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Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the GoSkills Unlimited courses:

“Very interesting, and so helpfull! Will recommend it to anyone!!!”

Este Pieters Photography

“Excellent course. Thank you so much, I learned SO much!”

Susette Kruger

“great course”

gayle murphy

“Easy to follow. Videos are interesting and exciting so that I didn't easily get bored. Would recommend this course to everybody.”

Jason Potts

“Thank you very much! It was very helpful! ”

Ionut Daniel Tatomir

“Howard is amazing!”

A Shavandi

“Learning all these new skills were amazing. Thank you so much!”

Dante' Bagattini

“Very easy to understand, I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

Alvin Swift



“Easy to follow, very informative, lessons not too long so you don't get bored.”

Karen Rolph

“Great course, would suggest this to others!!”

Lida Badenhorst

“It was very nice to learn Photoshop. Thanks for such good videos.”

Hiren Thakkar



“Professional tutor and practical composition of lessons. ”

Noel A.

“Loved it. Very informative and easy to follow. Really breaks it down from a layman's perspective.”

Melissa Lopez

“I found the content of value, and challenging enough to feel that I learnt something new that I can apply in the industry. ”

Esté Booysen

“Great information and review of Agile/Scrum methodology. ”

Bryan G. Anders

“Concise program of study, useful templates and logical application of topic information conveyed. Thanks GoSkills”

Fleur Pepper

“Good review of steps needed to get certification through PMI”

Bryan G. Anders

“Great course with lots of examples and course materials related to all business sectors. ”

Bulent Pelit


Dušan Mišjak

“Fantastic course. Fast, to the point, and very clearly explained. Exactly what I was looking for. ”

Nicholas Gill

“Easy to follow, as are all the Go Skills courses. I started doing graphics with CorelDRAW many years ago, and there were effects I know how to create there, that I just wasn’t finding in Ai, yet I knew it had to be possible. This showed me where to find what I needed, and lots more. ”

Dawn Murphy

“Another great course from John Elder. Explained so well and at a rapid pace, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. ”

Nicholas Gill

“Great introduction to Excel and how to use it.”

Scott Chaput

“What NOT to do, when to do certain things & what social media channels to use in what circumstances all quite helpful! Thanks!”

Bonnie Haufe

“Dear Teacher, Thank you so very much for this interesting, well-presented course. I've learned a lot but will go through the course again just to become a better Keynote user. ”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“Easy to follow and well presented, as always on GoSkills. This course has introduced me to a great app. Hopefully it will really help my freelance business.”

Dawn Murphy

“John elder is a great teacher.”

Nicholas Gill

“I am really happy with this course and I think it will really help with my exam!”


“Very comprehensive course about SPC, I really like the formulas to create SPC charts and also the addition of Minitab examples.”


“Excellent course and teacher”


“Great on line training for beginners. Ray Sheen is a rock star at simplification. He explains the lessons with clarity and precision. He really wants you to get it and use it. Thank you Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“Great job on this B.O.K. for lean principles. Ray Sheen was a good choice for delivering these lessons. Explained them well with excellent presentation materials. Thanks Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“Very informative, and good mix of diagrams and lecture! Quizzes were great at reinforcing the lesson without being too cumbersome.”

Dan Kuriluk

“Very informative, and built perfectly on the previous course!”

Dan Kuriluk

“Great course - Liam's approach was spot on and I learnt masses.”

Darren Coxon

“Thanks a lot! I am very happy with this.”


“The Teacher for this course is excellent. The learning, extremely useful.”


“Liam was a master in explaining the topics of financial modeling, he provided great insights on how to use tricks to automate calculation. Excellent course! As a non-native English speaker, transcripts were so useful for me to follow along”

Juan Gabriel Agüero Avila

“Great useful information and simple to understand. Only thing you need to do is put it into action. ”

Akil Brown

“Great refresher course for me as I last used Scrum 15 years ago.”

Anonymous user

“Great course! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“Great course! :)”

Dušan Mišjak


Jose De leon

“Excellent presenter, he uses easy to understand lingo and relates professional experience in easy-going manner. Like the short duration of each lesson, made it possible for me to complete a few each night, feeling I made steady progress.”

Bettie van Straaten

“Very well presented, easy to understand and especially liked the bite sized lessons which range between 4 to 6.5 minutes each.”

Bettie van Straaten

“Thank you for providing such a helpful course with easy-to-understand videos!”


“User Interface is commendable.”

Dhruv Mandhyan

“Great course! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“Great course!”

Dušan Mišjak

“I love this course. Greate introduction! :)”

Dušan Mišjak

“Good course. Straight to the point and informative.”

Aaron H. Williams

“Good course and thoughtful presentation.”

Aaron H. Williams

“I enjoyed the course and the pace was just right, also enjoyed the exercises and watching how the solution unfolded.”

Ray Watkins

“An excellent course, really enjoyed it. Will re-cap the content before my subscription expires to ensure it sticks in my head!!”


“Difficult but worth it.”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Great introduction into the world of Agile/Scrum and understanding of each member's role on a Scrum Team!”


“Very well set out course. Very informative, gives a good idea of what is needed to build financial models. Everything is well explained, top marks. ”


“Really awesome course”

Md. Kaysar Kabir

“Loved it!”

Ilaria Triggiani

“Excellent, clear and informative. Will definitely recommend.”

Clare Williams

“Great course, great presenter, despite the jokes, very knowledgeable on the subject.”

Bob King

“I am taking this course as a refresher and I learned new stuff and finally understood a whole bunch of other stuff... good stuff... ”


“This was a great overview of Trello. ”

Anonymous user

“Very well put together course that makes a complex subject easier to understand”

Imran Mandani

“Easy to follow and able to complete at own pace.”

Nicholas Scott Turner

“A well-delivered course with an excellent pace. I particularly liked the use of practical examples and honest, clear reasons why sometimes Agile/Scrum is an inappropriate project management methodology.”

Paul Everett

“I enjoyed watching the tutorials and I will reference the course frequently as I continue to work with PowerPoint.”


“Excellent Overview and course key notes!”

Gabriel Gray

“Very easy to understand: Good English. Perfect pace for me.”

Volkmar Travnicek

“Excellent, well organized course on Agile/Scrum !!!”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“Good content regarding FMEA.”


“One of the best classes I've taken. Very easy to follow and was interesting throughout the class.”

Rhoda Reynolds

“Great examples, clear explanations and the test was appropriate.”

Patrick C. Clancy

“I am very pleased with the quality of the Power Pivot course. Highly recommend anything from Ken Puls. ”

Chelsea Seiller

“Brilliant! Short and easy to compartmentalize the learning curve, clear information and explanations. Oh, and the page works really fast and error free which makes it stand out. ”

Bogdan Gaspar

“This course is great. I am quite clear about how to use FMEA now. Although I am a recent graduate and a newbie, this course has given me a stepping stone to get started. Thanks for precise and clear instructions. At first, it seemed confusing, but as I took time to understand with the exercises, I felt pretty confident. Thank you for the awesome course. ”

Chirag Paladiya

“Fantastic course”

Ryan Ocera

“5 Stars ”

“ The videos where very helpful. Great instruction! ”

Anonymous user

“Great instructions! ”

Joanne K Ansolis

“Awesome Course. The Instructor was great. He made everything plain and simple and easy to follow!”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“The coach's teaching is inspiring and very interesting!! I've learnt a lot from it!! Thank you!”


“Ken is an awesome teacher and makes learning manageable and fun!”

Brianne Janine Adams

“It's very intuitive and gave me all the the credentials I needed to get ready to start my business. Thanks GoSkills you all are the best”


“Excellent Course. Great instructor. The lesson easy to understand and follow.”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“It is good to take the class on demand to refresh concepts as needed. Thank you. ”

Tina D Cervantes

“Awesome Course. Great Instructor who is knowledgeable and explains in detail the subject matter.”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“Most challenging course so far on Go Skills, that's good”

Harry Smith

“A great way to learn”

Ira Schwartz

“Excellent insight for Productivity Application. The course builds upon the value of instant information - through contemporary notebook to board presentation, tasking, team connection and time management. ”

Fleur Pepper

“I enjoyed learning about Agile Scrum methodology and can’t wait to apply the principles to my work environment.”

Sean Cohen

“Fantastic work by Francesco as usual. Comprehensive and complete content with useful exercises.”

Michael Yang

“Great! This was hard to do but I enjoy it. Wow! Go Skills has impacted my life in a short period of time. ”

Fernando Escobar

“This course is highly interactive and educating”


“Excellent course”

Lesther Rafael Hernandez Arellano

“Awesome course and instructor!”

Jesus Rey Ramirez

“Simple and easy to digest. ”

Christopher T. Chun

“Simple to follow and the quizzes are a big help.”


“Thank you for the great experience, I really enjoy taking this class. It is not my first Scrum training, but this is better than the previous one that I have taken!”


“Great course. The presenter provides lots of context and examples to better clarify concept. Looking forward to next training about the role of the Scrum Master!”

