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GoSkills reviews – Introduction to Sales

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Introduction to Sales course:

“Absolutely fantastic. Found the psychology section especially helpful!”


“Excellent course. good refresher on some subjects covered previously”

Shane Crossan

“Excellent course. good refresher on some subjects covered previously”

Shane Crossan

“Very Insightful and useful tips and techniques.”


“Easy to follow and understand.”

David Bouchard

“Great course”

Rehanna Raj

“I love this course. I learned about nlp, ccd, and how to build rapport with prospective customers.”

Ernest Antwi

“The information that was shared in the presentations was clear, detailed and very helpful. I am better equipped to perform my functions as an Agent. ”


“Great Course!”


“Really loved this course...”


“Really helpful for someone who is not in sales, but is in a position to still "sell" to clients. As a consultant, this was very informative and the examples were really effective. I enjoyed the host too. He was passionate and friendly. I'm looking forward to more courses taught by him. ”

Lindsay Pineda

“That was such a nice course! Thank you, David! I have learned a lot and cannot wait to put this into practice.”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“Very professional coach and very motivational course! 100 % recommendable!”

Maria Jose Canas

“It was a great experience. I loved it!”

Arnold Murimbechi

“Clear concise instructions. This course is taking all the bits & pieces from other training and putting them all together.”

Tracey L Battle

“Great instructor. Loved his energy.”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“I really enjoyed David. I appreciated his energy and learned a lot.”

Amber Jasa

“David is an excellent sales trainer and motivator. I really enjoyed this course.”

Sam P. French

“Excellent sales training course!!”

Althea Baptiste

“The coach's teaching is inspiring and very interesting!! I've learnt a lot from it!! Thank you!”


“great speaker”

giselle alleyne

“Very interesting and fun ”

Esherdai Singh

“Excellent! Engaging content, in easily digestible segments.”

Nadia Dubeau

“Loved this course! I would highly recommend taking Introduction to Marketing first-a lot of the concepts overlap. Very engaging!”

Heather Kies

“Excellent content and presentation. Coach is exciting and engaging. A pleasure to watch and therefore learn from.”

Donna Macintyre

“Phenomenal course, will recommend David Brownlee to others.”


“Got a lot of great techniques from this training, really enjoyed the excitement in all the videos, it kept me wanting to see more.”

Carmileta Joseph-Ferrette

“This was a valuable course! I liked the pointers provided and the explanations as to why the prescribed steps would be helpful. Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia