“Very thorough and informative. Appreciate the ability to take courses at your own pace.”

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“The value of these courses in GoSkills are worth much more than they have charged me for. Best source for instructed self training online!”

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“Love this training! Lessons are presented by Ray Sheen who speaks clearly and professionally which makes this material easy to learn throughout the entire course. Following completion of the course, did 100% on final exam. Hoping to pass the IASSC exam. More to follow. Highly recommend taking this training through Go-Skills.”


“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time!”

Christian Grundman

“Very well presented”


“I have absolutely loved this course. The lessons are small enough that I can easily get at least one or two completed every day while being packed with valuable information. I highly recommend the courses Go Skills provides, I'll definitely be taking more!”


“Excellent course. I really enjoyed the material, very easy to follow!”

Juan Camilo Fabra Prieto

“Excellent course. The course content is clear, and the cases are easy to understand. As a supply chain engineer, through the guidance of Mr. Ray Sheen, I have sorted out my knowledge about Lean six sigma project management. Thank you very much.”


“It was remarkable. ”

Shalini Parameswaran

“Terrific course for someone looking to learn the basics.”

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“Ample review of the basic team member knowledge requirements for Lean Six Sigma projects and concepts. Recommended for those desiring to become more involved in this methodology”

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“An excellent and informative course!! ”

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“Some very interesting information on marketing skills for beginners”

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“David's energy and passion for the subject truly enhances the learning experience!”

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“Fantastic! David's enthusiasm and repetition are conducive to retaining the information.”



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“I found this marketing course very interesting and has given me a lot of insights into pursuing marketing”


“Good material and great presenter.”

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“Great coach with great presentation skills of great information.”

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“This course was very useful and easy to follow along and understand.”


“Great course work layout and very informative”

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“Extremely helpful and information! I will definitely be applying these tips in an effort to improve my marketing skills.”

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“Excellent course with simplified explanation of course material. Thoroughly enjoyed the material. Made the learning process quite easy.”

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“Fantastic coach / teacher”

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“David’s an excellent tutor and I got good value from the program”

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“This course is very informative. I enjoyed it!”


“Explanation was on point ”


“Got to know much about marketing, helped me to get the clear understanding of how it works. Usage of examples in between helped me understand it with more clarity. ”

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“This course was informative! I learned current, useful information and terminology. Thank you!”

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“The instructor is very relatable and the lessons are easy to follow and understand. This made virtual learning interesting and fun.”

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“Really enjoyed the set up of the course, made it that much easier to understand how everything works as concepts kept building upon themselves. Also liked that none of the lessons were jam packed. I was able to pick up on the main concepts that were supported with examples. ”


“It was so easy to understand. I understood each segment clearly. Thank you for this lovely course. The content was understandable and straightforward.”

Nehal Magdy Mohamed Rifaat

“Very clear and effective information. David is an enjoyable trainer and made this course smooth.”

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“Excellent course, course instructor provided help when I had a couple of technical glitches and he made something very complex easy to follow. Will definitely recommend.”

Clare Williams

“Great introduction to Excel and how to use it.”

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“The Teacher for this course is excellent. The learning, extremely useful.”


“Excellent course and teacher”


“Great course - Liam's approach was spot on and I learnt masses.”

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“Liam was a master in explaining the topics of financial modeling, he provided great insights on how to use tricks to automate calculation. Excellent course! As a non-native English speaker, transcripts were so useful for me to follow along”

Juan Gabriel Agüero Avila

“Very well set out course. Very informative, gives a good idea of what is needed to build financial models. Everything is well explained, top marks. ”


“The Presenter is Knowledgeable, Hilarious and an Amazing Teacher. He balances theoretical and practical examples allowing viewers to quickly understand and learn concepts and tools. All Excel Users should do this course despite industry. ”

Anil Sagar

“It was interesting and remarkable. ”

Shalini Parameswaran

“Good look into setting up the financial statements in Excel to ensure accuracy and completeness.”

Peyton Johnigan

“Easy to follow, as are all the Go Skills courses. I started doing graphics with CorelDRAW many years ago, and there were effects I know how to create there, that I just wasn’t finding in Ai, yet I knew it had to be possible. This showed me where to find what I needed, and lots more. ”

Dawn Murphy

“Great course! :)”

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“Fantastic! Easy to follow.”

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“Very informative and easy to follow! Loved it! Cant wait to further my skills!”

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“Great course! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“Great course, great presenter, despite the jokes, very knowledgeable on the subject.”

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“Awesome course and the lecturer Liam was most amusing! ”

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“Great course! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“Fantastic course. Fast, to the point, and very clearly explained. Exactly what I was looking for. ”

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“One of the best classes I've taken. Very easy to follow and was interesting throughout the class.”

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“I am taking this course as a refresher and I learned new stuff and finally understood a whole bunch of other stuff... good stuff... ”


“Very easy to understand: Good English. Perfect pace for me.”

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“Great instructions! ”

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“Super helpful!”

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“Very clear and concise!”

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“very well done”


“I love this course. Greate introduction! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“John elder is a great teacher.”

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“Excellent, clear and informative. Will definitely recommend.”

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“Excellent Course. Great instructor. The lesson easy to understand and follow.”

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“I found this course to be affordable, easy to follow and very useful. I am pleased with the course and plan to implement my new knowledge immediately!”

Anonymous user

“This is perfect for learning how to do some coding in such games as Minecraft, which runs on JavaScript.”

Rafael Antonio B. Beltran

“Great course, good practical instructions with slightly different exercises to ensure you understood what was just covered in the course.”

Daniel Nichols

“Great course!”

Dušan Mišjak

“Another great course from John Elder. Explained so well and at a rapid pace, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. ”

Nicholas Gill


Jose De leon

“Awesome Course. The Instructor was great. He made everything plain and simple and easy to follow!”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“I thought this was a great course to take. It helped re-solidify some concepts and allowed me the opportunity to put those concepts into practice on my own. The videos are short and to the point. The instructor was great and I liked how he showed the different options and styles that you could use when writing an element. The quizzes and other resource tools are also very helpful in making sure that you're able to understand and lock in the material.”


“It is good to take the class on demand to refresh concepts as needed. Thank you. ”

Tina D Cervantes

“Learned so much!”

Lori Thompson

“Fun and the instructor made things easy to follow. ”

Daniel Edward May

“Instructor was easy to understand and follow. ”

Gina Mcewen

“Amazing course. Loved every second of learning this.”

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“Great refresher and learned how to debug more effectively!”

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“Greate course! Excellent explanation of Macro basics.”

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“GoSkills courses are always both informative and interesting. I enjoy doing additional training with GoSkills and enhancing my knowledge. Thank you”

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“A useful introduction to understanding and writing appropriate coding language in Excel.”

Rebecca Naughten

“I really had a nice time learning from Ken. He explanations are easy to understand! I'm really grateful to have been taught by him, this course was awesome.”

Tekena Jim-George

“This is a very solid introductory course to VBA within Microsoft Excel. Ken Puls is a great instructor who tells you everything you need to know. He is able to speak to all skill levels and add a tidbit here and there for those people at a higher level within Excel. I really appreciate him making this course because it has taught me valuable skills that I can only make in my future with VBA. Thank you Ken and Goskills for making this course!”

“Excellent Course”

Eslam Ahmed Gouda

“The Excel - Macros and VBA course is excellent. Ken did a great job presenting the information in an easy to follow manner. The ability to replay videos and proceed at my own pace certainly helped me focus on the areas I found more challenging. Thanks, I will now look into the other GoSkills Excel courses!”

Peter Gatenby

“Very enlightening ”

Varun Perera

“This is the second course I have taken so far and I am learning a ton. This was an amazing course that taught me everything I needed to start programming in VBA. Highly Recommended!”

Christian Jeremiah Ryan

“A great introduction to the subject and the possibilities it offers.”

Bob King

“Excellent introductory course on Excel Macros and VBA.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“I found the course very clear and well paced. The course tutor was excellent and I found him easy to listen to and to understand. Thank you. ”


“Excellent course, very useful information”

Terry Bratfish

“Great course! Very useful and concise information, in perfect small chunks to digest!”

Andrew S. Pollastrini

“As someone who knew nothing about Macros or VBA, this course was extremely helpful. The videos were interesting and easy enough to go along with. I also loved that you can download the excel file and work with the video and that you get feedback for incorrect answers on quizzes.”


“This course has helped me develop my skills with the program immensely, and I will definitely revisit these modules to refresh my knowledge. ”

Sean Adil

“Excellent course! I have been using VBA in the context of Access and am trying to transfer those skills into the Excel world. I found many concepts that were solidified by the explanations in this course. It was very understandable and easy to follow.”

Donna Waterman

“It was absolutely a masterpiece!! enjoyed and learnt a lot”

Dilshan Anandan

“Similar to material covered in collegiate coding classes, this GoSkills course will enable you to converse with programmers!”

Lloyd Woodbridge

“I thought VBAs and Macros will be very difficult, though I have interest in that, you made it very simple and kindle my hope; after this course I realized I can really do great with VBAs. Thanks so much, I really loved this ”


“Excellent course!”


“I started the course with a very basic understanding of VBA coding and this course propelled my skill set several levels to where I feel very confident in writing VBA Code. The course is presented in a very intuitive, easy to follow format. The tips and advice along with the knowledge base provided with each lesson logically and systematically builds onto each other perfectly and at a pace that allows understanding and application of what you learned. Thank you again for another wonderful experience! ”

George Owenby

“Thanks a lot! I am very happy with this.”


“Awesome Course. Great Instructor who is knowledgeable and explains in detail the subject matter.”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“ The videos where very helpful. Great instruction! ”

Anonymous user

“This course was very informative!”

Jessica Murray

“Great useful information and simple to understand. Only thing you need to do is put it into action. ”

Akil Brown

“Excellent insight for Productivity Application. The course builds upon the value of instant information - through contemporary notebook to board presentation, tasking, team connection and time management. ”

Fleur Pepper

“Excellent course. Easy and straight forward!”

Anthony Lee Howard

“very good beginner’s course ”

Soshinie A. Singh

“Well laid out and useful information.”

Lance Broyden



“I'm very happy with this course! Thanks a lot!”


“Great Course. Easy to follow and understand. Excellent Instructor”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“I had some SQL experience and wanted to see what this course had to offer. It was very straight forward and definitely useful for any SQL beginner. The instructor did an excellent job explaining each SQL statement in all the videos. ”

Randy Jashinski

“The instruction was very concise, the visuals were very helpful.”

Heather Boyd

“Excellent course for a beginner.”

Anoop Suraj Ambikumar

“Very informative and loved the way he has taught it.”

Salman Afzal

“Nice course. It was short and easy to learn, not boring at all.”

Swapnil Choudhary

“It is the best platform to learn SQL, I believe.”

Prem Prakash Srivastava

“This course was educational and fun. The instructor sounded very friendly and was a pleasure to listen to.”

James Dyke

“This course is a GREAT introduction to SQL. Would recommend! ”

Ian Jesse

“Thank you, John Elder! This was a concise introduction to SQL. I liked the course design and videos! The quizzes reinforced the important points in the video segments. Well done!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“This has been a great program for learning basic SQL and I look forward to other courses. Thank you so much for having such awesome learning material.”

Shawna L. Adkins-Gray

“You made it very simple to learn! Thank you!”

Danae R Richardson

“This was an awesome course. I was able to follow along and practice what the instructor was telling me. It really has me interested in data analytics and I'm excited to watch another course!”


“I am really happy with this course and I think it will really help with my exam!”


“Great job on this B.O.K. for lean principles. Ray Sheen was a good choice for delivering these lessons. Explained them well with excellent presentation materials. Thanks Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“I enjoyed this course. The concepts are explained well and the tips and tricks Ray provided as narrator was excellent and I will surely apply them. ”

Bianca Jongbloed

“Most challenging course so far on Go Skills, that's good”

Harry Smith

“Awesome course and instructor!”

Jesus Rey Ramirez

“Presenter is quite knowledgeable and presents the information in manageable bits and pieces.”

Anil Sagar

“Excellent training, in all respects, some subjects are complex, but the methodolige is good. I really lapreciate this lean six sigma green belt training ”

Belhassen Absi

“Thorough and also presented in a way that is easy to understand”

Jessica Martinez

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time!”

Christian Grundman

“Great resource for learning the material. The practical applications allow you to practice the basic concept and the quiz helps to identify weak points. ”

John M. Schmitt, Jr.

“I love the fact that these certification courses were given in "bite sized" sessions, that there were exercises and answers to download after each session, and you get multiple chances to pass their final exam. Then, they'll tell you the # right and wrong and what areas you need to study. They can't tell you the exact Q&A you got wrong, which is pretty normal. I also love that I can go and explore other courses that if I wanted more info on a particular area of this program. The session will tell you if they offer additional session if you want to learn more about a, b, and c. Well worth the money!”

Angela Rothschild

“Fantastic work by Francesco as usual. Comprehensive and complete content with useful exercises.”

Michael Yang

“Thanks, this was an awesome course”


“I follow this wonderful guy on Youtube and he is an amazing speaker and I like to listen to his voice. The course was very informative and I set up my Todist during the course. Great job!!! Would love an update to this course in the future with more features and usage of Todoist and productivity.”

Donna Daman

“It was informative and I learned new things.”

Christina Mansour (RNA/OP-SCL)

“Neat course with concise information”

Kristian Clements

“Very comprehensive course about SPC, I really like the formulas to create SPC charts and also the addition of Minitab examples.”


“Great on line training for beginners. Ray Sheen is a rock star at simplification. He explains the lessons with clarity and precision. He really wants you to get it and use it. Thank you Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“Great instructions how to conduct SPC!”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Thanks so much, this was a very informative course ”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“This course led me through the introduction I needed to understand the different SPC Charts and why and when to use them.”


“Very informational, well taught”

Kim Sapia

“Ken explains the subject content thoroughly while maintaining simplicity. I shall be pursuing more BI knowledge through him.”

Connor Ford

“Fantastic course. The trainer is very well spoken and articulate, and describes the content in a very easy to understand manner.”


“Excellent material! Excellent presentation.”

Anonymous user

“This course was a thorough introduction to Power BI.”

Julie Mattson

“Very informative and fun creating visuals. The instructor is brilliant and keeps you engaged in the course. Highly recommended and loads of fun.”

Nathan Jared Freese

“Great! ”


“Easy to understand and well explained. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

justin brown

“Great high-level overview of python”

Jessica Martinez

“The course is very easy to understand with good grasp on basic python language.”

Chirag Gulati

“A great introduction to Python, and covers all the basics just like it said on the tin. John was a great teacher, easy to listen to and it was clear he knew what he was on about.”


“The instructor was very knowledgable.”

Timothy Guerin

“I really like the addition of Minitab during the examples!”


“Great course, if we apply to our real work in measuring present process, then we can understand it perfectly ”


“Very good course on Measurement Systems Analysis.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“The videos are clear and easy to understand, great complement to the Lean Six Sigma material.”


“I've enjoyed this course. With the included practice lessons, I feel more and more confident I'll be able to put into practice what I learn. The GoSkills staff are also helpful when I have questions during a lesson. ”

Cyndl K Hale

“I found the use of data in the variable and attribute GRR examples to be helpful in understanding the formulas. Seeing actual result data as opposed to variable names made it clearer.”

George Thurrott

“Great course explaining Measurement System Analysis in the context of Six Sigma. Straightforward and covers all topics. ”


“Well presented for pace and information. The Bullet and Waterfall charts and templates shared are very useful, I learned a lot of new, neat little tips and tricks to present a great Dashboard.”

Errol Taitt

“Very interesting, learnt a lot of new tricks.”

Jillian Wright

“Thanks to this course, I could develop a functional Productivity Dashboard that was recognized by Senior Management on my organization. I really love the detail oriented support that Go Skills offers.”


“The greatest of the Excel courses”

Harry Smith

“Great course, in terms of content and delivery. The videos are concise and an ideal length. It's very useful have a practice worksheet and completed worksheet for each lesson. ”

Anonymous user

“Very informative, I will definitely be taking some more courses. You explained well and the exercises were useful to work alongside the videos.”

Bhavin Sodha

“The teaching style and format are great! Recommended! ”

Airrion Mike

“Highly informative, clear delivery, takes you through the entire process of dashboard creation with some original tweaks.”

Nicholas Addy

“Just like other GoSkills courses, it covers many important things we have to consider during preparing Excel reports. ”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Very good”

Dooheon Bill Ghim

“Very helpful tools for taking your charting knowledge to the next level and beyond!”

Matthew Mike

“This course is great training that you can use to enhance your knowledge when using Minitab. I really like the way it's designed to help you to understand the theoretical and practical side of using Minitab.”


“A lot of data and measures to absorb but Ray made as simple as possible by using his expertise in breaking down each category of hypothesis testing and simplifying it. Thanks Ray!”

Ronny Rice

“Great course!”

Sarah Heller

“There was nothing easy about this course. I am more than satisfy about the quality of this course.”

Fernando Escobar

“Excel and Minitab applications are useful.”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Good review of hypothesis testing”


“Great teaching skills from Ray”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“The course was very comprehensive and covered the topics as I expected and the learning level was just right. I would gladly watch other courses by this author. The video and audio quality is excellent. The exercises files were very helpful and are key to learn more by doing instead of just watching. I was able to apply everything learned in this course at work and is amazing that Power Query was the only tool that can make that happen. ”

Zulaika Gonzalez

“Excellent training, easy to follow; great impact to my everyday work load”

Tatiana Parsons

“Another excellent course! Clear and concise.”


“Great for the beginner! Clear explanation and easy to follow.”

Pebhe Xarhisma Utami

“I was in tears during some of the sessions! Absolute essential for anyone dealing with Excel”

Spyros Kalykakis


Dooheon Bill Ghim

“Ken Puls is an amazing instructor and I recommend all of his courses if you are working with Excel or large datasets on a regular basis. Very easy to follow and apply to real life scenarios. Thanks!!”

Savannah Hauck

“I´ve gained many skills! Thank you!”

Luis Huete de la Puerta


Rafael A. Vasquez

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling


Deborah Daraz

“I am very pleased with the quality of the Power Pivot course. Highly recommend anything from Ken Puls. ”

Chelsea Seiller

“Really awesome course”

Md. Kaysar Kabir

“Ken is an awesome teacher and makes learning manageable and fun!”

Brianne Janine Adams

“The content of this course, the pace, and the functionality of the platform it runs on were all excellent! The moderator (Ken Puls) also was extremely clear and easy to understand, and provided great general and best-practice tips. Perfect bite-size lessons that were brief and to-the-point, well thought out to build on key skills, with great exercises to build "muscle" memory, and solid quizzes that hone important points rather than just punting with simple questions to satisfy one's ego, along with clear graphics. I especially liked the ability for accelerated playback when reviewing a lesson I didn't pay complete attention to. I would highly recommend this course to others, and I look forward to try other courses.”


“Great course!”

Barbara Blake-Chapman


Dooheon Bill Ghim

“Got 100 percent on my test for the first try, seems I am improving :) Thank you!”

Ven Shi

“The course gave me a good understanding of how powerful Power Pivot is. I have referred back to the trainings several times as I work on my own projects.”

Susan Loucks

“Exceptional content with easy to understand examples and helpful tips. Clearly, Power Pivot is a game changer and I look forward to putting it to use.”

Matthew Lee

“Excellent Course”

Eslam Ahmed Gouda

“Excellent course on Lean Six Sigma principles and helps to get ready for Black Belt certification by IASSC.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“Great course with easy to digest modules.”

Jessica Chai

“Thank you so much! This was not easy, it was challenging, the way it's suppose to be. Love it!”

Fernando Escobar

“Excellent class. Very informative and I can see how to use this in many different ways in my organization.”

Hanns Schweis

“Exceptional course delivery approach”


“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time! Loved the examples and visual learning used throughout the lessons.”

Christian Grundman

“Excellent, intuitive, widespread in content, can't wait to do the next course!”

Axel Nussbaum

“Just perfect ! Exactly what I wanted”

Englebert Anye Che

“Excellent course! Classes are the perfect length, lessons are accurate and well presented. Very satisfied!”


“Clear instruction, outline of principles, and practical wisdom from an expert in the field. Recommended as a great, thorough introduction to the field material. ”

Stephen Leckvold

“One of the best courses I have ever come across. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Nadeem Salim Khan

“Good content regarding FMEA.”


“Great examples, clear explanations and the test was appropriate.”

Patrick C. Clancy

“This course is great. I am quite clear about how to use FMEA now. Although I am a recent graduate and a newbie, this course has given me a stepping stone to get started. Thanks for precise and clear instructions. At first, it seemed confusing, but as I took time to understand with the exercises, I felt pretty confident. Thank you for the awesome course. ”

Chirag Paladiya

“Educational and informative course. It explains all aspects of conducting a FMEA and includes the criticality of a FMECA. Highly recommend this course.”


“The host very efficiently delivered the material and described things briefly and concisely allowing it to be taken in easily.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“I would highly recommend this training course! Having a number of years of experience on the subject matter I still learned a great deal from participating in this course. I found the balance between the video presentations and supporting course materials was excellent. The activities and quizzes in support of each of the learning outcomes were a great way to recap and challenge your learning.”

Derek McLurg

“Great training with awesome materials, great explanation. Thanks a lot. ”


“A great way to learn”

Ira Schwartz

“Great! This was hard to do but I enjoy it. Wow! Go Skills has impacted my life in a short period of time. ”

Fernando Escobar

“Good course, understand DOE much better ”


“Ray Sheen is an extremely experienced master in this field. He analyzed everything in this course and I have actually enjoyed all his courses that I have taken. Thank you Goskills for providing this opportunity on this platform.”

Ibrahim Koleosho

“Well crafted!”

Vishwajeetsinh Rahevar

“Excellent course. The short videos, exercises and quizzes made it easy to absorb the information. I now feel prepared for the CAPM exam! ”

Ingrid Watts

“Great training and carefully curated videos that capture each aspect of the course.!!”


“Very informative and helpful. ”

Natalie Binette

“Excellent course, well presented and easy to understand ”

Anil Sagar

“Ray Sheen did an amazing job keeping the presentation material concise and valuable. This has been a wonderful tool in my continued learning and will certainly help me reach my goal of a CAPM.”

Adam Michael Bryck

“Love it! Learned so much...”

Lebogang Angela Laktionov

“Loved it. Very clear and short videos made it more "appetizing" for consumption. Also, Ray, the presenter/instructor was well spoken.”


“Good foundation course for project management. Introduces a lot of important concepts in small bites, paving the way for additional training.”

Tim Hodge

“Very informative and straight to the point. However, some key points Ray spoke on where not written in the slide so be careful to pay attention to everything he says, even the end of each lesson when he does the lesson closeout.”

Bria Kennedy

“I am just beginning the process of becoming a Associate Project Manager. This course covers complex topics in a highly digestible format and provides good feedback for review topics. ”


“Really well-structured course. Wonderful tutorial session. Highly recommended. ”


“Extremely helpful course!”

Alex Romero

“Easy to follow. Great course. ”

Susan Chioles

“Fantastic tool for beginner.”

Sheetal Amin

“Very informative and easy to follow course. Always enjoy Ray Sheen's lectures.”

James Dyke

“Project meetings was short - less than an hour but packed with useful information!”

Zach Hoffman

“This was my first course completed through this platform and I learned a lot, looking forward to being part of more courses like this.”


“This course provided excellent suggestions and guides to improve project meetings and overall communication.”


“Very short and simple but highly informative.”


“Simple, high-level overview of the basic principles and outline of Lean Six Sigma. Well executed”

Stephen Leckvold

“This course provided an excellent baseline for someone learning about these topics for the first time.”


“Very interesting and informative. I did not know anything about Lean Six Sigma but now feel like I have a good basic understanding of what it is.”

Kristen Slaten

“Very detailed but, very easy to follow. I truly enjoyed the course.”

Marilyn Hidalgo

“Great Course!”


“A very good introduction to the lean six sigma course.”


“Good course. Learned quite a bit. Course was presented in a simple manner that allow me to easily relate the concepts.”


“Great course! OneNote is an underutilized tool that can help keep my day organized and productive.”

Troy Allen

“This is one of the best courses that I have found on Go Skills. Mr. Fragale has an excellent teaching style. He breaks it down into smaller lessons and his recap of the pertinent information at the end of each lesson really helps one to retain the information. I had no problem with the quizzes or the final exam because of the way he breaks down all the information. I really enjoyed this course and hope to see more courses taught by such a skilled professional. ”

Wilma Rutherford

“Tom did a great job teaching us about Microsoft OneNote. The lessons were bite sized and well organized. It was an enjoyable journey! ”

Derek R Boyd

“I liked the way the topics were broken down. ”

Alysa Galvan

“Tom was great! Enjoyed the course.”



Nelson Nolasco

“I really appreciated the instructor. They were thorough and went over important topics several times. Great course.”

Kevin Louro-Moore

“I liked that the lessons covered one thought at a time in small bites.”

Donna Waterman

“Thank you Tom for the clear, step-by-step instructions, I learned to use OneNote and used it right away for my project~ It's a very powerful program. The course is highly recommended :) ”

WU, Kin Ling (Amy)

“This was a great course with a great instructor!”

Jennifer Schoen

“Very well explained. In the end of the course, I was able to use in my reports all what I learned from here; particulary creating Dashboards was really interesting! ”

Enerieta Dergjini

“The instructor was very prepared & spoke slow enough to follow along & retain information.”


“Great course, and good pace. Learned a lot :)”


“Bite size and to the point courses. Well thought out details!”

Okyay Nalcaoglu

“After completing this course my job actually made more sense. Thank you.”

Angela L. Gray

“Excellent instructor and easy to understand.”

Md. Tanvir Bin Elias

“Definitely Excel for Accountants”

Chase Gamble

“Very useful lessons. I highly recommend these courses to people who want to work smart.”

Irene (EY) Yeon

“good for personal decision making”

Rob Powell

“Excellent instructor. ”

Betty Anne Manning

“Deb is so easy to listen to, and she does an excellent job talking through her steps. I felt this course was very thorough for a beginner-level course.”

Christina K. Bateman

“This is a brilliant course and Deb Ashby is a wonderful teacher. The whole process of producing an appealing presentation was made easy through a step-by-step guide. Thank you, Deb! ”


“Excellent, very user friendly course. Really enjoyed the fact that a ppt was fully built over the course of the lessons. A very clever way of incorporating the teaching of each skill.”

Stacey McNutt

“Very detailed, great course!”

Rafael Ruiz

“Absolutely loved this course. So easy to follow. Great pace and amazing presenter. Learnt a lot. Have recommended to several work mates.”


“This was a great course! Tableau is so fun!”

Kristen Stevens

“Great instructor and great for those new to Tableau! Highly recommend!”

Michelle Schuster

“Honestly, there is no better way to start learning Tableau than what Goskills has created using John's expertise and fun way of learning. He actually demystified the fear and complexity of learning Tableau...kudos”

Ibrahim Koleosho

“The course was very thorough and clear. ”


“Fantastic training and easy step-by-step guidance.”

Austin Samuel

“A good foundation for beginners and it's also easy to understand. Thank you!”

Kimberley Ann E. Torres

“Very smooth course and easy to follow!”

Matthew Mike

“Fantastic training and easy step by step guidance.”

Noveria Tjahjadi

“This is a great course with great advice. TJ helps you remember tricks and advice quite easily all with just his presentation ability”

Marc Harris

“This course is great to learn and understand the basics. The biggest take away from this course is to practice, practice practice! and make sure that whenever you speak you focus on the audience's needs and give interesting stories that connect to your key points. ”

Brittany A. Thomas

“TJ Walker makes the course easy to understand, I really enjoy his courses.”

Hidei Xiong

“This course is very helpful. Practice makes perfect! ”

Virna Raquel A. Falsis

“Good, common-sense, useful, and practical methods for improving one's communication skills. Great pointers! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“I had no idea how to prepare for a good presentation, now I have the knowledge, thank you very much.”


“wonderful basics class that I was able to digest easily and had good takeaways.”


“Enjoyed the learnings. Thank you for mind testing part 2 framework. I thought the tutor delivery and the content support documents were the perfect balance of listening (not death by PowerPoint) and practical sessions.”

Darren James Edwards

“Curso con excelente didáctica que cubre temas que van desde herramientas simples, formateo, tablas dinámicas, fórmulas, macros, gráficos, seguridad, entre otros.”

Francisco Ferreira da Silva Junior

“A lot of good information you can use every day. ”


“Amazing course!!!”

Kuldeep Bhadouria

“This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!”


“This course was able to teach me the basics of business writing through bite-sized, no-fuss, and informative lessons!”


“The business writing course was very informative.”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“This course is very important and interesting. I learned how to communicate with clients with reports, memorandums, and official letters.”

Karla Edith Novela Iniguez

“Super easy to follow, and the short burst lessons are great!”

Nikki L Weiner

“Super easy to put into practice. So glad I took this course, I didn't think I would need it yet it's definitely knowledge I could use. ”

Heather Lynn Alarcon

“Easy to follow and I liked the way it was broken down so it wasn't too overwhelming.”

Hannah Mitchell

“Nice introduction to SharePoint Online! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Learned so much about SharePoint!”

Desiree Stepaniuk

“Very useful course for those needing to learn Sharepoint.”

Rochelle Earl

“Great course, Definitely helped in learning about SharePoint and is knowledge that will be utilized at work.”

George Owenby


Avinash Manack

“Very helpful for someone who has never used PowerPoint. Easy to understand. ”

Christie Wilkins

“Deborah Ashby has been an awesome instructor.”

Orlando Luis Negron Arroyo

“You're a good teacher. Thank you for good explanations and understandable directions.”

Yvonne Huskisson

“Great information! With so many employees working remote the advice is spot on.”

Dorothy Deveraux

“Great course!”

Anita Rickwood

“This course offered a lot of common sense and best practices. I appreciate the instructor's candor and clarity. This is a great course for anyone planning to perform any form of remote work.”

David M. Harper

“This course was very informative for me. It gave me some necessary tools regarding the Customer Service industry. I have already begun utilizing them, I would love to do another course.”

Lorraine Spencer

“Lot's of great reminders and refreshers now that we are in a virtual work world.”


“I really enjoyed this course. ”

Juliette Rochelle Halse

“Very good course”

Esemoto Raphael Ndoh

“Awesome! 😍”

Olusola Timothy Ogundepo

“I learned so much about Word that I didn't know before even though I've used Word for years. It is actually amazing what all Word can do. This was definitely worth my time.”

Angela Kaye Porter

“I love this self-paced platform! ”

Honey Joan Gerez Cabiladas

“Concise program of study, useful templates and logical application of topic information conveyed. Thanks GoSkills”

Fleur Pepper

“What NOT to do, when to do certain things & what social media channels to use in what circumstances all quite helpful! Thanks!”

Bonnie Haufe

“Fantastic course. Very thorough & engaging. ”

Braden Krebs

“Excellent overview to using Google Drive and apps.”

Scott Chaput

“I loved this course! It was so easy to follow. The instructor spoke clearly and concisely, making himself easy to understand. Each brief video lesson was accompanied by a Reference Sheet, applicable Lesson Activity and brief Quiz. Each part of any given lesson was thoroughly laid out to complement the other parts giving it unity and further clarity. I would highly recommend this GoSkills course to the novice or average Google Drive user. ”

Rebecca D Rice

“The Google Drive course provides excellent instruction. I now have a sound skill base to use the application, confidently. Thanks Go Skills!”

Fleur Pepper

“Fairly in depth content across the google app spectrum, and a good style of examination.”

Kristian Clements

“Informative and helpful ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Very good course! Thank you!”

Mariana Stancu

“The bite sized lessons, quizzes and the point system were helpful in completing this class! Great course, thanks a lot!”

Anagha Romi

“Very interesting things I didn't know or couldn't remember from school.”

Chrisalisse Martinez Nunez

“I learned how to confidently create presentations in Slides, edit Docs with your team in real time, and create pivot tables and charts in Sheets. You'll also learn how to design infographics in Drawings and make surveys in Forms. By the end of the training, you will have mastered the fundamentals of Google Drive and Apps to increase your productivity and seamlessly collaborate with others.”

Gloria Jane C. Palima

“Expert tutoring.”

Arun Sebastian Abey

“Excellent course.”

Sarah Newton

“Easy to follow and well presented.”


“Fantastic, I learned a lot and will refer back to keep my learning going. ”

Janna Rogers

“Easy to follow and well presented, as always on GoSkills. This course has introduced me to a great app. Hopefully it will really help my freelance business.”

Dawn Murphy

“This was a great overview of Trello. ”

Anonymous user

“Best Trello course ”

Haifa Eissa Al Zaabi

“I just finished taking the GoSkills Yellow Belt course and passed my IASSC exam on the first try with a 92%! This course is by the far the best organized and presented I've seen, at a better price.”

Karl Baedeker

“This is a great training program to study and use with other books on LSS yellow belt. I feel pretty confident that with a few more hours of study I can pass the IASSC yellow belt exam.”

Glenn Steinke

“I really enjoyed this course and I will highly recommended to any person. I will continue to study the attachments from each lesson until I can feel more confident to pass the IASSC Yellow Belt exam.”


“Really concise, practical and informative course; recommended either for new certifications or for refreshing.”

Jose Luis Sosa

“Ray was great!”

JR Ladson

“Useful information and knowledge for all industries to learn ”


“Very useful!!! Thanks, Ray Sheen and GoSkills group!!”

Sivaraman Hariharan

“As the name suggests, the course gives you beginner to intermediate level of understanding of data analysis with python. The course is precise and to the point. ”

Chirag Gulati

“Well explained and made simple for easy learning”


“Loved how easy it was to learn! ”

Sarah Benni

“Really superb”

Jayaprasath Navan

“The course is well-structured and really interesting :) I have learned a lot of new things, and I am pretty sure it will help me in my project planning for all my new initiatives”

Aleksandra Jastrzębska

“Deb Ashby excellent job!!!! Energy and presentation of course was on point!!! 🏆”

Tierre Wright

“Very informative ”

Yvonne Ramirez

“I enjoyed the course. It was very thorough and clear. Thank you.”


“I really enjoyed this course and the tools and resources it provided. These resources will come in handy for future use. I appreciated the pace and organization of the course. The facilitator did a great job. Thanks. ”

Patricia Debassige

“Great course”

Michelle Keel

“Excellent course.”

Natalie Binette

“Great bite size course that's quick and easy to follow ”


“This course is short and straight to the point. All the content was spot on.”

Kao Akana

“It provides a very clear template for an often difficult subject. Realistic and engaging. ”

Syranno Baines

“Great course. ”

Wendy Towgood


Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Concise, effective advice on speaking as a leader.”

Stacey McNutt

“Great tips and tools to improve any presentation”


“Great! ”

Marija Slare

“Very helpful tips for public speaking. ”

Patricia Debassige


Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Nice course!”

Victor Manuel Godoy Contreras

“Great Course”

R. Kelly DiLorenzo

“ the course was perfectly designed , you can go at the speed you need and also practice new knowledge. Easy to understand and take notes ”


“Excellent speaker with engaging material.”

Andrew Perez

“I enjoyed the course. It was very informative and learned a lot. ”

Jamie Donnelly

“easy to follow, instructor was excellent”

Albert T Trujillo

“Good information and a good refresher. Can always pick up new information.”

Paul Teigeler

“it was easy to follow and it had good information”


“He was very clear about everything and this video was like listening to a close friend. Great job! Thank you”

Lisa Golden

“This should be required learning! Great info even for those who have used Outlook in the past.”

Hannah Brock

“Easy to follow along and I'm much more confident in my ability to use MS Project.”

Jeffrey S Price

“Very easy to understand.”

Yuleidis Milagros Valdes Aguilar

“Ken explains the techniques and tricks in a very clear and concise manner. ”

Jeremy Wakeford

“This course is great for accounting jobs as well as market research and data analysis.”

Jing Liu

“Great Course ”


“Instructor was thorough and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning excel!”

Ryan McConnell

“Great course with easy language ”

Zubeir mohamud mohamed

“excellent course!”

Nabila binti Basir

“I have learned a lot in this training and course. ”

Johanna B. Prila

“I really enjoyed this course and found the information very helpful.”

Tyler Banschbach

“Great course. Love the short videos and mini quiz after each video.”

Jamie Walker

“Great course, learned a lot, very helpful examples.”


“Great course to learn about customer service and mindset :)”

Airi Kohlbach

“I learned so much from this course! The videos are short, yet you get thorough detailed step by step instructions on how to work every aspect of Microsoft Word along with tips, tricks and shortcuts. ”

Danae Grant

“I can’t wait to take what I have learned back to my team! ”

Ryan Lynn Halvorsen

“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Awesome course and great instructor!”

Darlene Cunningham

“loved it!”

Olga Holm

“What a powerful course”

Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Excellent course, well paced and informative.”

Patrick Peja

“Very helpful in understanding my leadership style and improving my skills”




“Highly recommended! The instructor was fantastic - very informative and pleasant. ”

Christi White

“Very helpful and informative.”

Betty Collard

“I enjoyed the course and thought is was very informative”


“Awesome information and very helpful.”


“Easy to follow very informative ”


“I am glad that I had this opportunity to learn from this course Thank you so much ”

Luciana Hasboun

“Great and very informative! ”

Keesha Kearns

“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones

“Easy to understand, simple, quick and to the point.”

Owen Mathew

“I enjoyed this course. I learned so much!”

Jasmin Casares

“Great content. Easy to follow along. Instructor had a great tone and explained the tasks in a simple straightforward way. ”


“Great course, great instructor! ”

Jennifer Schoen

“This was a great introductory, and probably refresher course to Microsoft Project. I feel very confident in being able to use MP after taking this course.”

Charles A. Strawberry, Jr.

“There is much more to Outlook than I was aware, and am excited to begin to using these tools! Great Course! This will definitely help me be more efficient at work. Thank you!”


“Very good videos and instructions. Loved It!”


“The instructor had a great pace, voice, and humor. It was not only easy to follow along, but I was looking forward to the lessons every morning.”

Sonja Spinarski

“It was a great learning experience. Positive attitude kept me hooked on all videos. Great understanding with provided examples and scenarios.”


“Loved the energy - loved the information. Thank you!”

Kacey Crum

“Great information especially for those who are new to leadership positions. Helpful organization tips for teams and projects. ”

Hannah Brock

“Very informative, thank you!”

Veronica Cooper

“I found the course knowledgeable, informative, and helps give a body of understanding to project leadership”




“Exceptional Trainer! ”

Carolyn Mastrotucci

“Very useful and easy to follow”


“Amazing materials.”

Noor Hassan

“It was an outstanding course! It was very well structured, understandable, and straight to the point. I loved the fact that the presenter talked from his own experience. Thank you!”

Flor Cisneros

“I thought I knew Outlook until I did this course. Terrific tips and tricks in here.”

Angela L. Gray

“Lots of great tips and tricks to make using Microsoft Project more efficient.”


“Excellent Course. Highly recommend it. The short tutorial videos are GREAT and very Informative. Thank You!”

Ivlin Brown

“Easy to follow and understand! ”

Armani Alonzo-Young

“The classes are broken down perfectly. It made it easier to understand and retain the information.”

Christie Wilkins

“Great course! Loved the pace and overall structure.”

Tim Luehrssen

“Very informational, well taught”

Kim Sapia

“One of the most exciting classes I've taken in years!! ”

Crystal Renae Golladay

“Learned some great tips and tricks as well as the basics!”

Desiree Stepaniuk

“Excellent, relevant and concise content. The 5-10 min videos were perfect to keep interest and not get bored or confused”

Marissa Mohammed

“Really good course. Gave me the basics that I needed to start using Microsoft project. ”

Patrick Peja

“Presenter was so knowledgeable, easy to understand, made the course very interesting, and had a good sense of humor.”

Jennifer Bleakley

“Amazing course, very informative and educational. He is a great instructor.”

Jose Johnson

“Great information on how to carry yourself and present yourself. These lessons give you tools you need to perpare for every day life.”

Yvonne Ramirez

“Great course, I have learned so much.”


“Very educative.. I loved it!”

Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

“Very informative!”

Natasha Mumbua Olaba

“Great Course, I enjoyed every step of it”


“This course is very helpful, concise, informative ”


“I love the step by step breakdown”


“Great course, highly recommend this to everyone. ”

Shawner Powell

“This course was very helpful and the instructor provided great examples to explain his customer service techniques. Thanks. ”

Patricia Debassige

“Excellent course”

David Sealey

“An excellent knowledge resource for those starting out with MS Project.”


“Extremely informative and helpful, I have learnt quite a few new things about working with Outlook which i hope to implement.”

Dwayne Augustin

“Very informative, easy to follow”

Justyna Ciagwa

“I did it!! Thank you so much for give me the opportunity to learn all this important information! ”

Karla Edith Novela Iniguez

“Enjoyed the course and tips to improve body language! ”

Colette Massengale

“This course was nicely paced, well thought out, and informative, easy to understand.”

John McCain

“Easy to follow, short simple classes that can be done with limited time. Great tips from someone very knowledgeable. Highly Recommend. ”

Sheena Hutchinson

“great learning tool”

Matthew Alfaro


Kiersten S. Petree

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“Awesome Course”

David Carr

“Great course with solid learning materials and a fantastic instructor.”


“Good pointers! Thank you!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Love this course! ”

Ashley Tipton

“This was very interesting. They guy was energetic and it was easy to watch.”

Maria Rodriguez

“I really enjoyed the entire course!! very informative and simplified. Thank you”


“The course was a great starting point in understanding Project Management!”

Julie Mattson

“Very good content. ”


“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“Absolutely LIFE CHANGING --- so much of my professional life has been hampered by not understanding WORD, this instructor was awesome ... loved her level of detail and clarity and pace ! ”

Melisa Dion Johnson

“Awesome speaker and information. ”


“This course is packed with useful information! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Awesome course material and extremely useful. ”

Martin Weigle

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling

“Very good explanation on how to use Microsoft Project Tool. ”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“informative and easy to follow ”

Mercedes Solano

“Great course”

Dee Brown

“Was very helpful. Great course!”


“Great instructor. ”

Drew Martine

“This is an excellent course. I have now done it twice and loved it both times”


“Fantastic Course”

Sorita Lucky-Samaroo

“Great overview of advanced excel features that I will actually use in my daily life.”

Peyton Johnigan

“Great courses.... Very relevant to today's job market needs ”


“Very great instructor. He explain everything with details and also gives very helpful tips and things to do to help you be your best. ”

Padee Vue

“This was a great refresher for me! The pace of the course was exactly right! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Very informative and easy to follow instruction. ”


“very helpful”


“Really well done. Information was spot on.”


“Outstanding information!!! POWERFUL”


“Training was great!”


“This is a great course and Andy Lanning is a wonderful teacher. Highly recommended!”


“Absolutely worth it!”


“The Photoshop Beginners program provides an insightful introduction to the realm of imaging and design principles. The explanatory tutorials and practical application instructions for layering, masking, filtering, colouring and text graphics are key fundamentals and create a vibrant syllabus for learners. Thank you also, for the compact and concise program style.”

Fleur Pepper, Office Assistant

“I have just completed the 'Photoshop for Beginners' course. Having not used Photoshop before, I was expecting it to be a daunting task, but was really surprised by how easy it was to follow the video tutorials and the other course content. Now I feel quite comfortable using Photoshop and can't wait to complete the advanced course. Thank you very much GoSkills Team!”

Jason Potts

“I enjoyed the Advanced Word course so much that I wish there was even more to learn. Andy made it enjoyable to follow along. ”

Kimberly Purcell


Anonymous user

“This course, Data Analysis with Python, has peaked my curiosity into a lot more than I bargained for. The instructor is marvelous - he manages to make some of us smile with him as he cracks little jokes about the course nuances. The support team are very courteous and very helpful. I'm coming for more courses to learn!! Keep up the good work. and that is "the rest of the story" team”

James Arwa

“The course was a great refresher and very helpful.”

Michele Swanson

“Very helpful!”

Lydia Betty Augustine

“GREAT LESSONS!!! Very detailed!!! AAA+++ Perfect to know the basics and extremely detailed Excel information, codes and expert hints.”

“Hi TJ, Thank you ever so much for all your advice. It was a great course and I learned a lot!”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“Very informative and loved that is was in short 5-7 minute burst. Was able to retain the information better and could work on it even when I didn't have a lot of free time. ”


“GoSkills has helped me gain a deeper understanding of PowerPoint, and is a great addition to my CV. Thanks!”

Tamara Hill, Student, Otago University

“Course was very informative and interesting.”

Kamal Ramdhan

“I really enjoyed the PowerPoint course: I learnt features I didn't even know existed, and I'm confident my future presentations will be a roaring success. I found particularly helpful the lessons about the Presenter View: such a powerful tool to have at your disposal!”

Pietro Ferrario, Electronics Engineer, DiaSorin S.p.A.

“Excellent PowerPoint course: It has greatly improved my knowledge and confidence in the use of PowerPoint. I found the instruction superb and enjoyable to complete.”

Mike Eade, Western Australia

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was an excellent way to refresh existing knowledge of PowerPoint and filled in some gaps.”

Shannon O'Malley, PA/Administrator, McArthur Management Services

“Just wanted to say thanks for the PowerPoint course - so informative and really interesting. I learnt so much and am thrilled that I undertook it.”

Angie Fowler