Pietro Ferrario

“This was a great course. ”

Matt Robb

“I enjoyed this course. The concepts are explained well and the tips and tricks Ray provided as narrator was excellent and I will surely apply them. ”

Bianca Jongbloed

“Excellent class. Very informative and I can see how to use this in many different ways in my organization.”

Hanns Schweis

“Great instructor. Loved his energy.”

Jen Hribar-Wala


Martin Gardner

“The notes printing was exceptionally useful to learn about!”

Jonathan Coupe

“Neat course with concise information”

Kristian Clements

“Great instructions how to conduct SPC!”

Mc Lein Roger M. Lubiano II

“Excellent course, course instructor provided help when I had a couple of technical glitches and he made something very complex easy to follow. Will definitely recommend.”

Clare Williams

“Lots of depth to the knowledge and fairly challenging.”

Kristian Clements

“Very interesting and fun ”

Esherdai Singh

“Fantastic, I learned a lot and will refer back to keep my learning going. ”

Janna Rogers

“It was informative and I learned new things.”

Christina Mansour (RNA/OP-SCL)


Luis Munoz

“The teaching style and format are great! Recommended! ”

Airrion Mike

“Excellent course. Feeling like moving toward PMP certification :-)”


“Excellent course. The short videos, exercises and quizzes made it easy to absorb the information. I now feel prepared for the CAPM exam! ”

Ingrid Watts

“Practical and useful.”

Anonymous user

“Great course. Thank you!!!”


“Simple and enjoyable! Great Course!”

Gabriel E. Mejia Polanco

“Excellent training, in all respects, some subjects are complex, but the methodolige is good. I really lapreciate this lean six sigma green belt training ”

Belhassen Absi

“Great course, very well explained.”

Austin Parker

“Ray Sheen did an amazing job keeping the presentation material concise and valuable. This has been a wonderful tool in my continued learning and will certainly help me reach my goal of a CAPM.”

Adam Michael Bryck

“Fun and the instructor made things easy to follow. ”

Daniel Edward May

“Easy to understand and well explained. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

justin brown

“Excellent! Engaging content, in easily digestible segments.”

Nadia Dubeau

“Loved this course! I would highly recommend taking Introduction to Marketing first-a lot of the concepts overlap. Very engaging!”

Heather Kies

“Very simple and straightforward explanations.”

Anonymous user

“This was a very informative and educational course. I actually enjoyed it!”

Gregory Bridgewater

“I thought this was a great course to take. It helped re-solidify some concepts and allowed me the opportunity to put those concepts into practice on my own. The videos are short and to the point. The instructor was great and I liked how he showed the different options and styles that you could use when writing an element. The quizzes and other resource tools are also very helpful in making sure that you're able to understand and lock in the material.”


“The Presenter is Knowledgeable, Hilarious and an Amazing Teacher. He balances theoretical and practical examples allowing viewers to quickly understand and learn concepts and tools. All Excel Users should do this course despite industry. ”

Anil Sagar

“Very straightforward clear and concise. Ray Sheen is an excellent teacher. ”

Theron Bart

“Awesome course and the lecturer Liam was most amusing! ”

Anne McDonald

“Interesting course for a better understanding of Finance across project management. Lessons are clear with practical examples. I highly recommend this training course.”

Joana Sofia Dias Oliveira

“Love it! Learned so much...”

Lebogang Angela Laktionov

“Great high-level overview of python”

Jessica Martinez

“Very detailed and well explained ”

Harry Lafferty

“I would highly recommend this training course! Having a number of years of experience on the subject matter I still learned a great deal from participating in this course. I found the balance between the video presentations and supporting course materials was excellent. The activities and quizzes in support of each of the learning outcomes were a great way to recap and challenge your learning.”

Derek McLurg

“The value of these courses in GoSkills are worth much more than they have charged me for. Best source for instructed self training online!”

Nicolo Alexis Duran

“Presenter is quite knowledgeable and presents the information in manageable bits and pieces.”

Anil Sagar

“Loved it. Very clear and short videos made it more "appetizing" for consumption. Also, Ray, the presenter/instructor was well spoken.”


“Excellent course, well presented and easy to understand ”

Anil Sagar

“The course allows the novice to grasp the required knowledge and skill to prepare presentation. The course contents were short and precise.”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“This is perfect for learning how to do some coding in such games as Minecraft, which runs on JavaScript.”

Rafael Antonio B. Beltran

“Thorough and also presented in a way that is easy to understand”

Jessica Martinez

“Very informative with excellent learning and testing techniques.”

Chirag Gulati

“Just like other GoSkills courses, it covers many important things we have to consider during preparing Excel reports. ”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Very well presented”


“Very clear and concise!”

Pranav Kafle


Anil Sagar

“Easy to follow. Great course. ”

Susan Chioles

“Very Good!”

Ying Zhou

“Good course, understand DOE much better ”


“Just like other Goskills courses, it was well organized. Exercises were very helpful. ”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Fun and easy to follow. ”


“Excellent course. I really enjoyed the material, very easy to follow!”

Juan Camilo Fabra Prieto

“I have absolutely loved this course. The lessons are small enough that I can easily get at least one or two completed every day while being packed with valuable information. I highly recommend the courses Go Skills provides, I'll definitely be taking more!”


“Very interesting, learnt a lot of new tricks.”

Jillian Wright

“As the name suggests, the course gives you beginner to intermediate level of understanding of data analysis with python. The course is precise and to the point. ”

Chirag Gulati

“Excellent content and presentation. Coach is exciting and engaging. A pleasure to watch and therefore learn from.”

Donna Macintyre

“Great energy and a lot of good tips and strategy”

Camilo Sánchez Muñoz

“Detailed and informative course”

Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Excellent, intuitive, widespread in content, can't wait to do the next course!”

Axel Nussbaum

“Fantastic course. Very thorough & engaging. ”

Braden Krebs

“Very informative and comprehensive, especially if you’re a newbie.”

Donna Macintyre

“Easy to follow with simple instructions. Informative.”

Donna Macintyre

“Best Trello course ”

Haifa Eissa Al Zaabi

“Extremely helpful course!”

Alex Romero

“The course is very easy to understand with good grasp on basic python language.”

Chirag Gulati

“This course was very informative!”

Jessica Murray

“Highly informative, clear delivery, takes you through the entire process of dashboard creation with some original tweaks.”

Nicholas Addy

“Just perfect ! Exactly what I wanted”

Englebert Anye Che

“This course is very informative. I enjoyed it!”



Dooheon Bill Ghim

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time!”

Christian Grundman

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time!”

Christian Grundman

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time! Loved the examples and visual learning used throughout the lessons.”

Christian Grundman

“Thanks so much, this was a very informative course ”

Dr Bheki S Makhanya

“Just the right amount of depth to learn and speak about Scrum. ”

Michelle Schuster

“I have enjoyed these lessons with Mr. Sheen. I believe that these courses have given me a competitive edge in my undergraduate studies, as well as in my current full time job. I am very thankful to be able to study on this platform! Best regards, KC”

Kimberly L. Carter

“This is a great course for anyone to take that's looking to get some insight into financial statements.”


“Great detailed course! The exercise files are good to practice with. Recommended!!”

Airrion Mike

“Excellent course. The course content is clear, and the cases are easy to understand. As a supply chain engineer, through the guidance of Mr. Ray Sheen, I have sorted out my knowledge about Lean six sigma project management. Thank you very much.”


“The host very efficiently delivered the material and described things briefly and concisely allowing it to be taken in easily.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Good foundation course for project management. Introduces a lot of important concepts in small bites, paving the way for additional training.”

Tim Hodge

“Very well presented. I enjoyed the course.”

James Arwa

“It was remarkable. ”

Shalini Parameswaran

“Thanks, this was an awesome course”


“It was interesting and remarkable. ”

Shalini Parameswaran

“Clear and concise material and presentation. Well thought-out and valuable. I was engaged from the start to the end. Great for Managers who need to understand the basics of accounting! ”

Errol Taitt

“Great course, shows the true potential of PowerPoint!”

Krystle Bowen

“Very informative and easy to follow! Loved it! Cant wait to further my skills!”

Ramon Camps

“Got 100 percent on my test for the first try, seems I am improving :) Thank you!”

Ven Shi

“Informational and helpful course!”

Emily Pearl Shine

“Honestly, there is no better way to start learning Tableau than what Goskills has created using John's expertise and fun way of learning. He actually demystified the fear and complexity of learning Tableau...kudos”

Ibrahim Koleosho

“The course was very thorough and clear. ”


“The speaker was very engaging.”

Donna Yu

“Great instructor and great for those new to Tableau! Highly recommend!”

Michelle Schuster

“A great introduction to Python, and covers all the basics just like it said on the tin. John was a great teacher, easy to listen to and it was clear he knew what he was on about.”


“Fantastic! Easy to follow.”

Kavi Siewdial

“Fantastic! Easy to follow.”

Kavi Siewdial

“This course led me through the introduction I needed to understand the different SPC Charts and why and when to use them.”


“The course was short and interesting. I loved it very much!”

Agnieszka (Aga) Sikora - Samowedziuk

“Great course work layout and very informative”

Stacy Lezama

“Explanation was on point ”


“Got to know much about marketing, helped me to get the clear understanding of how it works. Usage of examples in between helped me understand it with more clarity. ”

Himanshu Gupta

“The instructor was very prepared & spoke slow enough to follow along & retain information.”


“Ray Sheen is an extremely experienced master in this field. He analyzed everything in this course and I have actually enjoyed all his courses that I have taken. Thank you Goskills for providing this opportunity on this platform.”

Ibrahim Koleosho

“Phenomenal course, will recommend David Brownlee to others.”


“This course has taught me how important my role and function as a District Manager is to my company. I got a better understanding of the different reports submitted on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. ”

Carmileta Joseph-Ferrette

“I enjoy this course and it is very much informative.”

Ava Johnson-Anthony

“Got a lot of great techniques from this training, really enjoyed the excitement in all the videos, it kept me wanting to see more.”

Carmileta Joseph-Ferrette

“Super helpful!”

Lori Thompson

“Learned so much!”

Lori Thompson

“Excellent course! Classes are the perfect length, lessons are accurate and well presented. Very satisfied!”


“Exceptional course delivery approach”


“Terrific course for someone looking to learn the basics.”

Jack Chapple

“Deb is so easy to listen to, and she does an excellent job talking through her steps. I felt this course was very thorough for a beginner-level course.”

Christina K. Bateman

“Very thorough and informative. Appreciate the ability to take courses at your own pace.”

Steven D Lindsay

“I really appreciated the course and valuable tools in public speaking!”

Patricia Pudwill

“Very informative and extensively explained. ”


“good for personal decision making”

Rob Powell

“Amazing course. TJ was a great presenter.”

Moore, Breylinn L.

“Great information”


“Excellent presentation with great Key points to take away. Will definitely assist me in my next presentation. thanks”

Gloria Yawn

“This is a brilliant course and Deb Ashby is a wonderful teacher. The whole process of producing an appealing presentation was made easy through a step-by-step guide. Thank you, Deb! ”


“Great training and carefully curated videos that capture each aspect of the course.!!”


“Pretty interesting course laid out for just about anyone to understand the basic concepts of Scrum. I have a better understanding of it after asking "What is that?"”

James Dyke

“I am enjoying learning about Scrum for all the different levels. It's informative and pretty understandable for any level.”

James Dyke

“Amazing course. Helped me understand everything related to finance.”

Stuti Awasthi

“Great training with awesome materials, great explanation. Thanks a lot. ”


“This course is great to learn and understand the basics. The biggest take away from this course is to practice, practice practice! and make sure that whenever you speak you focus on the audience's needs and give interesting stories that connect to your key points. ”

Brittany A. Thomas

“Very well explained. In the end of the course, I was able to use in my reports all what I learned from here; particulary creating Dashboards was really interesting! ”

Enerieta Dergjini

“Bite size courses and well to the point”

Okyay Nalcaoglu

“Great course, and good pace. Learned a lot :)”


“Fantastic tool for beginner.”

Sheetal Amin

“Excellent, very user friendly course. Really enjoyed the fact that a ppt was fully built over the course of the lessons. A very clever way of incorporating the teaching of each skill.”

Stacey McNutt

“TJ Walker makes the course easy to understand, I really enjoy his courses.”

Hidei Xiong

“Very informative and easy to follow course. Always enjoy Ray Sheen's lectures.”

James Dyke

“This was my first course completed through this platform and I learned a lot, looking forward to being part of more courses like this.”


“Great instructor and his message gets across loud and clear.”

Beatriz Cabellos

“David’s an excellent tutor and I got good value from the program”

Marc Harris

“This is a great course with great advice. TJ helps you remember tricks and advice quite easily all with just his presentation ability”

Marc Harris

“Great course, good practical instructions with slightly different exercises to ensure you understood what was just covered in the course.”

Daniel Nichols

“Clear instruction, outline of principles, and practical wisdom from an expert in the field. Recommended as a great, thorough introduction to the field material. ”

Stephen Leckvold

“This course provided excellent suggestions and guides to improve project meetings and overall communication.”


“This course provided an excellent baseline for someone learning about these topics for the first time.”


“Very helpful course with good introductions to some of the advanced courses. Well executed lectures and tips to keep one on the right track with each tool.”

Stephen Leckvold

“Good, common-sense, useful, and practical methods for improving one's communication skills. Great pointers! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“This course was informative! I learned current, useful information and terminology. Thank you!”

Shahla Pirnia

“This was a valuable course! I liked the pointers provided and the explanations as to why the prescribed steps would be helpful. Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Project meetings was short - less than an hour but packed with useful information!”

Zach Hoffman

“Simple, high-level overview of the basic principles and outline of Lean Six Sigma. Well executed”

Stephen Leckvold

“Curso con excelente didáctica que cubre temas que van desde herramientas simples, formateo, tablas dinámicas, fórmulas, macros, gráficos, seguridad, entre otros.”

Francisco Ferreira da Silva Junior

“Very useful lessons. I highly recommend these courses to people who want to work smart.”

Irene (EY) Yeon

“A good foundation for beginners and it's also easy to understand. Thank you!”

Kimberley Ann E. Torres

“Easy to follow and I liked the way it was broken down so it wasn't too overwhelming.”

Hannah Mitchell

“Very short and simple but highly informative.”


“The instructor is very relatable and the lessons are easy to follow and understand. This made virtual learning interesting and fun.”

Monique R Lynch

“Bite size and to the point courses. Well thought out details!”

Okyay Nalcaoglu

“Nice introduction to SharePoint Online! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“Very informative and straight to the point. However, some key points Ray spoke on where not written in the slide so be careful to pay attention to everything he says, even the end of each lesson when he does the lesson closeout.”

Bria Kennedy

“excellent course. good pacing and examples. most impactful when you do the examples at the same time”

Remy Druker

“Liked the style of the speaker MR. TJWalker. Content given here are very relevant and informative. I will definitely implement the strategies given by Mr. Walker. Thank you sir ”


“Very informative and helpful. ”

Natalie Binette

“There is so much helpful information in this course, not just for work but personal life. ”

Veronica Maddalena

“This was a great course! Tableau is so fun!”

Kristen Stevens

“I had no idea how to prepare for a good presentation, now I have the knowledge, thank you very much.”


“This course is very helpful and I learned a lot. ”


“This course offered a lot of common sense and best practices. I appreciate the instructor's candor and clarity. This is a great course for anyone planning to perform any form of remote work.”

David M. Harper

“- Study at my own pace - Very clear instructions, easy to understand - Notes available for download - Not boring at all :) Thank you very much, I highly recommend this course to anyone.”

WU, Kin Ling (Amy)

“Thank you so much it was good experience ”

Aicha Sabir

“Enjoyed the learnings. Thank you for mind testing part 2 framework. I thought the tutor delivery and the content support documents were the perfect balance of listening (not death by PowerPoint) and practical sessions.”

Darren James Edwards

“Exceptional content with easy to understand examples and helpful tips. Clearly, Power Pivot is a game changer and I look forward to putting it to use.”

Matthew Lee

“Very interesting and informative. I did not know anything about Lean Six Sigma but now feel like I have a good basic understanding of what it is.”

Kristen Slaten

“Learned so much about SharePoint!”

Desiree Stepaniuk

“I really enjoyed the format and the host of this course. The instruction style was simple and easy to follow, and the sequencing of the course was great, starting with more basic functions and building to more advanced features.”

Martina Sheehan

“Lot's of great reminders and refreshers now that we are in a virtual work world.”


“This course was very informative for me. It gave me some necessary tools regarding the Customer Service industry. I have already begun utilizing them, I would love to do another course.”

Lorraine Spencer

“Good look into setting up the financial statements in Excel to ensure accuracy and completeness.”

Peyton Johnigan

“I have used the information I learned in this course multiple time. It was very helpful”


“One of the best courses I have ever come across. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Nadeem Salim Khan

“The course gave me a good understanding of how powerful Power Pivot is. I have referred back to the trainings several times as I work on my own projects.”

Susan Loucks

“Very detailed but, very easy to follow. I truly enjoyed the course.”

Marilyn Hidalgo

“easy to understand”

Chi Bashangi

“It was so easy to understand. I understood each segment clearly. Thank you for this lovely course. The content was understandable and straightforward.”

Nehal Magdy Mohamed Rifaat

“I really enjoyed this course. ”

Juliette Rochelle Halse

“Excellent course.”

Natalie Binette

“Absolutely fantastic. Found the psychology section especially helpful!”


“Great course!”

Anita Rickwood

“Best course ever! Do you want to learn Power Pivot from scratch? This course is the best for you. Because after I finished this course, I am happy with myself 😍”


“Awesome! 😍”

Olusola Timothy Ogundepo

“Excellent training, easy to follow; great impact to my everyday work load”

Tatiana Parsons

“Really superb”

Jayaprasath Navan

“Great course”

Michelle Keel

“Very detailed, great course!”

Rafael Ruiz

“Fantastic training and easy step by step guidance.”

Noveria Tjahjadi

“Very useful course for those needing to learn Sharepoint.”

Rochelle Earl

“Great course!”

Ana Lino

“Very clear and effective information. David is an enjoyable trainer and made this course smooth.”

Marie Dominique Andre

“Fantastic training and easy step-by-step guidance.”

Austin Samuel

“Deb Ashby excellent job!!!! Energy and presentation of course was on point!!! 🏆”

Tierre Wright

“Excellent instructor. ”

Betty Anne Manning

“I enjoyed the course. It was very thorough and clear. Thank you.”


“Very helpful tools for taking your charting knowledge to the next level and beyond!”

Matthew Mike

“Very informative ”

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Aleksandra Jastrzębska

“Educational and informative course. It explains all aspects of conducting a FMEA and includes the criticality of a FMECA. Highly recommend this course.”


“This course made pivot tables not as scary as i thought them to be.”

Amanda Joe Ross

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Colleta Mellanie Mpaka

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“Excellent refresher of the Pivot Table feature within MS Excel. Thank you Ken Puls and GoSkills Team.”


“Great course, Definitely helped in learning about SharePoint and is knowledge that will be utilized at work.”

George Owenby

“Ken Puls is an amazing instructor and I recommend all of his courses if you are working with Excel or large datasets on a regular basis. Very easy to follow and apply to real life scenarios. Thanks!!”

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“I had no idea what an Excel dashboard was when I started out with this course. I now know not only what it is but how to make the dashboard compelling and insightful. Another great course taught by Ken Puls.”

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Rekeisha George

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“A lot of data and measures to absorb but Ray made as simple as possible by using his expertise in breaking down each category of hypothesis testing and simplifying it. Thanks Ray!”

Ronny Rice

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Ericka O'Grady

“I loved how easy it was to understand and with the help of resources it was easy to get the practice data as a beginner. Thank you for this wonderful bite size course.”

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Tanya M. Torline

“In depth but Ray made it a phenomenal experience, great instructor!”

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Wilson Salvi

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“Deb is the best trainer, always happy when she is leading the course. She really breaks it down at a perfect pace and is easy to follow. She is always enthusiastic and organized. Thank you!”

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“This is probably one of the most detailed, insightful Excel courses that really reinforces using some of the functions from my previous courses.”

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Aure Harrow

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Pamela Graham

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Rene'e Freeman

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Leon Lorenzo Espenilla

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Leon Lorenzo Espenilla

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Renato De Castello

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“It was informative, helpful and entertaining at the same time. It provided lots of tips on how to improve time management and productivity, and achieve adequate work-life balance.”

Edgar Miguel Carías Santamaría

“This lesson was very helpful. We are rarely taught conflict resolution and tend to learn so form of a coping mechanism when it comes to conflicts . Thank you for such an insightful lesson. ”


“Very interesting course. I liked the fact this was also oriented towards personal and work life.”

Jean-François Bégin

“I have done some work on Lean Six Sigma projects at work. This helped me understand the whys behind what we have done.”

Jolee Faison

“Straight forward explanations. Would love to do more. ”


“Great high level overview (review) of Lean SixSigma”

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Martin Gemme

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“Very well explained. I also like how we can pause & rewind the lessons as many times as we need to get the information. Instructor was great. ”


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muiga kwanza

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Vanessa Perrin

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Marqueda Greene

“The course is very easy to follow; I enjoyed the short classes,it was easier to practice with, especially with the small tests after each section.”


“Great program!”

Vanessa Perrin

“Such a wonderful experience thank you”

Mauricio Huebner-Mendoza

“A great way to Learn in bitesize chunks, especially for those trying to juggle a busy job.”

Will Walsh

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Pradevi Haroop

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Christian Villicana

“I learnt more about SQL in this course than in the two weeks we covered it in my university course - thanks for making it easy!”


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“Very helpful”


“Awesome Course on Microsoft Excel. Short clips, easy to digest. Recommended for everyone.”

Kazi Abed Al Muktadir

“Well explained courses, transcript if you miss something, quizes and probing tests after each lesson and a resume of the lessons as well. What else can be required? Fantastic job!”

Valeri Evgeniev Davidkov

“Easy to follow the course material.”

Shalati Sithole

“Excellent, Ken Puls is an outstanding instructor. The course is clear and concise and the length of time for each lesson is conducive to retention, as well as the quiz at the end of the lesson. Thank you!”

John McCain



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Donna Jean Reinsel

“Individual video lengths are well planned to keep students focused and practice exercises help master the skills fast.”

Okyay Nalcaoglu


Fernando Garcia

“I found the use of data in the variable and attribute GRR examples to be helpful in understanding the formulas. Seeing actual result data as opposed to variable names made it clearer.”

George Thurrott

“Good for visual learners”

Chi Bashangi

“Very interesting. Highly recommended. ”

Koffi Nougloze

“Great starter pack for VBA and Macros”

Olubunmi Akinrele

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“Recommended, very welcoming for a beginner. The teaching method adopted is very effective for learning.”

Oluwayemisi Juliana Bolajoko

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Meaghan McVicker

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“Ken explains the techniques and tricks in a very clear and concise manner. ”

Jeremy Wakeford

“Very good course. I'm familiar with similar programs and the instructor's approach was very friendly and would appeal to a person new to this kind of thing. Very good. ”


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Paul Teigeler

“Great Course! Broken down in small enough sections for easy retention. ”

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“Awesome course, and well explained. The instructor was very professional and thorough, not only in this Publisher 2019/365 course, but she also was just as good in the Microsoft Word 2019 course. Excellent.”

Ricardo Ted Waterman

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“Well structured course, content useful ”

Jason Govender

“Great course explaining Measurement System Analysis in the context of Six Sigma. Straightforward and covers all topics. ”


“So informative and easy to use. You made learning excel fun and I now feel confident using the program. Thank you!”


“Thank simple, concise teaching and examples make concepts easy to grasp and apply. Already using what I’ve learned!”

Stephen Leckvold


Xiaolong Lu

“Excellent course, good content and good questions.”

Lesther Rafael Hernandez Arellano

“This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!”


“nice explanation of the videos. visually attractive and descriptive. questions were great as well. learnt a lot of stuff. ”


“Nice course!”

Victor Manuel Godoy Contreras

“Thank you very much for this useful information”

Sameer Markabawi

“Ken explains the techniques and tricks in a very clear and concise manner. ”

Jeremy Wakeford

“Amazing as usual!”

Dimitris Giannikos

“Easy to follow along and I'm much more confident in my ability to use MS Project.”

Jeffrey S Price

“This was an awesome course. I was able to follow along and practice what the instructor was telling me. It really has me interested in data analytics and I'm excited to watch another course!”


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Tanya M. Torline

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Miguel Jose Torres Barrios

“I really loved this course if felt like it was almost second nature to me by the time I was finished.”


“very informative. love this course ”

Robin M. Powell

“This is the best course I've taken yet. Tom teaches the courses in the best way for me. Short, with repetitive demonstrations. I would recommend this course to anyone.”


“Easy to follow and every content is essential ”

Adriel Anjelo S. Alfonso

“Very well organized and taught. ”


“very informative and easy to follow.”


“I like how this reframes the compliment sandwich in a way that makes much more practical sense. ”

Casey Campbell

“It was great! Really liked the instructor.”

Karen Fry

“Lots of great tips and information”

Vanessa Greening

“Amazing as usual!”

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“Great information and functions to this course.”

Latifah R. Muhammad

“A great way to put the Sandwich technique on display, I very much enjoyed the course.”

Kristiyan Buzarski

“This was very a very entertaining way to learn. He was passionate about the subject and how he delivered it. Every example was relatable and made the more difficult topics easy to understand. ”

Amber Meadows

“User friendly and clear.”


“Excellent Course! Very helpful for day-to-day business interactions. ”

Nicole Wells-Woods

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Karen Radford

“This course is good for anyone trying to brush up or learn new skills for Excel.”

Adriana Irizarry

“TJ actually shows where most people go wrong and how to improve it. I have to admit, I'm a whole lot better and happier for it.”

Colleen M. Dion

“Excellent training videos and this course teaches you a lot of excel functions and formulas. This was a fantastic learning experience! ”

Abraham Daniel Gurley

“Lots of great tips and information”

Vanessa Greening

“Enjoyed the speaker's delivery of the material and examples. ”


“I really enjoyed this course and found the information very helpful.”

Tyler Banschbach

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Danae R Richardson

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“I really enjoyed the way he spoke. He was very clear and I didn't get bored while watching the video.”

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“Thank you, Ken Puls and GoSkills team for this course. Particularly for the xlookup function, dynamic arrays and the wildcard match for xlookup.”


“fun, easy to follow, quizzes were beneficial. thanks”

Albert T Trujillo

“Thanks for giving me tools to deliver effective criticism!”

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